December 7th 1941, a day which will live in infamy.  seventy years ago, the United States was directly and deliberalty attacked by navel and air forces of the Empire of Japan. America was at peace with this nation, we were in the grips of the Great Depression, belief in the nation was low. The world was falling apart, it appear that the forces of evil would march over the face of the earth. How could the world ever be peacful again. The once clear welcoming waters of Pearl Harbor where now stained black and crimson. The United States navey sat on the bottom of the harbor. From the fires of destruction, a new power was awoken. The firey words of a passionate leader, words of courage, words of hope, words of encouragement lifted our nation, and united us. They summoned the Phoenix forth from the realm of death. I make no qualms about calling out what I believe President Franklin Roosevelt did wrong, but his words remind us that although we may have different views, we may have different backgrounds, but together there is nothing that we can’t do.  There is nothing stronger than a nation of free men. There is no greater knowledge than that harnessed by free thinking.  There is nothing that America cannot do, so long as we are willing to resolve ourselfs to the cause. There is no force avaliable to the forces of Tyranny that can defeat the strength in America’s heart.  December 6th America was asleep, Decemeber 7th America was shaken, December 8th we were united and resolved to push through to absolute victory. 

70 years ago today, America was thrusted into World War II. 70 years ago today, America was saved from depression.  Always remember what happened on December 7th 1941. What was lost, what was gained, and show your respect to those who laid down there lives.


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