626.) So as if Obamamania was not insane enough already, I have this little trinket of information.  According to a CNS news report the Capitol Christmas Tree… oh my God did I say Christmas Tree, oh I did, because that is what it is, anyways the Christmas Tree in the Capitol has a questionable assortment of ornaments.

First a little background

A Christmas Tree is a simple pine tree decorated with ornaments, and is a symbol of the celebration of Christmas, one of the most important holidays in the Christian Faith. It is during Christmas that we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a very important holiday in our faith. Yet it is continually met with mockery, and outragous insults that if they were levied against any other religion would have the progressive media, and half the bloggers in the world up in arms calling for peoples heads. President Obama would go on an apology tour begging for the rest of the worlds forgiveness.  However for some reason, Christmas is pushed aside, because some people find it offensive. Well I find it offensive that many of these individuals, who have no faith, will dare mock mine, then celebrate Christmas turning the holiday into a meaningless shadow of itself.   I have been in classes where a teacher was forced to remove her fake pine tree that had snow on it, because a Jewish child was offended by it. We then had a Hanukkah day in class where we were forced to learn about the jewish faith so we would not be insensitive to other peoples religion, really? Progressives have set out to change Christmas, they call Christmas Trees holiday trees, taking CHRIST, THE ENTIRE REASON FOR THE SEASON out of the celebration of holiday. Would it be okay if I called a Menorah a Holiday Candelabra, of course not that insults someones faith, and is met with outrage.  Progressives never really care about equal justice, just justice that buys them more power and support on their ever continueing march of Social Engineering.

The Story

Well the outragous attacks against Christmas continue to this day, the most recent has to do with the Capitol Christmas tree.  On this tree that whether cry baby progressives like it or not, is a Symbol of the Birth of Jesus Christ, there are no readily visable ornaments that say Christmas, Jesus, or any hint of the Nativity. However, it does bare many ornaments that sing the praises of President Barack Obama.  Want to talk about insults.  It is NOT A HOLIDAY TREE, it is NOT OBAMA TREE, it does not Christmas is not about celebrating political figures, it is not about feeding motral egos.  It is about celebrating the greatest gift given to man kind, the gift of God’s only son who came to save our immortal souls. It is about peace on earth, and good will towards man.  President Obama is but a mortal, and does not deserve to grace a Christmas Tree more prominently than JESUS!

This is not posted as anything President Obama has done wrong, but rather about the insane fanatics who worship the ground that this man walks on.

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  1. Christmas and the Christmas Tree are actually symbols of the original pagan holiday…  Of course, the Catholic Church decided to make Christmas about Jesus and the holiday has been adopted by many different beliefs and faiths.However, I do consider the ornaments about Obama on the tree rather crazy.

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