Laws, what laws, The President Can Do What Ever He Wants…

628.)  President Obama has just decided that he is not bound by laws, he can do whatever he wants. He made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray. Problem with this is that the Senate is still in session and President Barack Obama whether he, or any other progressives will admit it, he did not have the power to do this.  He claims of course that he does, because the senate is in session but in name only. So President Obama thinks that just because they are having extremely short sessions in the senate, and that won’t let him do what he wants, he will just ignore the rules and do what he wants. What he did is illegal. If we don’t stand up against abuse of executive power, we will lose everything we hold dear. It is the falling of small stones that starts an avalache. President Obama has once again spat on the law, something that if a Republican did the people who flame my posts, and the President would flip a brick and send the media and the ACLU out after them.  Just another example in a long train of abuses by this inmature president.


This is something that President Obama just doesn’t understand. The rules are made in this country to be tough, to prevent anyone branch from having its way and trampling our rights. Guess what, if congress won’t pass something, or approve your appointments that means pick someone else, not break the law. 

Now if the Senate had not been in session, on recess, I would have no problem with this. President Obama is just doing what he wants, regaurdless of what the laws of the nation are. If you support this…. what does that say about you….

  1. Yet the left is silent about this, even though they were in a tizzy when Bush did it DURING an actual recess…

  2. I read in the Wall Street Journal where the current session of the Senate is “pro forma”. That is, the House did not recognize the adjournment of the Senate. According to the Constitution, last clause of Section 5, Article 1, neither house of Congress can adjourn for longer than 3 days without the consent of the other house.The House intentionally did not approve of the Senate’s adjournment for the specific purpose of blocking President Obama from making a recess appointment.Obama’s argument is that a pro forma session of Congress isn’t a real congressional session and that the rules set forth in the Constitution are being used purely for political purposes.  Which they are.Nevertheless, what the House did was Constitutional.  And what the President did as the head of the co-equal executive branch was push back.We the People, must now decide whether to hold the President accountable for ignoring the Congress and acting in an unconstitutional manner.Holding politicians accountable for violating the Constitution is something We the People have not done for a long, long time.

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