Things Don’t Add Up? Use Obamaian Math

629.) President Obama came out recently paising the recent drop in the unemployement rate. On January Sixth President Obama said that the recent drop was a sign that the Economy was moving in the right direction. He said, “We’re starting to rebound, We’re creating jobs on a consistent basis.” The issue though comes in the fact that the math just doesn’t add up.  He cited that the unemployement rate had dropped from 9% to 8.6%, there is just one major issue with that.  I will spell it out this way.

   The US Work Force is 153,000,000
   The Claim, The unemployement rate went from 9% to 8.6% 
    that is a net change of .4%
   There should have been 612,000 jobs created
   The actually number was 120,000 where created.
   We are missing 492,000 jobs

300,000 of those are people who have just stopped looking for work. 

So the question I have, can we really say that we are heading in the right direction? Can we really say that the unemployement rate is going down? It this really a cause of President Obama to take a victory lap, and claim that his policies are creating jobs? 

  1. Yeah, I was surprised more people didn’t see right through that one.

  2. I hate it when we aren’t given all of the stats/factors to look at the big picture.

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