The Storm Of Tyranny Approaches

632.) I tried to come up with some grand intro to this but found myself robbed of the words to do so. The actions of this President have stolen even dark words of anger and hate from the vary core of my mind. I cannot weave some grand story, or take you on an adventure as I so desperately want to. I can conjure no great image of the oppression do highlight the oppression that President Barack Obama is heralding as the coming of new found freedoms. The sheer audacity of this tyrannical overreach can be called nothing more than one more step on the march to serfdom. I speak of course of President Barack Obama’s violation of the First Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  So many times, we have heard the progressives shout “separation of church and state”, this is the root of that statement. This does not call for the separation of church and state, what it means is simple, it is illegal, criminal, a crime, for congress (that means politicians), to make a law that  forces any one religion on someone, but it also makes it a crime for the government to prevent me from practicing my religion. So what that means is not that government and religion must be separate, it means that government cannot come into a Christian Church and tell me to take down the cross.  Yet this is exactly what President Barack Obama has done in his beloved health care law.

For those of you who don’t know, President Obama’s Health Care Law, much as pretty much any conservative individual warned, was a massive power grab by an progressive run Federal Government. It was claimed that it was intended to protect the weak, without harming the strong, force people to be responsible. The truth however is that it was designed, as all progressive programs are, to strip us of yet more of our personal liberty, our individuality, and make us subservient to the government. It was herald by the left as a massive step into the future for the common man, but unfortunately for you and me it was actually a massive tumble back into the darkness of servitude. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill, so that you can find out whats in it.” Well so far we have found ourselves stripped of two of our rights. The first, anyone who reads this blog knows, the right to choose. The right to choose either to or not to have healthcare, the tyrants in the government just decided we did not deserve that right and stole it from us. The second right that President Obama’s beloved Health Care Law strips from us, has just recently been revealed. He got bold with this one, he has decided to start withering away our right to Freedom of Religion. 

Under the Obama Health Care Law, companies must provide for birth control, including the morning after pill, be included under preventative care measures of their health care policies. Well as you can imagine this caused quite a stir when the Catholic Church found out that they would be forced to violate their religious beliefs and provide employees with birth control, and the morning after pill.  The doctrine does not apply to churches, and other places of worship, but it does however apply to Catholic Hospitals, Schools, Charities, and Colleges. So the Catholic Church has to fund birth control measures, something that is against its religion.  Don’t you worry though, President Obama had kind words to calm the storm, well when I say President Obama, I mean he sent Jay Carney out to calm the storm, its an election year he can’t risk saying something controversial. 

Jay Carney had this to say about the violation of religious liberty by the Obama Administration, “There was extensive and careful consideration as this policy was developed and a decision was made. And the issue here is we want to be sure women, all women, have access to good health care,” So this isn’t about attacking religion its about protecting women.  Because a condom is intended to protect a woman’s health not prevent pregnancy. When my friend told me that this was the defense the Obama Administration put forth I honestly thought he was joking. Then I checked, and surprise surprise he wasn’t.  This statement is insulting, and anyone who fallows this train of thought lacks the ability to think on their own. What happened to the concept of freedom? Did I miss when they passed a law that stated where you had to work, or stated that once you had a job you have to stay there. I don’t think I would have missed such a law, so that means that, for now, you are still free to work where you want to. So, a woman, who wants her birth control covered by her medical insurance could, and I know this is a crazy thought, work for a hospital that has that coverage as opposed to one that doesn’t. Basically this is big brother at work, driving the progressive agenda at all times. Progressives desire control, and the Catholic Church, religion in general, posses a threat to that control. The idea that people derive their life and rights from someone other than the government is the greatest threat to progressive power. Anything that can be done to under right the power of the church must be done, at least in the mind set of progressives. Along those same lines, the idea that men who died over 200 years ago could write a document that confines the power government is as nauseating to progressives as being in a tipped over port-a-Jon is to normal people. For decades now progressives have been widdeling away the governments cage. This is just one more attempt at destroying the constitution and doing away with our nation of law and bring about the new age of tyranny that always accompanies a nation ruled by the whims of man.

If you, like the President, think that this is fair, that it is fair that Catholics should have to fund birth control and abortions, then you should support forcing Muslim Men to buy their wives bikinis. These women have the right to wear the same cloths as everyone else, for their emotional health.

  1. Telling a church to pay for what they consider to be a sin oh no that not a first amendment violation is it…..whatever these people are crazy if they can not see it 

  2. @trunthepaige – They are not crazy, they are arrogant. They think of you and I as idiots, they hope that we are to stupid to realize that they are in fact breaking the law. They believe that they are far smarter than we are, and will portray anyone who stands against them as an idiot.  That is the progressive way. it is important to realize that Tyranny thrives on ignorance.

  3. It’s the option to have contraception paid for by insurance companies. Not that they must access those form of contraceptives that the Catholic Church deems immoral/illegal/what-have-you.If the Church was so sure of it’s adherents faith, then there would be no need for an outcry, would there? Not to mention that thousands of Catholics daily break this so-called “rule” in their daily life. Why should they be monetarily punished for something that is due to their place of work?It’s not abridging their rights at all and it’s a storm in a tea-cup.

  4. @cmdr_keen – Who do you think pays those insurance companies? The Church.  Individuals break the code of their faith all of the time, yes, that is because they are human and they make mistakes.  Those women don’t have to work for the Catholic Church. Go work somewhere that does provides this. How are they being monetarily punished?It is abridging their rights.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” That means that we did not give congress the power to interfer with our religion.  It is attacking our rights, and expanding the power of government. 

  5. @obamawatch – How is it “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”? It’s not making Catholics use contraception. It’s providing an option, one (in my opinion) should be as free and low-cost as possible.There is an inherent contradiction in the Church’s position that while they condone abortion they do not make any good-faith efforts to prevent the circumstance happening in the first place.It’s neither attacking rights nor expanding the power of government as it’s not changing anything substantially nor causing anything to happen that won’t happen in the first place.The monetary punishment comes two-fold: first, the inability to have any control over their reproductive health; second, the ability to ensure that they can provide for any children that arise due to previous lack of control over their reproductive health; and third saying “go work somewhere else” is unlikely – and why should those individuals be forced and coerced into finding alternative appointment? That’s abridging their rights.

  6. @cmdr_keen – Catholic Insitutions are forced to buy health insurance for their employees.  The Health Insurance is forced to provide for birth control.  So when a woman buys it, the cost is picked up by the catholic church. So even if the catholics are not using it they are paying for it, which is supporting the practice. How is it not expanding the governments power? It is the government telling the catholic church to buy birth control. That is something they do not have the right to do. Those women don’t have to work for a Catholic Church. Now I know progressives have a hard time with this concept, if the job I have doesn’t provide for these things I can go to a job that does. So they are not being punished, they are just not getting a benifit. He is another concept, they don’t have to have sex, what a shocker, self control, responsibility. What a shocking idea. Requiring people to be responsible is not abridiging their rights, you do not have a right not to get pregnat, you don’t have a right to birth control. You do have a right to freedom of religion.  Telling someone they have to fund something they are fundementally against is abridging their rights. .

  7. These people won’t care about this stuff until it affects them. They are so blinded by their bias against any Christian religion they don’t care. They get all mad when it is Islam though. And just like history  has taught us, those in power who want more will use the outspoken liberals of this country to take away the rights of those the mainstream liberals like least, and then, after they are done with that, they will go for THEM. And use the same laws to do it. And only then will these self proclaimed intellectuals realize that liberty only works when it works for all. 

  8. Our rights are being removed, it goes beyond party lines or right/left.  It goes beyond this president and the last one.  This is a spiritual war, and if you neglect that part of it, you aren’t armed at all.  It’s a global push, and some of these American “rights” have got to go.  This is a war that can’t be fought using guns. 

  9. It’s pretty simple.  The government is taking steps to force religious institutions to fund the behavior expressly forbidden based on their strongly held religious beliefs.  This directly contravenes the clear language- “Congress shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” 

  10. “it is illegal, criminal, a crime, for congress (that means politicians), to make a law that  forces any one religion on someone, but it also makes it a crime for the government to prevent me from practicing my religion.”how is that different from anarchy? isn’t the state itself a civil church?”unfortunately for you and me it was actually a massive tumble back into the darkness of servitude.” a curious view, because i see it as the exact opposite. without the law, due to religious exemption, crimes would run rampant; legal conviction would systematically be set to 0%. i could claim murder to be a religious practice and you couldn’t arrest me, as i would be operating within the same designated gray area. without granting the government authority by claiming adherence to its proposed values as an ideology, the judicial system falls put it another way, if that one clause about ‘religious autonomy being a right/entitlement’- if it was law, then no other law could be reasonably passed and ruled upon objectively because there would always be an exception.what i believe you perceive as servitude is the hike of taxation; a greater portion of your income going towards socially designated ends rather than what you decide to do with your money. if you are a religious conservative, you already are donating disproportionate amount of your income so this feels like a reasonless blow. but the clash is in ideology is very fundamental. the left enjoys generational movement so social equality through a sliding tax bracket with highest incomes getting taxed the most- they are forced to donate the most money. and those of the left don’t do this. so if you are already donating a large portion of your income to nonprofit, much of that will be tax deductible. the law makes it so people are forced to support society, in proportion to the benefits they reap from it. if you are already donating money to support it, they don’t double bill you.”Well as you can imagine this caused quite a stir when the Catholic Church found out that they would be forced to violate their religious beliefs and provide employees with birth control, and the morning after pill.”i haven’t read the specific legislation. i doubt it says you can’t fire someone for unethical business practices, merely you must provide medical aid to those who request/need it. if no true catholic would take the contraceptives due to peer pressure, and the would be fired for excessive inadherance of doctrine, it is a moot point.”What happened to the concept of freedom?” it died around 1775. there were some fringe groups which had it in unregulated areas, but for the most part it was gone. there is no room for freedom in metropolis, the rule of law must be done.”This is just one more attempt at destroying the constitution and doing away with our nation of law… ” with respect, no. by passing more laws you have more laws, not fewer. however look at the constitution itself, it by itself can’t stand up as a legal document due to the number of paradoxes/contradictions. my recent post is about something related, and has a video by a law professor, if you are interested. not linked cause it pisses some people off. in the entry i ask whether catholics are a religious organization or a sovereign political body…. “ruled by the whims of man.” that is the most profound statement of all this, if only there was an alternative.personally i find the whole situation unpleasant, and i admire your analogy to sexualized islam. i don’t believe in civil law as a whole, it represents to me a inherited contractual obligation, and is as such, not legally binding. as for contemporary laws, other people can’t bind us into contracts without personal expressed consent. by extension, they aren’t reasonably legally binding.

  11. Say, can anyone here tell me exactly where in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution is the Congress or President authorized to mandate that everyone in America participate in any sort of national-health-care scheme, including Medicare?

  12. This is a perfect example of how insanely americans view sex and violence. Children seeing Janet Jackson’s boob by accident is an outrage, but seeing a graphic scene of a teenager being raped is no problem.Jesus never mentioned condoms or the pill, in no way is being made to pay for them a violation of what he taught.  He did however say to love those that hate you, pray for those that persecute you etc, so this blog is actually a violation of his teachings.And if you’re in the mood to be so offended, why isn’t it offensive to be made to pay trillions of dollars for guns and bombs?  Wasn’t jesus supposedly the “prince of peace”?Christian popular culture is so arbitrary, and so easily led by the nose by republicans.

  13. @lightnindan – So then the emancipation proclamation is unconstitutional?  Because slavery is clearly sanctioned in exodus and leviticus.  And the first ammendment right to life doesn’t apply to disobedient children, who the bible allows you to stone to death?Religious freedom doesn’t mean a religion automatically trumps civil law.  If it did our legal system would be back in the bronze age.

  14. @agnophilo – How is requiring that someone pay for condoms and birth control pills in their general welfare? The women don’t have to work for the church they can work somewhere that gives these benefits. The government is just trying to make everyone fit their own little box of what is right, as opposed to allowing the concept of FREE CHOICE.  Its not like there is a gun to the head of these women saying you have to work for the catholics or you will die.  Its a power grab nothing more nothing less. 

  15. What if the government came into your home and said, “you can’t use that cell phone anymore it causes cancer”.  I bet everyone here would be up in arms. 

  16. @agnophilo – Obama’s copy-and-paste job from RomneyCare (some call it the “Affordable Care Act”) still has to pass muster at the Supreme Court.About that “Emancipation Proclamation” – funny that it didn’t free any slaves at all. People who were enslaved in Lincoln-controlled territory remained slaves, and only those in the “rebellious states” (which Lincoln had no practical control of) were “freed.””That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; . . . .”William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State, said of the “Emancipation Proclamation” :”We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free.”Here’s a map showing the breakdown – the Proclamation had no effect in the areas in blue because those areas weren’t “in rebellion.”

  17. @obamawatch – I believe they modified the bill as a response to these protests.@obamawatch – “How is requiring that someone pay for condoms and birth control pills in their general welfare? The women don’t have to work for the church they can work somewhere that gives these benefits. The government is just trying to make everyone fit their own little box of what is right, as opposed to allowing the concept of FREE CHOICE.  Its not like there is a gun to the head of these women saying you have to work for the catholics or you will die.  Its a power grab nothing more nothing less.”Are you seriously asking how is contraception helpful in a country where nearly everyone is sexually active?  Ironically this will help red states that are bitching about it the loudest more than anyone since they have the highest rates of teen pregnancy, and will prevent countless abortions which should actually make the catholic church happy (but it won’t).And I’m sorry but an organization that actively covers up for and enables child rape doesn’t have the moral high ground on anything.@obamawatch – How is that remotely compatable?@mikewb1971 – Obama didn’t write the healthcare bill, “obamacare” is a misnomer adopted by partisan imbeciles who don’t know the first thing about american civics.  And way to miss the point entirely about the emancipation proclamation.

  18. Obama didn’t write the health care bill… Lobbiests did. He didn’t write the indefinate detention bill, it was written by a fascist democrat and a fascist republican.Tyranny isn’t approaching. It’s here.

  19. @saturnnights – I fear that you may be right. @agnophilo –  No, I am not asking how contraception might be helpful. That is not what I said at all. What I am asking is how you can link birth control, to the health of woman. The concept of choice comes to mind, a concept you seem to be ignoring. These people do not have to work for the Catholic Church. In a free nation, which this one still mostly resembles, you are free to choose your way in life. So if you don’t want to, are incapable of, or are just too lazy to pay for contraception and want someone else to take care of you, don’t work for the Catholic Church. Its that simple. You have a choice to work for the Catholic Church, in which case you need to be more responsible about what you are doing.  If you don’t want to be more responsible, then go work for someone who provides for these things. The choice is there. If I own a business, and I don’t like the idea of birth control, or abortions,  I should not have to pay for an insurance plan for my workers that provide for such items. I do then have the responsibility to inform my employees that there are no such provisions. Well I used to have that choice, but until the progressives in congress saw fit to strip my right to choose from me. Progressives stand against choice.  They take the high ground, claim that they are there for the people, that they are looking out for you, but what they are doing is slowing backing you into the cage of servant hood. To the Catholic Church, it is very important not to use contraception, or allow for abortions.  For many people in this modern age, their cell phone is very important.  Now the government has come in and said that the church must give up its beliefs and provide something that they are against so as to benefit women’s health.  So if you are okay with that concept, surely you would be okay if the government came in and said that cell phones cause cancer, there for you can’t have one. Its for the general well being of the population, so it must be okay. You do bring up a good point though, many people do find that birth control is important. But in these trying times, as has happened countless times in the past, people are returning to their moral centers, their religious views. So support for abortion is waning. Now there will always be those on the right who will always stand against abortion, and there will always be those on the left who want to allow it. It is the people in the middle who swing from side to side. Well those swing voters are the people who put you over the top to clench elections. But if you don’t have your base come out to support you, even if you win most of the swing voters, normally, you won’t win the election. So the progressives who wrote the Health Care Law, had to ensure that it maintained provisions that would ensure that their base did not turn against them.   Now as I said, the general support for abortion is waning, so unlike the past progressives are not able to push the abortion issue to satisfy their base, and at the same time not turn off the ever important independents. So as is always the case with the progressive movements, when a concept becomes linked to something distasteful, or unpopular they don’t drop the principle, they just change the name. Terrorist attack are now man made disasters type deal. Think of it this way, its like that Robot Chicken Episode when they are mocking Star Wars, Darth Vader Chokes the guy, he pretends to die, they slap a beard on him change his name and send him back out.  Nothing has changed its still the same incompetent officer, but Vader is fooled. That is exactly what President Obama and the progressives are hoping to do here. Sense Abortions are out, they have to find another way to make the public think that Conservatives and Republicans hate women.  So they have turned to birth control. As you said, most adults in this nation are sexually active, and most of those people having sex don’t want to have a baby, so clearly birth control is important. The progressives are going to try everything in their power to make people think that Republicans want to outlaw birth control.  This outrage over requiring it, will be the spark that starts this movement that conservatives don’t want people to be able to buy birth control. This of course is a lie, conservatives aren’t out to outlaw contraception, they are  against the government forcing people to buy a product they don’t want.  Never the less this is the argument that they are going to try to use.  I forgot to say this earlier, good to hear from you, I was beginning to think you had disappeared.  Our debates are always thought provoking. 

  20. @obamawatch – It’s worth noting that virtually every catholic woman of childbearing age uses contraceptives (I believe the figure is 98%) which makes this whole issue very hypocritical.  As for abortion, from my perspective it seems conservatives are the ones who usually make abortion a campaign issue, though in any social issue both sides are going to get traction.  As for the whole trying to make people think conservatives want to ban contraceptives etc thing, that is a wild and not only unsupported, but unsupportable conspiracy theory.  It’s catholics and conservatives who are making a stink about this, not democrats, and even if they were are you a mind reader?And the reason organizations like catholic charities have to pay for contraceptives is because most of their money comes from the federal government.  If they don’t want to follow federal regulations they can give back the federal money they get.  But bitching that billions of dollars (and tax exemption) have strings attached is like someone on food stamps suing the government because they can’t buy a gun with food stamps and arguing that this is a violation of their second amendment rights.And thanks for saying nice to hear from me – I enjoy debating with you as well (though you sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, lol).

  21. @cmdr_keen – What a load of crap. It not about their adherents, they do not discriminate against none Catholics in hiring for their charities and Hospitals. But you would have them pay for what they consider to be a sin as punishment for not discriminating against none Catholics in hiring. What this idiots will not get through their heads is that no matter what the laws say they will never do it. They will fire all none Catholics first

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