A Stimulus Success?

634.) As I am sure most of you are aware, gas prices continue to climb, and President Obama made it clear in his campaign that this does not bother him. He wants high gas prices, because he believes they will push us to find alternative fuels. Now President Obama is not cold hearted he does not intend on just throwing us to the wolves, no he has seen fit to spend billions in “green energy” projects. One of which was a company that makes batteries for electric cars, a company called A123 Systems.  A123 Systems was touted as a proof that the stimulus bill worked, it was a stimulus success story. Well now it seems that the company has hit hard times, and after receiving $390,000,000 in government subsidies has had to lay off 125 of its workers. Now in and of itself this is not a news story, times are tough all around, even if you get millions of money from the government…. Now of course I am sure that many will stop reading here and ride to the defense of the spending policies of this administration. However, for those of you who read the full post, this story gets more interesting.  It appears as though A123 has laid off its workers, and given its executives big pay increases. Now why hasn’t President Obama come out and blasted this example of corporate greed. He attacked the banks and the auto industry for the same exact thing, he went on a moral crusade against fat cats, yet now he remains silent?  Could it be that his moral crusade was nothing more than a political stunt? The banks and GM are easy to make look evil, and blaming CEO’s for the Union’s problems is good politicking for any progressive seeking reelection. But battery companies are saving the environment, they aren’t evil, they are out trying to help the planet heal. They fall into the green energy plan, as such they are infallible.  This is just another example of how, big government spending, and government picking winners just leads to everyone losing in the end.

  1. One needs to be blind not to see that obamas stimulus package is anything except an effort at paying off the groups who helped elect obama. But true believers will try to say that yeah this may be the worst recovery in history outside of the great depression. And it has thrown the nation into dept that it may never recover from. But even though the democracts have had all the power for last six years….BUSH DID IT!

  2. @trunthepaige – Actually clinton and many members of congress did it, both republican and democrat (though more republicans).  I listed them by name in a recent blog.  Bush actually had relatively little to do with causing the recession aside from not doing anything actively to prevent it (and obama had even less).As for the stimulus bill being a payoff – who was he paying off exactly?@presently_clandestine – Yeah well good for you.  And to the author of this blog, do me a favor and google “RNC pundit prep” (without quotes).  The RNC just had a memo leaked in which it gave conservative pundits talking points to discuss in case the economy improved (which it did slightly) to scare and anger people and distract them from the improvement – the three talking points they were told to focus on were the national debt, the price of gas and unemployment.  It gets filtered down to you and within like a week you’re talking about what you’ve been told to talk about.I just thought you should know that.

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