Issues in Afghanistan

636.) President Obama puts great faith in the power of his words. After the Koran burning in Afghanistan, the citizens of that nation began rioting in the street. President Obama knew just what to do, he would talk to them. He issued an apology to the Afghans for the insult. There is nothing wrong with that, but the idea that just coming out and saying that he is sorry, what good could that honestly do. Well President Obama thinks it can do a lot. He actually claimed that his apology is has helped to calm things down in the nation. While they may have stopped rioting in the streets, but murders of American soldier are up. Has the apology of the President really solved anything? I leave that up to you.

  1. What else would you propose he do exactly?  He’s not made of magical fairy dust that makes millions of people do what he wants.  This is a good example of how some of his detractors will never, ever be happy with anything he does.

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