The Flag

There is something that has been bugging me lately, and that is the disrespect of the American flag.  The flag is a tangible symbol to the world of the freedom represented by this great land. America is unique amongst the nations of the world, we are nation for the people by the people. Our flag is also unique, it was the first flag to represent the people of a nation, not the rulers.  It is something you show respect to.  Apparently proper flag etiquette has become a thing of the past and I feel the need to express my frustration on this issue. I was taught from a young age the proper way to treat a flag, and I to the best of my ability I have done so. It is easy to do, you just can’t be lazy. If it looks like rain, bring in your flag, lower it at night if you don’t have a light on it. As was stated earlier the flag is a tangible symbol of our nation. It flies high as a reminder of the greatness that freedom has brought to this land. It is to be raised quickly in the morning, and lowered slowly in the evening. It is to be flown at half staff only for specific reasons. 

It is the over use of  lowering the flags that has me irritated. The President of the United States can order the flown at half staff. as I stated the flag is lowered to half staff for only a few situations such as after the death of the current or former President, death of the vice president, after the death of a supreme court justice, on memorial day, and if the President or your state governor of The United States orders it flown at half staff.  Your mayor, your principle, can’t order the flags flown at half staff. If someone dies in your school district you don’t fly the flag at half staff. It is something that is to be preserved as a symbol of morning and lately this tradition has been abused, reducing the impact that it once had.  It is disgraceful and needs to be stopped. For example it was well within his rights, but Governor Christy ordered the flag flown at half staff because of Whitney Houston’s death, why? What did she do for her nation? Does he order the flag flown at half staff when a soldier from New Jersey dies? It is sickening, just because your famous does not make you worthy of having the American Flag flown at half staff.

Sorry for the rant its been bugging me for a while. Cue the “your over reacting” “your a crazy right wing nut job” “shut up” comments.


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