Invoking the Name of Reagan

640.) President Obama is trying to gain support for his “Buffet Rule”, or as it will go down in history as “the Obama Tax on Success”.  While campaigning in Florida President Obama invoked the name of a one of America’s great presidents from the past, who did he turn to to try and garner support for his tax hikes, was it  Woordrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, or perhapes Bill Clinton? Actually the answer is none of the above, in fact strangely enough to sell his tax hike President Obama called upon Ronald Reagan the champion of the conservative movement.

When I first heard this story my mind was sent spinning, why would President Obama call upon the name of Reagan to sell his tax policy. My world was further rocked when I heard President Obama call Ronald Reagan “That wild eyed, socialist, tax-hiking, class warrior”. My jaw dropped, did President Obama really just call the 40th President Of the United States Ronald Reagan a socialist? The man was a champion of small government, he made popular phrases like “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'” and “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” how on earth could President Obama actually call him a socialist. Once my world quit spinning, and I was able to pull my jaw up through the floor, I remembered that President Obama is a progressive, so he just rewrites history to match his needs, who cares about facts. But like John Adams once said, “facts are a stuborn thing”.

What President Obama was trying to do is to rewrite history, and try to make it appear as though Ronald Reagan called for raising taxes on the rich out of “fairness”.  The speech that President Obama cited was one that President Reagan gave on October 22nd, 1986 when he signed into law sweaping tax reforms. In the speech President Reagan did metion fairness, the rich, and the poor, but that is about where the similarities end. You see President Obama did not pay attention, or just didn’t care about the history that he was citing. President Reagan was not talking about raising taxes on the rich, he was talking about cutting taxes for everyone, making the tax code simpler. Thats odd, I believe that is something that conservatives are calling for in the congress right now, and President Obama has ignored.  In this speech President Reagan mocked the progressive income tax, and cited the lies that surround it. “But when our Founding Fathers designed this government—of, by, and for the people—they never imagined what we’ve come to know as the progressive income tax. When the income tax was first levied in 1913, the top rate was only 7 percent on people with incomes over $500,000. Now, that’s the equivalent of multimillionaires today. But in our lifetime we’ve seen marginal tax rates skyrocket as high as 90 percent, and not even the poor have been spared. As tax rates escalated, the tax code grew ever more tangled and complex, a haven for special interests and tax manipulators, but an impossible frustration for everybody else. Blatantly unfair, our tax code became a source of bitterness and discouragement for the average taxpayer. It wasn’t too much to call it un-American.” President Reagan was not calling low taxes on teh rich unfair he was calling high taxes on the poor and middle class, unfair. So he wasn’t some radical communist like President Obama is trying to make him out to be. 

President Obama constantly tries to rewrite history, and calling President Reagan a socialist and trying to make it sound as if the champion of liberty was someone similar to President Obama the Champion of tyranny is nothing more than a sign of desperation.  He is trying anything to trick Americans into thinking that Republicans are just out to force the average American to starve in the street while they smoke cigars made out of 100 dollar bills.  The truth is a stuborn thing. Facts are facts, and the facts of the mater are President Obama lied, what a shock. 

  1. It was bad when President Clinton lied through his teeth to cover up his sexual peccadilloes. But President Obama is lying through his teeth like any good Bolshevik. It’s stunning to behold.

  2. mcbery said:

    I am glad facts are stubborn things! I agree, some of the things this administration says are stunning.

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