Did Your Kids Enjoy Spring Break Mexico?

644.) Did your kids enjoy theirspring break trip to Mexico, the sun, the history, and the amazing beaches? Oh wait, I am willing to bet most of you did not send your kids to Mexico over spring break. You either probably could not afford it or you wouldn’t let your 13 year old travel to Mexico due to the travel advisory against it. The Obama family does not worry about such minor things such as costs, or safety, they are above all of that. Why would they worry about the costs of a trip to Mexico when the tax payers are covering it?

In case you are un-aware of the President’s daughters travel plans allow me to explain. President Obama thought it was okay for his eldest daughter to travel to Mexico with 12 of her friends.Why would President Obama let his little girl travel to such a dangerous country, was he not afraid of what could happen to her, did he not realize that she would be a prime target? Oh that’s right, I forgot, why would he worry, he is the President of The United States; the tax payers will cover the bill for her and her friends protection. 25 secret service agents traveled with the young Miss.Obama and her friends. How much is that costing the tax payers?

So here are my questions/concerns about this story:

  • What kind of parent lets their 13 year old daughter, and her friends, travel to a country that the United States Government recommends its citizens not travel to? Who puts their daughter in that kind of danger?
  • I could not afford a spring break trip; my cousins could not afford a spring break trip, why should the President’s daughter be allowed to go on a trip costing tax payers more money?
  • The President attacks fat cats, and demands that they pay more in taxes out of fairness, it’s not fair that his daughter gets to go on a vacation, and burn through more money that our nation doesn’t have.
  1. True that. Your post has awkward smushed together words.  Are you copying and pasting? It might be not keeping the format correctly.

  2. But he’s above all of that.  Remember, he doesn’t cling to his bible or guns.

  3. The Democrats believe in a Ruling Class that lords it over a peasant class. Socialists preach equality and get everyone exercised over millionaires and billionaires but that is only to disguise policy that impoverishes everyone outside the Ruling Class.

  4. I’d never let me thirteen year old travel abroad alone. Much less to a country that is on the travel advisory list for American citizens. I understand our president and his family getting some taxpayer paid vacations. But this? What a waste of taxpayer money.

  5. I went to Costa Rica on a Spring Break when I was 13 with my classmates…I guess it depends on the uses and costumes in your family, my parents had no problem with us traveling to other countries while very young. My brother went to Cuba when he was 16 and at 15 both of my older brothers went to Holland. I think I was 14 when me and my 3 siblings traveled to Cancun in Mexico.  Nothing happened to us so that’s for the safety matters…about the money well that I have no idea, I don’t think it was that expensive though.   

  6. @xXxlovelylollipop – As a member of the Ruling Class, you have privileges that others do not, not even your average American.The give away is that you have no idea about the money. That’s something doyen Michelle Obama would say too. 

  7. @sometimestheycomebackanyway – lol since when a lit teacher like me is a memeber of the ruling class? :PI think it’s a matter of pricing, during low season I can get two First Class tickets to Mexico city for about one thousand USD so it’s maybe just cheaper to travel for us in the third World 🙂

  8. I’m sure that his daughter and her friends were safe at all times w/ 25 secret service men. That’s two per child. Wait, I meant one per child because I’m sure that they took turns between watching the kids and “Hooking Up” with some of the local prostitutes. 

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