645.) President Obama has been touting his “buffet rule” by saying, “I should pay more taxes”. You know what I find odd, President Obama is lying. He doesn’t think that he should pay more taxes, nor would passing the “buffet rule” even effect him.  The proof behind my claims comes from President Obama’s tax returns, and are as fallows:

First on the block is the fact that President Obama made $789,674 in 2011, that is less then $1,000,000. So he would not be affected by the “buffet rule”. So raise taxes so long as they don’t apply to me.

President Obama tax return included something odd, he paid a tax rate of less then  20.5%, with his income being over $700,000 he should have paid a higher tax rate. What this means is that he used tax deductions to lower what he had to pay to the federal government such as:

  • A morgates deduction on his house in Chicago which saved him $13,318
  • He donated 22% of his income to charity, which I support and applaud him for. What I find interesting is that he then claimed that donation on his taxes.

So President Obama believes that the rich should pay more in taxes, and that they shouldn’t have all of these loop holes to get out of paying their fair share, he claims that he should pay more taxes, yet he proposes a tax cut that he would not be affected by, then claims federal income tax deductions. This is classic do as I say not as I do, I am above the law mentality that President Obama has shown sense he was elected President.  If he truely believed that the rich should pay more taxes he would act as an example and not take tax deduction, he would be a moral guide for the rich. Yet he is nothing more than a fat cat playing the system, and once again banking on our ignorance to protect him from the light of God’s eternal truth. .


  1. virtus1 said:

    The new tax bracket for the buffet millionaires begins with Obama’s adjusted gross income plus $1.00 with a single exception for everyone who donated to his campaign.

  2. I am so sick of this guy I an not even begin to put it in words.   What a arrogant person who has no idea of what he speaks.  Thanks for the post.  I seriously do not know what I will do if the vote falls his way in November.  

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