646.) Well its offical President Obama has offically lost his mind.  That or you and I are nothing more than barely conscious pound scum. Yes President Obama is now trying to tell us that he has increasaed spending less than George W. Bush. Unfortunatly he is lying to you. In his math he failed to account for his porkulus spending bill.  He actually tried to pawn the porkulus bill off as spending under President Bush! More lies from a sad desperate man.



  1. virtus1 said:

    That’s like Stalin and Hitler arguing over which dictator imprisoned and killed the fewest number of citizens.

  2. @virtus1 – as it should.  Look at Europe the misery that has been brought to the nations that inhabit that continent by leaders of various progressive factions. We have a radical progressive President.  I am not saying that he wants to be like stalin or hitler, what I am saying is that he looks to the progressive of europe as a guide. Look at what is happening in the socialist states of France, Greece, and Spain. Yet dispite this evidence of failure, the President keeps charging full steam ahead.  Tax, Spend, Steal, claim its for the greater good. 

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