Lies and Ties: The Tangled Web of The Obama Administration

Frist of all I would like to applogize for the intermidiate posting as of late. My hours ahve been increased at work (finally, summer is offically here), My involvement in the local Boy Scout troop has increased, and the issues with my family have only gotten worse.  Time is an ellusive thing.

647.) First up on the political chopping block is Attorney General EricHolder. Holder appeared on Capitol Hill to speak about, surprise surprise,Operation Fast and Furious.  As is welldocumented Fast and Furious was a massive failure, and resulted in the death ofBrian Terry.  The Justice Department hasbeen dragging its feet and dodging the issues surrounding this case in everyway that the can.  The most recentballerina move came from Attorney General Eric Holder on June 7th,2012.


During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing RepresentativeJason Chaffets brought up  an emailwritten by Jason Weinstein (Assisstant Attorney General).  Representative Chaffets then read the emailaloud.  The email discussed gun walkingin Fast and Furious.  The Representativethen said to Mr. Holder “You claim with passion that nobody at the seniorlevels at the Department of Justice prior to the death of Brian Terry knew thatguns were walking, and I‘ve got an email from Jason Weinstein using the term’guns walking”.


Attorney General Eric Holder responded “That refers to Wide Receiver,not Fast and Furious”


Represenative Chaffets “That is not what the February fourth letterthat was sent to the United States Congress said. That the ATF never uses thosetactics, never. That’s not true”.


The Attorney General proceeds to state that the letter sent on Februaryfourth has been determined to be inaccurate, and like a broken record continuedto state that the email read by the Representative referred only to operation WideReceiver. 


Chaffets once again re-read the email word for word, then said, “Theemail says Fast and Furious, you say it doesn’t. I’ve got it in black andwhite”.


Of course Attorney General Holder could not be made a fool of by alowly representative from Utah, so he responded to this statement by saying “Ihave superior knowledge.”

You can Watch the full video here


So here is the Attonery General of the United States of America tellingan elected Representative that he has knowledge that surpasses the realm ofcold hard facts. The truth is that the email said, fast and furious, yetinstead of confronting the truth he decides to run from. Yes Mr. Holder hasdecided to take the same stance that the rest of the Obama Administration doeswhen confronted by the facts behind their disastrous policies, lie then assumethat all Americans are too ignorant to understand that it was a lie.  Their arrogance has been a thorn in my sidefor the last three years. How anyone can stomach it is beyond me.  Where is the accountability that the ObamaAdministration was supposed to bring to our country… probably in the same placeas the promise of no lobbyists in the White House.


648.) Have you ever heard of the “New Party”, it would not be surprisingif you had not. To clarify the New Party is a progressive third party foundedby Joel Johnson and Daniel Cantor. Members of this party include a number ofradical leftist, communists, and socialist, including:

     Frances Fox Piven: SeniorDemocratic Socialist of America (DSA) member

     Cornel West: Advisor to theObama Administration, active DSA member

     Raphael Pizzaro: Involved inDSA, Member of the Communist Party of America

     Carl Davidson: Progressives for Obama webmaster.

     Barbara Ehrenreich: DSA Member, a founder of Progressivefor Obama

     Barack H. Obama: President Of the UnitedStates

Yes that is correct,President Obama was a member of the radical “New Party”.  This issue was brought up during the 2008campaign, too which the Obama Campaign responded “Barack has been a member of only onepolitical party, the Democratic Party.” However, updated records uncovered by Stanley Kurtz has found that surprisesurprise the Obama Campaign lied to the American People to avoid the political falloutthat tends to accompany ties to radical organizations.  The Minutes from the meeting of the New Party ChicagoChapter’s on January 11, 1996 are as follows:

Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate inthe 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answeredquestions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested anendorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.

 A 1997 roster of the Chicago Chapter of the New Party shows BarackObama as a member, his join date listed as January 11, 1996.


Now why is it that President Obama keeps lying about his past? Why ishe ashamed of these things? If he believes in them, should he not stand forthem.  Maybe it has something to do withthe fact that if the American Public had been properly informed about hisradical ties he would never have won the election.  Perhaps he was trying to do as Van Jonessaid, “drop the radical pose, to achieve the radical means.”  Regardless how you feel about the New Party,or how you feel about socialism, we must all be willing to admit that thePresident of The United States should be held to a high standard, a standardthat does not permit lying. 

  1. Just like everything else, it seems the truth is not as important as their agenda. 

  2. Pretty creepy is this “new party” thing still around.  I am completely opposed to socialism. Things are a mess.

  3. @TNugents__Right –  Most likely, but remember with progressives nothing ever goes away, it just transforms.  They change their costume to trick people into thinking they are someone else.

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