The Death of Liberty

It is with a heavy heart, and fustrated hand that I key this message. Today will forever be marked as a day that changed the nation forever. Today the supreme court ruled that the government cannot force you to buy something, the healthcare mandate is infact unconstitutional. However, they can tax you, so the healthcare tax is okay. So you don’t by healthcare you get taxed for it.  So basically, if you can’t afford to buy healthcare, you get taxed, if you don’t want to buy health care, you get taxed. How lovely.  President Obama finally got a massive tax hike, just like he wanted.

My fellow Americans, today is a sad day, but it is not a day to morn. It is a day to stand strong together. Pick ourselves back up, and continue the march towards restoring the glory of America.  Novemember 8, 2012 has now become an even more important date. It is the last chance we have at preventing this disaster from spreading.  November 8th is now the last hope for man’s freedom. 

Now is the time to mobilize. Now is the time to get out and spread the word, only by defeating progressives in 2012 can we hope to end the slow esurption of our God given rights.  As always, do not resort to violence, name calling, or other fifth grade tactics.  We conservatives are not savages, it is our job to bring the savages to justice. Drag them from their lair of shadows and cast them into the light. Make known their plans for our nation, and the contempt that they have for all those who dwell in it.

In Novemeber of 2012, we will have to make a choice. We can choose Barack H. Obama, a man who has run up the deficit faster than any president in history, destoryed our system of checks and balances, and plans on using the same road map that has plundged Europe into darkness and turmoil. Or we can choose to cast out the progressives from congress and the white house, and restore sanity and liberty to the land. It is your choice.

I choose liberty, I choose to take the harder road, not to proove how tough I am but because I will be better for it at the end.  I choose liberty, I choose to fallow the path laid out by the founders, not because it is easy, but because whether I succeed or fail is determined by me and me alone, not some government buracrate sheltered in a marble palace. 

We all stand now on the brink of disaster. We all face this one impending doom.  We will either fall together or fall alone.  I choose to go out fighting. I choose to stand my ground and face the coming darkness with all my strength.  I am willing to stand alone, but I know there are those out there who will stand with me.  We must unite and share our strength with those who cannot stand, who are afraid to stand, who do not know where to stand. 

I cannot guaruntee that we will succeed, nor will I try to paint a picture of inevitability. We face a long road to ultimate victory, the progressives have been at work of near of a century, we have much work to do to set right out nations ills.  That is no reason to throw in the towel and surrender, I will not stand by and let the progressive take this country on a walk.  We will restore the light of liberty to this land made dark by the powers of progressivism, we will ensure the blessings of liberty for those who fallow in our foot steps, but first we must stand together and over come those who stand between us and that Glorious Future.

I stand against tyranny and despitism.  Who stands with me, make yourself be heard.

  1. Nothing new. This has been happening for 50 years. We better stand against social “security” as well. 

  2. Taxation without representation = tyranny.  Taxation with representation = democracy.LEARN THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE.Oh and the evil individual mandate was a republican idea that was originally thought up by the heritage foundation and the first two bills that included it were sponsored heavily by republicans.  Half the republican frontrunners for president and almost every elected republican who took a position on the issue was in favor of it before obama got elected.  Then because obama agreed with them and put their idea at the top of his agenda they worked hard to re-write history and turn it into something evil in the minds of gullible idiots across the nation.

  3. I don’t really trust the other candidate for President either. I think we are just beginning our path to destruction and it will have to get a whole lot worse before enough people wake up and decide to make things different. Too many believe the government an solve all their problems, on both sides. 

  4. I agree with this post 100%. As to agnophilo‘s charge that the individual mandate was a GOP/Heritage Foundation thing, I’d ask for sources, but then I’d be wasting my time… 

  5. @JandJinJapan – Is fox news an un-liberal enough source for you?  And again no need to be an asshole.  You’re accusing me yet again of never citing sources because I didn’t cite a source for my own opinion, which is not physically or logically possible.

  6. @mtngirlsouth – The republican party is lying to you, see my comment above yours.  Oh, and out of curiosity what did you block me for this time?

  7. Oh and the evil individual mandate was a republican idea that was originally thought up by the heritage foundation and the first two bills that included it were sponsored heavily by republicans. Half the republican frontrunners for president and almost every elected republican who took a position on the issue was in favor of it before obama got elected.   —agnophilo 6/28/2012 5:25PMThat’s a defense you take up a lot, but the fact of the matter is glaringly and blatantly clear, agnophilo:  the above isn’t a statement of your opinion, but the procurement of alleged fact.  As such, sources are required.  As far as being the south end of a northbound donkey…LEARN THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE –agnophilo 6/28/2012 5:25PMWhy not take your own advice?

  8. if you can’t afford to buy healthcare, you get taxed, if you don’t want to buy health care, you get taxed.Except that if you can’t afford it, you get a tax break to cover it. Don’t be so ignorant as to be oblivious that the poor actually have a negative tax rate. That means the government pays them (subsidies). The point of you not wanting to buy health care doesn’t change the fact you benefit from it. You use our health care in case of an emergency. Employees are more productive due to preventative and regularly available care. But you’re right. That should come magically from thin air, instead of being taxed to support our common good.

  9. @JandJinJapan – I was referring to the previous discussion which you were referring to when you suggested I wouldn’t cite sources.  God you can’t even follow your own train of thought, let alone mine.

  10. We are where we are today because the majority of Americans have been electing Progressives to public office for over 100 years.The remedy is to elect Tea Party Conservatives for 100 years.The government we have is one we continue to choose.

  11. I think it’s odd to have to pay a penalty for not buying the health insurance. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about how health insurance works so I can’t really give an opinion, but the penalty thing is what stuck out to me as strange. I read somewhere today that the first year of implementation will see a $79 or 1% of income penalty, and then by 2016 it would go to upwards of $680 or 2.5% of income penalty per year (I don’t recall the exact amounts and I forget where I saw those numbers – so no one yell at me haha). I guess I have to read more about the Obamacare thing soon to make a better decision about it.

  12. Thanks for calling me God, agnophilo, though I thought you didn’t believe in him.  But back to the debate at hand:  Yes, I’m well aware of not only what you were referring to (again, you made assertions of fact, not opinion, in the thread you are writing about, and didn’t back them up until you were called out on the carpet [despite the fact that you demanded such sources from me which, again, I provided, only to see you *ahem* play the “opinion” card {once again} when you couldn’t {or wouldn’t} come up wth and answer]), but also of your abject ignorance and blowing off of the statements I made.  I can follow both my and your trains of thought fairly well.  Here you accuse me of being the business end of a donkey’s hindquarters yet, again, when faced with the facts, you go off on yet another irrelevant tangent and play the smokescreen game.  I hate to be blunt, but this, is pretty much typical.  I respect your opinion, agnophilo, but don’t try to pass off an assertion of fact as opinion when someone calls you out on the carpet to produce resources, and further don’t pout about it when you do actually produce sources.  I’d rather you just merely said nothing and walked away, rather than act like a spoiled child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.Either way, its simple:  answer the questions and provde resources for your *ahem* “opinions”, or simply admit that you can’t or won’t do either.I’ll thank you for your replies and bid you a nice and blessed day. 

  13. @Cestovatelka – That is only at certain income levels.  And it’s no different than paying higher taxes if you are single, don’t have kids, don’t give to charity or a million other things.

  14. @virtus1 – And you’re one of jandjin’s alts I’m guessing.  But yeah, thanks for that intelligent, nuanced response.@JandJinJapan – So in other words you were being completely dishonest when you attacked me before?  Thanks.  And kudos for demanding I cite a source to back up the claim I just cited a source to back up at your request.  I love it when people demand I give them something and then demand I give it to them again while pretending I didn’t.

  15. I’m not sure that this election will make any difference. I’m not a fan of Romney either. He *might* repeal this just to make everyone calm down and stop paying attention again, but he’s not that different from Obama. 

  16. It’s always the same, isn’t it agnophilo?  When you can’t or won’t answer some simple statements and questions, you try to take it to the mud, don’t you?  Have a great and blessed afternoon….

  17. @JandJinJapan – I cited a source immediately when asked, and your other attacks as I’ve already said are strawmen.  And your comments to me are much longer and more vitriolic (and dishonest), and you pretend like I’m dragging the discussion into the mud.  You’re a typical narcissist, you project your own faults onto others and aren’t even aware of your own.  It’s like punching someone for no reason then acting like you’re the victim when they take a swing at you because you are so crazy you don’t even acknowledge your own behavior.You asked for a link, I gave it to you.  The rest is just you lying about me.

  18. PPhilip said:

    “We all stand now on the brink of disaster.” Who the heck is “we”? The middle class can see problems coming and the rich 1% seem to have all the bases covered.”A massive tax”??? As to opposed to another triffling tax. Paying off emergency hospital care is an issue that has been tapping our system like forever. In otherwords too bad if poor folks need emergency care. Just plain out state that you do not want to pay for indigent care.”but first we must stand together and over come those who stand between us and that Glorious Future. ” Sounds pretty fascist to me about your “glorious” future. Meanwhile I am going back to the trenches and fight the global warming caused by too much CO2.

  19. agnophilo – Nobody’s pretending anything: did you not call me an a_ _hole?  Is that not name-calling and dragging a conversation through the mud?  Did you not, in this reply I am responding to, call me narcissistic?  Is that not attacking one’s person and, again, dragging a conversation through the mud and slime?  And have I once ever done the same and responded in kind to you as you do and are to me (I’ll answer that one for you:  No, I have not)?  Keep crying “foul” and “wolf” and “victim”, agnophilo, but all you are doing is being even more dishonest than you claim I am being towards you.  And yes, you did cite one source (for once), but you did so, again, with an immature, childish attitude, as if you went entirely out of your way and really we should just accept your word at face value, then sit down and shut up.  Thanks, but I’ll stick to the Gipper’s advice with regards to your (and anyone else’s) words:  “Trust but verify.”  And nobody’s lying about you.Thanks for the labels and names, because coming from you, agnophilo, they are a badge of honor.

  20. @JandJinJapan – I didn’t call you an asshole, I said you don’t need to be an asshole (which you were).  And I said you’re narcissistic because you are, clinically.  I didn’t say that to score points or win an argument, I said it because it’s true.

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