A Nation In Morning

There are times in this world when we are reminded, thereare no absolutes, there are no guarantees. Few things in life are certain, chief amongwhich are that is for certain is that we are never guaranteed tomorrow, andthat there are monsters amongst us.  

The human mind is a tool, and just like any tool it can beused to accomplish great things. Some men may choose to use this un-equaledpower of computation to the great benefit of mankind, while other will choose toabuse their God give gifts to bring the world of men crashing down.  These men who would rather torture his fellowman, to pray on their fears is not a man anymore. Once he crosses that line hebecomes nothing more than a monster.

The human mind can be a dark and terrifying place, noancient dungeon, not even the deepest cave holds the terrors that a troubledmind can hold. It is here in the dark recesses of humanity that true terror isspawned. 

Terror, and barbarism can take on many different forms. Someare convinced by the demons inside them that gunning down hundreds of unarmedmovie goers will somehow bring them what it is they desire.  Then there are those who would use such atragedy to try to gain power.

Now is not the time to cry out for justice. Now is the timeto pray for those who were lost, be rock for those families affected to leanon, and remember to keep an ever watchful eye out for those true monsters whowill try to exploit this atrocity to chain us down.

The attack is far too recent for us to be able to thinklogically, it is in times of panic that bad decisions are made, that things getsloppy, and mistakes get made.  That issomething that greedy men love to exploit. 

I ask you who is the monster the troubled man who commits ahorrible crime, or a greedy man who prays on a nation whose is paralyzed byshock, and is in a state of morning?

My heart and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy.

  1. @XEd66 – i too like where Ron Paul stands.  I don’t think he could put in his programs as fast as he would like without disrupting even the intent of the Constitution.  But if given the time and support he would try which is more than I can say for others.  His platform is the Constitution which makes him worthy of our respect.  Excellent film by the way.

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