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 659.) President Obama has raised taxes on countless Americans. He slipped these tax hikes in right under our noses when he signed Obamacare into law.  As it turn’s out Nancy Pelosi was right when she said they had to pass the bill for us to find out what was in it.  American’s For Tax Reform released a list of what they claim to be the worst tax hikes in theObamacare legislation that will kick in in 2013. The following are the top five worst taxes imposed upon the American people under Obamacare, as rated by American’s for Tax Reform.

Number 5.) The ObamaCare Medical Device Tax.  Did you know that over 400,000 people in this country work in 12,000 manufacturing plants producing various medical devices? Well President Obama must have seen this as a great form of tax revenue, because he signed into law a 2.3% excise tax on those companies. This tax applies to these companies even if they do not make a profit in a given year. That works out to be about a $20,000,000,000 tax hike.  Now my question for you is how does raising taxes to the tune of $20 billion dollars on the companies that make medical devices help drive down health care costs?  How does increasing the cost of doing business help a company increase the quality of a product?  All this tax increase does is take money these companies could have spent on research and development, or perhaps creating new jobs, and instead gives it to the government to waste.

Number 4.) The Obamacare Special Needs Kids Tax Hike.  I found describing this part of the report hard, so I figure I will let the report speak for itself. The following is a direct quote from the report.

 “The 30-35 million Americans who use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at work to pay for their family’s basic medical needs will face a new government cap of $2,500 (currently the accounts are unlimited under federal law, though employers are allowed to set a cap).

There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children. there are several million families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education. Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs education. This Obamacare Tax provision will limit the options available to these families.”This provision in Obamacare amounts to a $13,000,000,000 tax increase.

Number 3.) ObamacareSurtax on Investment Income.  In Obamacarethere is a 3.8% increase on investment income on houses making at least $250,000(200,000 single).  Below is a chart provided by Americans For Tax Reform:

                              taxes under Obama

Please note: The table above also incorporates the scheduled hike in the capital gainsrate from 15 to 20 percent, and the scheduled hike in dividends rate from 15 to39.6 percent.

So now I must ask the question, how does taxing investmentincome help bring down health care costs, more importantly what does taxing investment income have to do with lowering health care costs?  All I can see it succeeding in doing is making people less likely to invest in companies, which hurts the economy.

Number 2.) The Obamacare Haircut for Medical Itemized Deductions.  Currently Americans who have high medical expenses are allowed a deduction for the amount those expenses exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income.  President Obama thought that the rate of 7.5% was too low, so he saw fit to raise it to 10%.  This widens the taxable income for those Americans who are sick and suffering.  So tell me, Obamacare was supposed to help the poor and expand coverage to every American, so how does raising taxes by $15,200,000,000 on the sickest American’s help them?  President Obama claims that Republicans want to push granny off a cliff, but President Obama approved of legislation that will harm countless people near or in retirement, you know those who followed the rules, paid into the system, and now have a limited income and rising medical costs.  So again I ask how does raising taxes on these people help them?

Number 1.) The ObamaCare Medicare Payroll Tax Hike. Currently Medicare payroll tax rates stand at 2.9% on all wages and self employment profits. President Obama clearly thought this rate was too low, so he saw fit to raise that rate to 3.8% on wages and profits exceeding $200,000 ($250,000 for married couples) What this works out to is a direct tax hike on small business owners, the people who employ other Americans and help drive the economy.  Below is a chart from American’s For Tax Reform comparing the current medicare payroll tax rate vs. Obamacare Medicare Tax Rates.


So how is raising taxes to the tune of $86,800,000,000 not going to hurt the economy? How is this massive tax increase going to encourage hiring? 


If you are interested in reading the report for yourself,here is a link to it.

I have no grand statement to open this post, just thissimple one; President Barack Obama has punted his responsibilities as ourcommander and chief in order to achieve political victory. 

657.) President Barack Obama has long tried to paint himselfas a healer of international relations. Through his policies of appeasement hewould heal the image of the United States in the Arab world.  He would reach out and talk to the dictatorsof the Middle East and end the era of cowboy foreign policy.  This would bring the world together and endthe violence that has existed for most of the region’s history.  With the actions on September 11, 2012 it isclear that his policies have failed to win over the hearts of the people.  The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and four otherAmericans were killed with Muslim extremists stormed the United States Consulatein Benghazi.

The Obama Administration’s official response was that it wasa result of a demonstration against an anti-Islam video that got out ofhand.  They ignored the facts that thatfully automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades were used in the attack.I am not an expert in protest practices around the world, but I do not thinkthat most individuals would bring an RPG to a protest.

The Libyan President Mohammad Magarief said the assault was “definitelyplanned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago andthey were planning criminal acts since their arrival” yet the ObamaAdministration continued to denounces the concept that the attack was a plannedterrorist attack, they still insisted that it was a spontaneous reaction to a hatefulYou Tube video.

Why in the face of all the evidence out there would theObama Administration not classify this attack as a terrorist action? I knowthere are no terrorist attacks under President Obama, they have beenre-classified as manmade disasters, but regardless of what you call it this isclearly an example of terrorism? Could the Obama Administration really be thatdaft? Of course not, they are highly skilled politicians who are trying to keeptheir jobs. They have been spiking the ball that Osama Bin Laden is dead, andsite the Arab Spring as proof that their foreign policy is a success. Aterrorist attack on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in theHistory of the United States, and the greatest victory of liberties greatestenemy Al-Qaeda, makes for a tough sell on a successful foreign policy.  So they lied, they did not call it aterrorist attack, they tried to sell the United States a bunch of B.S. in hopethat we were dumb enough to buy it.

If you don’t believe me, then believe the facts. Two seniorU.S. officials have said that the Obama Administration knew within 24 hoursafter the attack that it was a terrorist act. The Administration labeled the assaultas an act of terrorism within the first day in order utilize certain resourcesto respond and begin searching for one person. 

So for a week after the attack the Administration wasfeeding us a line that it wasn’t a terrorist attack, yet they themselves knewit was an terrorist attack. They nailed a private U.S. citizen to the wall, andmade him the target of hatred around the Muslim world. They all but denouncedsupport of the First Amendment, acting as if it was a detriment rather than a benefit.They ran from liberty as opposed to supporting it.  President Obama flew to Vegas rather thanformulate a response.  He punted his responsibilities,treated the American People like they are idiots, and tried to cover upevidence of his failed foreign policies. 

658.) President Obama has decided that getting reelected ismore important that doing the job that he is trying to keep.  When the terrorist attacked the Libyan Consulateon September 11,  President Obama went toVegas. When the world leaders converged on New York City to meet at theU.N.  President Obama decided he didn’thave enough time to talk with them; he had far more important individuals tospeak to, Whoopi Goldberg and the ladies on The View.  Yes old comedians and past news Anchors aremore important than the leaders of the Nations of the world.   I just do not think he takes his responsibilityas President seriously. 

656.) President Obama has again decided that his campaign is more improtant than the symbols of America. You see he has started selling flags that replace the stars with his campaign’s logo.  Now I know most progressives don’t care about the symbolism of that cotton symbol of American Oppression, but the rest of us sound minded American’s should be out raged.  That flag is the symbol of our nation. It is our flag, each of our states is a part of that flag. Our flag is a sign of our Federal System of government. We are one nation made up of many individual states. That symbolism, that message, the importance of each individual state is lost on President Obama, he has replaced the symbols of each of our states with his personal logo.  He’d rather us pledge allegance to Obama rather than Pledge allegance to the United States.


This flag sickens me. The Arrogance of this man sickens me. This is more evidence of how this narcassist needs to be kicked to the curb this novemeber.

655.) I have long stated that the federal government underPresident Barack Obama has operated more like a communist dictatorship than afree Federal Republic.  Now most timesthe progressives will storm this blog when I say that. Do you remember whenPresident Obama stole GM and gave it to the Unions? Remember how it was onlysupposed to be temporary?  Remember how Ipredicted that the government would never give up its clutches on the company?Well Guess what….

GM has decided that it no longer can afford to be held underthe government’s oppressive thumb. The company has become concerned with thefact that they are surrounded by the stigma of being “government motors”. GMhas realized that being involved with the Feds is bad for business, as it hurtstheir image.  Worse yet, the governmentimposed pay restrictions are chasing top talent away, hurting the quality ofthe product GM can produce.  GM offeredto buy 200 million of the Federal Government’s 27% stake in the company, withthe remaining 500 million shares being sold in a public offering.

Well the nanny state has decided not to give up its share ofthe company, because it would be a financial disaster during an election year.  GM stock as of Friday September 16th,2012 were trading at $24.14, if the stock were to be sold at those prices theFederal Government would lose $15,000,000,000.00 on the GM bail out. For youand I to even break even on the investment forced upon us by the federalgovernment, GM stocks would have to reach $53 a share.  But don’t you worry the Federal Governmentwould consider possibly selling the stocks if it reaches the 30’s range.

Here is the rub; GM stock was re-launched after the bankruptcywith an IPO value of $33. It has yet to see that price sense.  So the Federal Government is not sellingshares to a private company until it reaches a number it has seen in twoyears.  I think the big governmentprogressives are just playing GM as a political trump card. They are notletting business leaders run the company. They are not doing what is best forthe company because a multibillion dollar loss during an election year does notmake for good political press.

I will be surprised if the government releases its grip onGM, it is too convenient of a pawn in their massive game of chess.  

(Please note the sarcasm and the movie refrence in the title, its a joke don’t grab your torches and pitch forks.)

654.) The hypocrisy of the Obama Administration has beenwell documented. The message of hope and change championed by Senator Obama wascast aside once he was sworn in to office. He learned the hard way that being President is a hard job, and I wish Icould say I find it odd when President Obama partakes in the same activitiesthat he ripped President Bush for.  Forexample, on March 19th, 2008 then Senator Obama gave this harsh criticismof former President Bush “There were too many politicians in Washington whospent too little time reading the intelligence reports, and too much timereading public opinion. The lesson of Iraq is that when we are making decisionsabout matters as grave as war, we need a policy rooted in reason and facts, notideology and politics.”

So many people will say “What is the big deal, this makessense” and I would have to agree with you, we should not make decisions basedon polls and politics. Decisions need to be made on facts and logic. Whatgrinds my gears, what makes my blood boil is not the concept that Senator Obamalaid out in the above statement, but rather the fact that he has blatantly ignoredhis own advice. According to Government Accountability Institute during thefirst two and a half years that President Obama was in office he was presentfor only 43.8% of his intelligent briefings.  In 2011 reaching up until mid way through 2012that appalling average fell to 38%.  Sostop and think about this,  here is a manwho said “There were too many politicians in Washington who spent too littletime reading the intelligence reports, and too much time reading public opinion”who can’t be bothered to attend the meetings where the intelligence is discussed.  Do you see the problem here?

Now of course there are those who will fail to see this as aproblem. They will note that while President Obama does not attend most ofthese crucial meetings he does receive and read the briefings.  So this is man who blasted the previous administrationfor not paying enough attention to intelligence,  for not basing policy on reason and facts,yet is himself unwilling to take the steps necessary to understand the reasonbehind the facts that he is presented.  Howcan one claim to understand these highly complicated issues when he does notlisten to the people who understand the situations being presented to him farbetter than his limited experience allows. That would be like giving you a text book for advance quantum mechanicsand jus assuming that if you simply read it you will be able to understand thecomplex theories proposed by Einstein. How can you be involved and engaged in the operation of this nation if you are not present? Voting in the Senate is a clever way of hiding your view points from the public, but you cannot just be what amounts to an empty chair when you are the commander and chief

President Obama had no clue how hard it is to be thePresident of The United States of America. No one trying to become President does. There is no class on how to run themost powerful nation in the world. There is no manual on how to deal with thestress, or the constant media barrage. So I can understand how President Obama might not have the time to be atall of his intelligent briefings.  Thereis a difference between being a hypocrite and being wrong.  If you make a statement, and later realizethat you were wrong, or your opinion changes, that does not make you ahypocrite, so long as you admit your mistake.  The issue here is that President Obama has yetto admit that he was wrong.  He has yetto say that it is impossible for the President to be informed on every lastdetail. He has yet to say that the President cannot be present for every intelligencebriefings.  He has not said these thingsbecause they are not true.  PresidentBush attended all of his daily intelligence briefings.  So by the President’s own statements, who hadthe better bead on things. Of course the progressives will not buy this, andthey do not have to.  The facts speak forthemselves.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that SenatorObama said whatever he had to in order to obtain his comfy office in the WhiteHouse.  He has paid little attention tohis duties choosing instead to focus on maintaining his office and attemptingto destroy the foundation which has made this nation the most powerful countryin the world. He has punted his responsibilities.

A day of tragedy sticks with us, the day after defines us. How we respond to a tragedy defines who we are as a nation. Every time America has been tested we the people of the United States have pulled together and stood together as one people. 9 12 2001 is the day that defined America for a generation. I ask that today you think about what it is that you can do to help someone around you. Today is the day that we began rebuilding, and today is the day that I like to remind people that that job is not yet done. 

think about it.

There is nothing to be said politically today. There is no reason anyone should try to one up someone else today. Today is not a day of bickering, today should be a day of silent meditaion. I would like everyone who reads this to think back to how they felt that horrible day 11 years ago.  How small did you feel, where were you, were you scared, think about those who lost someone that day and how they must have felt. Think about those things, I will post something else tomorrow.

653.) President Obama has always been an extremist, but lately I feel as though he has become a bit delusional.  Case in point,  in an interview with Parade Magazine President Obama said, “Republican voters, if you ask them about my particular policy positions, often agree with me. So there’s a difference between Republicans in Washington and Republican and Republican-leaning voters around the country”

My question to you is this, how can President Obama reach this conclusion?  What leads him to believe that Republican Voters agree with his policies? The answer is simple, President Obama is desperate and his is trying to convince independent voters that Republicans in congress are out of touch with their employeers.  There are several major issues with this thought processess.

First, President Obama is a Democrat, the label means nothing, JFK was a Democrat but the two men governed completely differently. John McCain was a Republican yet so was Ronald Reagan, and again the two men could not be any more different. Party affliation means nothing, policital idealogy means everything.  JFK and Ronald Reagan governed with conservative princibles.  They cut taxes, and kept government small. They stood up to the monsters of the world, and shown as a beacon of hope to all the free souls of the world.  President Obama is a Progressive, John McCain is a Progressive.  It doesn’t mater that President Obama is a Democrat and John McCain is a Republican. Both have big government tendencies.  The difference is night and day.  The modern Democrat party has been infected with the virus of progressivism, and it rules supreme. No conservative voter would support the progressive policies of President Obama. A progressive might, but not a conservative. In 2010 there was a purge of moderates and progressives from the GOP, hense why the TEA Party supported canidates swept the house. If most Republican voters agreed with the progressive policies of President Obama, why then did they send the most conservative congress in modern history to Washington? His claim is false.

Second, President Obama clearly did not learn his lesson in 2010. His communist policies ran the debt up and our patience thin. The American People spoke up loud and clear that we did not agree with his progressive agenda of Big Government, Limited Rights, and Federally Approved Theft.  The 2010 election was the largest shift in congressional power in the history of our country.  Yet dispite his clear disgust at the policies of the progressives in congress, President Obama and his Fat Cat buddies kept on governing as though the American People where happy with the direction the government was going.  The American People spoke in 2010, we removed the people who didn’t listen to us, who didn’t govern as they where told, and sent people more inline with our morals.  The people of this great nation are not as stupid as President Obama wishes them to be. We elected people who represented our views, there is no gap between so called Republican-Voters and the Republican the nation sent to Washington in 2010. 

Finally, saying that most “Republican Voters” agree with President Obama is like saying most “Democrat-Voters” agree with Ronald Reagan.

This is a clear example of how desperate this President has become. He is clutching at straws to remain in power.