Always Remember

There is nothing to be said politically today. There is no reason anyone should try to one up someone else today. Today is not a day of bickering, today should be a day of silent meditaion. I would like everyone who reads this to think back to how they felt that horrible day 11 years ago.  How small did you feel, where were you, were you scared, think about those who lost someone that day and how they must have felt. Think about those things, I will post something else tomorrow.

  1. olwd said:

    I was in Europe with the men and women of our military prepping for war.  Ok, I wasn’t in the military, my dad was.  I was shocked of course, like I would imagine everyone with a heart was.

  2. Are you offended by the fact that romney said basically the same thing, vowed not to campaign on 9/11 and then turned around and attacked the president for saying something he didn’t actually say the same day?  Actually it was a few hours after you blogged this.I’m not being a jerk, I honestly am curious if that offends you.

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