Commander and Punt

I have no grand statement to open this post, just thissimple one; President Barack Obama has punted his responsibilities as ourcommander and chief in order to achieve political victory. 

657.) President Barack Obama has long tried to paint himselfas a healer of international relations. Through his policies of appeasement hewould heal the image of the United States in the Arab world.  He would reach out and talk to the dictatorsof the Middle East and end the era of cowboy foreign policy.  This would bring the world together and endthe violence that has existed for most of the region’s history.  With the actions on September 11, 2012 it isclear that his policies have failed to win over the hearts of the people.  The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and four otherAmericans were killed with Muslim extremists stormed the United States Consulatein Benghazi.

The Obama Administration’s official response was that it wasa result of a demonstration against an anti-Islam video that got out ofhand.  They ignored the facts that thatfully automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades were used in the attack.I am not an expert in protest practices around the world, but I do not thinkthat most individuals would bring an RPG to a protest.

The Libyan President Mohammad Magarief said the assault was “definitelyplanned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago andthey were planning criminal acts since their arrival” yet the ObamaAdministration continued to denounces the concept that the attack was a plannedterrorist attack, they still insisted that it was a spontaneous reaction to a hatefulYou Tube video.

Why in the face of all the evidence out there would theObama Administration not classify this attack as a terrorist action? I knowthere are no terrorist attacks under President Obama, they have beenre-classified as manmade disasters, but regardless of what you call it this isclearly an example of terrorism? Could the Obama Administration really be thatdaft? Of course not, they are highly skilled politicians who are trying to keeptheir jobs. They have been spiking the ball that Osama Bin Laden is dead, andsite the Arab Spring as proof that their foreign policy is a success. Aterrorist attack on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in theHistory of the United States, and the greatest victory of liberties greatestenemy Al-Qaeda, makes for a tough sell on a successful foreign policy.  So they lied, they did not call it aterrorist attack, they tried to sell the United States a bunch of B.S. in hopethat we were dumb enough to buy it.

If you don’t believe me, then believe the facts. Two seniorU.S. officials have said that the Obama Administration knew within 24 hoursafter the attack that it was a terrorist act. The Administration labeled the assaultas an act of terrorism within the first day in order utilize certain resourcesto respond and begin searching for one person. 

So for a week after the attack the Administration wasfeeding us a line that it wasn’t a terrorist attack, yet they themselves knewit was an terrorist attack. They nailed a private U.S. citizen to the wall, andmade him the target of hatred around the Muslim world. They all but denouncedsupport of the First Amendment, acting as if it was a detriment rather than a benefit.They ran from liberty as opposed to supporting it.  President Obama flew to Vegas rather thanformulate a response.  He punted his responsibilities,treated the American People like they are idiots, and tried to cover upevidence of his failed foreign policies. 

658.) President Obama has decided that getting reelected ismore important that doing the job that he is trying to keep.  When the terrorist attacked the Libyan Consulateon September 11,  President Obama went toVegas. When the world leaders converged on New York City to meet at theU.N.  President Obama decided he didn’thave enough time to talk with them; he had far more important individuals tospeak to, Whoopi Goldberg and the ladies on The View.  Yes old comedians and past news Anchors aremore important than the leaders of the Nations of the world.   I just do not think he takes his responsibilityas President seriously. 


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