Monthly Archives: September 2012

653.) President Obama has always been an extremist, but lately I feel as though he has become a bit delusional.  Case in point,  in an interview with Parade Magazine President Obama said, “Republican voters, if you ask them about my particular policy positions, often agree with me. So there‚Äôs a difference between Republicans in Washington and Republican and Republican-leaning voters around the country”

My question to you is this, how can President Obama reach this conclusion?  What leads him to believe that Republican Voters agree with his policies? The answer is simple, President Obama is desperate and his is trying to convince independent voters that Republicans in congress are out of touch with their employeers.  There are several major issues with this thought processess.

First, President Obama is a Democrat, the label means nothing, JFK was a Democrat but the two men governed completely differently. John McCain was a Republican yet so was Ronald Reagan, and again the two men could not be any more different. Party affliation means nothing, policital idealogy means everything.  JFK and Ronald Reagan governed with conservative princibles.  They cut taxes, and kept government small. They stood up to the monsters of the world, and shown as a beacon of hope to all the free souls of the world.  President Obama is a Progressive, John McCain is a Progressive.  It doesn’t mater that President Obama is a Democrat and John McCain is a Republican. Both have big government tendencies.  The difference is night and day.  The modern Democrat party has been infected with the virus of progressivism, and it rules supreme. No conservative voter would support the progressive policies of President Obama. A progressive might, but not a conservative. In 2010 there was a purge of moderates and progressives from the GOP, hense why the TEA Party supported canidates swept the house. If most Republican voters agreed with the progressive policies of President Obama, why then did they send the most conservative congress in modern history to Washington? His claim is false.

Second, President Obama clearly did not learn his lesson in 2010. His communist policies ran the debt up and our patience thin. The American People spoke up loud and clear that we did not agree with his progressive agenda of Big Government, Limited Rights, and Federally Approved Theft.  The 2010 election was the largest shift in congressional power in the history of our country.  Yet dispite his clear disgust at the policies of the progressives in congress, President Obama and his Fat Cat buddies kept on governing as though the American People where happy with the direction the government was going.  The American People spoke in 2010, we removed the people who didn’t listen to us, who didn’t govern as they where told, and sent people more inline with our morals.  The people of this great nation are not as stupid as President Obama wishes them to be. We elected people who represented our views, there is no gap between so called Republican-Voters and the Republican the nation sent to Washington in 2010. 

Finally, saying that most “Republican Voters” agree with President Obama is like saying most “Democrat-Voters” agree with Ronald Reagan.

This is a clear example of how desperate this President has become. He is clutching at straws to remain in power.