There are many reasons not to vote for President Obama, I have a list of over 600 that I have kept sense he took office. But all of those mean nothing in light of what transpired in Benghazi Libya on September 11th, 2012, and the cover up that has sense followed. I have tried to avoid entering this fray. I have tried to to remain silent about this issue because I did not want the lose of life in Benghazi to share a fate with Iraq and Vietnam. I did not want the loss of life in Libya to become nothing more than a political talking point, a tool for two waring factions to use against one another.  Seeing the petty things that the two sides are squabling about, I cannot in good concious stand silent any longer.  I have to do my part to make this story heard. I have to do everything within my power to ensure that the masses hear about what really happened in Libya.

Here is a timeline leading up to the TERRORIST attack on our Consulate in Benghazi.

May 1: British Embassy in Tripoli is attacked by a violent mob and set on fire. Other NATO embassies attacked as well.

May 3: The State Department declines a request from personnel concerned about security at the U.S. Embassy in Libya for a DC-3 plane to take them around the country.

May 22: Two rocket-propelled grenades are fired at the Benghazi office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, less than 1 mile from the U.S. Consulate.

June 6: A large IED destroys part of the security perimeter of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.Creates hole “big enough for 40 men to go through.”

June 10: A car carrying the British ambassador is attacked in Tripoli. Two bodyguards injured.

Late June: The building of the International Red Cross attacked again andclosed down, leaving the U.S. flag as the only international one still flyingin Benghazi, an obvious target.

August 6: Armed assailants carjack a vehicle with diplomatic plates operated by U.S. personnel.

September 8: A local security officer in Benghazi warns American officials about deteriorating security.

Then September 11 a seven hour attack begins on the United States Consulate in Benghazi.

WHY with all of this information at hand, did President Obama do nothing? He sat on his hands and let it happen. How can he sleep at night knowing that his administration could have saved the lives of four Americans yet decided not to? How can he look himself in the mirror knowing that Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for more support, reported that the consulate could not repel an attack and his administration blew him off? Four Americans are dead, because of his administration incompetence.

Had the story ended there, had this been just another example of failed international policy, I doubt that my faith in my country would have been shaken. But the story does not end there, the story was hardly even beginning there, President Barack Obama made this tragedy into the scandal of the century when he came out to face the nation and flat out lied. Incompetence is one thing, blatant lying is another. President Obama went on the air waves for weeks blaming the attack on a video that started spontaneous protest that got out of hand. He sent United Nations Representative Susan Rice on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows to tell us that the attack happened because of an absence YouTube Video. President Obama blamed that same YouTube Video six times during a speech to the United Nations.

We now know that this wonderful story was just a fanciful tale concocted to fit into an anti-colonialist agenda.  We now know that this tale was nothing more than a tool for this administration to use to place the blame for this attack on the people of the United States of America. We now know that it was a lie. We know that the State Department had enough information to declare it a terrorist attack on September 12. We now know that they had at least one predator drone watching the attack. We know there was no protest. We know that there was a terrorist group claiming responsibility for the attack within hours after the attack started. We now know that Tyrone Woods and one other Navy Seal heard the gun shots from the consulate and were told twice to stand down. The third time they ignored their orders and went to help. We now know that Navy Seal Tyrone Woods called for help multiple times. We know that he was painting targets with a laser designator. There is only one reason why Tyrone Woods would risk giving away his position to paint a mortar site with a laser designator, and that is because there was an aircraft capable of hitting the target. Why would he give up his position, make himself a target if there was no help coming? We know that footage of the attack was streamed to the State Department and the White House Situation Room. Yet with all of this information in hand President Obama, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and other members of the Obama Administration went in front of the American People and spun a tale that placed the fault squarely on the greatest evil on earth the Right to Freedom Of Speech, and of course the United States of America. They tried to tell us that a YouTube video caused all of this. They lied to the American People, they lied to you and to me. We know this was a pre-planned terrorist attack, and the Administration knew that it was a terrorist attack, and they tried to play it off as nothing more than a mere riot.

Of course now President Obama is trying the classic progressive move of re-writing history to save his political career. Now the Administration is claiming that they called it a terrorist attack all along, and with the old media in their pockets they could easily succeed. I mean don’t you find it odd that when President Obama asked for the moderator in the second debate to read the transcript of his Rose Garden Speech she just happened to have it? And don’t you find it funny that she blasted Mitt Romney for lying about what what President Obama had said in that speech, when in fact it was President Obama and herself who were in fact lying. President Obama did not call the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack, the moderator came out later and admitted that she had “misspoken” during the debate. Yet the new media stand silent. The blogosphere stands silent.

At the end of the second Presidential debate President Obama looked Mitt Romney in the eyes and said, “Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary Job. But she works for me. I’m the President and I’m always responsible, and that’s why nobody’s more interested in finding out exactly what happened than I do.The day after the attack, governor, I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people in the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened. That this was an act of terror and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime”And then a few days later, I was there greeting the caskets coming into Andrews Air Force Base and grieving with the families.And the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the Secretary of State, our U.N. Ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president, that’s not what I do as Commander in Chief.” When I heard these words from the President I felt no emotion behind them, I felt no truth behind them. Now some could easily make the case that it is because over the last four years I have become bitter and will try anything to degrade this man. The truth though is that over the last four years we have had far to many cases of President Obama saying one thing and doing another. His record was against him.  I had nothing to to proove that he wasn’t sincere, so I left it at that. Of course we now know that if he had really wanted to find out this information he could have, the date was there for the taking. But of course he had an important trip to Las Vegas to get to.  

Of course this is all nothing but hearsay. How does one prove the sincerity of another, how does one prove what is in anothers heart, and at the same time avoid creating a political shouting match.  Had it not been for Charles Woods coming forth about how President Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton behaved at Andrews Air Force Base when the flag draped coffins of his son Tyrone Woods and the three other brave Americans who lost their lives on that bloody day, proving President Obama’s lack of sincerity would have been impossible.  Charles Woods was not going to go public about the treatment he got from President Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. He was unplugged from the entire political scene. He had lost his son and was in morning.  However once it became clear to him that the Obama Administration was not going to come clean about the attack, he took it upon himself to make the truth heard. Charles Woods made it his duty to tell the world what happened.  He gave up his anonymity in order to do what he thought was his duty to this nation.  

In the interview he described how Vice President Joe Biden Shouted “did your son always haveballs the size of cue balls”. The he asked, “are these the words of someone who is sorry?”   He also discribed the actions of President Obama towards him. What Mr. Woods said about President Obama just sickens me; he said, “Shaking hands with him, quite frankly, was like shaking hands with a dead fish. His face was pointed towards me but he would not look me in the eye, his eyes were over my shoulder. I could tell he was not sorry. He had no remorse”.  He then discribed how Hillary Clinton then looked him in the eyes and said, “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted”. SHE LIED TO THE FATHER OF A SLAIN AMERICAN SEAL!T hese people have no moral center, no code to live their lives by. The fact that Hillary Clinton could look this grieving man in the eyes and lie to him about why his son died, the fact that Joe Biden turned a somber event into an absolute mockery shows how this administration constantly disgraces our nation. However all of these pale in comparison to what President Obama did to this man. Tyrone Woods is dead. He gave his life doing what President Obama would not, protecting the lives of his fellow Americans. No one ordered Tyrone Woods to go into that fight, the opposite is true, he was order to stand down and let those people die. But Tyrone Woods was a man of honor, his example is a guiding light for us to follow, he ignored those orders, and ran to help those who the Obama Administration had condemnd to death. Tyrone Woods is dead; his father will never get to hug his son again. Charles Woods will never again see his son, and President Barack Obama could not even lower himself to look this man in the eye. What kind of man is capable of something like that? What kind of man cannot even offer a sincere condolence when a man loses his son? A spineless man, a man who lives without morals. A man who thinks that those around him are beneath him. President Obama is such a man. The actions of this administration tell me that they care about only one thing, power. They will do anything to keep it, even if it means spitting in the faces of those who have lost everything in the defence of our nation.

Of course you are free to doubt me. I know many of you will, and I am prepared for that. Unlike President Obama I understand that what makes this country great is that we can doubt each other, we can speak our minds.  It is perfectly within your rights to doubt me.  You can instead believe the lies fed to you by President Barack Obama. You can choose to believe that President Obama really does care, that he really does feel sorry about what happened,  but know this, doing so would mean that you are calling Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods a truly Great American Hero, a liar. You are saying that a man who did not want to come forward, who was content to greive the loss of his son, who did not want to get involved in the sorted affairs of politics, has done so as part of some vast right wing conspiracy. Can you live with that. 

You can have any excuse you want to vote for this man, but all will fall short of justifying voting for a man who left American’s to die and then could not even bring himself to look their parents in the eye and say “I am sorry for your loss” and mean it! I ask you, do we truely want such cowards running our nation. Do we really want men with such flimsy morals standing between us and the evils of this treacherous world?

If it weren’t for the protectionist nature of a progressive news media the whole world would know of this scandal. The old media will not do their job. They will not report the facts surrounding Benghazi, and the Death of Tyrone Woods and Ambassador Chris Stevens. It is up to us to make sure that their story gets out. We must carry the torch of justice and illuminate the dark chasms that these cowards have hidden in. If we let this atrocity go unpunished, if we let President Obama get away with lying about Libya, and letting these people die, then they have died in vain. If we let the President Barack Obama and his progressive allies right the history books, let them wash the stain of Libya from their record, then the heroic stand of Tyrone Woods was for nothing. Those four Americans gave up their families, their children, their very lives to defend one another, to defend our nation; the least we can do is make sure that their story is heard.That the truth is heard. That the liars are drawn into public and their fables revealed for what they really are.

I know that most of you who will read this are only doing so that you can shoot it down. I know that most of you already have written it off as more right wing hatred for President Obama. But this goes far deeper than vain political ideals. I pray that you realize that I have written this from the very core of my being, that this has rocked the very foundations of my being. I will not lie to you, when I first heard of the events in Libya I thought “another Obama Blunder,” I saw a great political opportunity to strike at the only strong point the Obama Campaign had left. I am now sickened by how blinded by political rage I had become. I thank God almighty for the complications that he has put into my life, that kept me from writing in debth about Libya. Had they not been there, had I shot off the handle upon first hearing the news, I would have become an agent of evil. I would be no better than the monsters who are trying to conceal the truth from the American Public. I would be no better than the spineless worms in the Obama Administration. Hearing the words of Charles Woods brought tears to my eyes. This man lost his son, and was going to stay silent, and here I was ready to jump on this tragedy, for what, mere political gains? Four Americans are dead, some one knows why. This issue rises above the petty squabbles of right wing vs. left wing; it has challenged the very foundations of our Republic. We are one nation under God; we do not leave our brothers and sisters behind. We do not leave our own to torture and death.Yet that is exactly what President Barack Obama did on September 11th, 2012.These poor souls endured a seven hour attack; we had forces a mere hour away that could have come to their aid, that could have saved them. Yet they were told to stand down, yhy were they told to stand down? Do not give me this we don’t send troops into harm’s way unless we know what’s going on. They knew what the situation was; they knew that these people were being overrun.They watched as these four Americans were over run and killed. Yet they did nothing. Two went to fight; the rest sat back and watched them die. What has happened to our nation? Who have we allowed to run our nation? What has happened to us? We have lost our way; we have abandoned our morals and handed our nation over to lesser men. If President Barack Obama can stand by and watch as something like this happens, then he is unfit to lead. If he can watch as two men stand up to a ravenous hoard, yet do nothing, he lacks the moral fortitude to be our commander and chief. Our consulate was being overrun, all he had to do was say “what are you people doing move in, get our people out of there.” and they would not have died, but instead he let crazed men swarm the embassy for seven hours, he let them kill our Ambassador, and when the dust has settled he can’t even look Charles Woods in the eye and say that he is sorry for his loss. I hope President Obama is haunted by the four people that he let die. I hope they deny him rest, as he denied them life. I hope at his daughters birthdays, while those around him reveal and play, the memory of Tyrone Woods comes to his mind. I hope he realizes that his actions robbed the woods family of this joy. I hope he realizes that instead of feeling the happiness that he is surrounded by on a birthday, the Woods family is only reminded of an empty chair, and a part of their hearts that can never be made whole. 

The truth must come out, and it isbtime that we as American’s demand it. What purpose was there in letting these people die. What purpose was there in lying about what transpired in Libya. What purpose was served by creating this story about some YouTube video. What is President Obama and the rest of his administration hidding about Libya. What is so dangerous that they hid the truth from the American People. There must be something, why else would President Obama allow a United States Consulate to be over run.  He was right when he said that he is commander and cheif, and he was right when he said that he is souly responsible, he had the power to save these people, and he did not do it. It is time that we demand more of our leaders. It is time that we reject the spinless squablings of heartless politicians, and send true statesmen to Washington. It is time that we elect people who want to serve their country, want to serve their family, their neighbors, and their friends, rather than their own self serving needs.  President Barack Obama has failed us. President Barack Obama has lied to us. President Obama must be held accountable and his actions brought tolight. I ask for your help in spreading the story of Tyron Woods. Please share this with everyone you can. Shout it from the roof tops if you must. The duty to hold evil accountable has fallen on to us, the people of the United States of America. Evil has once again reared its ugly head, and we can no longer stand silent. We must demand the truth, and settle for nothing short of it. We must do this for our children, so that they never have to face what Tyrone Woods faced. We cannot let our children down.

This Tuesday we have a serious choice to make. Before you pull that lever for President Barack Obama I want to think about how you would feel having the President lie to you about why your child is dead, I want you to think about how you would feel knowing that thePresident thought so little of you and your pain that he could not even look you in the eyes at your child’s funeral. You think about that while you cast your ballot.

I will not rest until the truth comes out, I will no longer stand silently by. I am willing to throw everything away to ensure that this story becomes known. Please spread this story to all those who will listen. It is the least we can do for those who have died in this tragedy.

  1. Those who will listen already know, for the most part. The Obama llamas will not hear and will not believe anything bad about their messiah. Until they find themselves starved and no FEMA comes to rescue them. 

  2. pb49r said:

    I so agree with you.  Tyrone grew up here in Oregon City.  His father now lives in Hawaii, but I’m sure is the brother of one of my best friends.  Our President let those people die defending liberty, and needs to be held accountable.The biggest surprise about this whole matter is that the other side accuses the Tea Party of trying to make political issue of this.  Who had the power?  The President.  It was he, and his supporters, who have the blood on their hands.

  3. Please, I beg of you to spread the word to everyone you can, this story must get out. 

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