Revenge of the Progressives

662.) Our nation has been through a tough time in our history. President Obama has failed to unite our nation, his firey rethoric and belittling of the American People has put a sour taste in our mouths.  So in order to unite the nation President Obama has decided to seek revenge. He told a crowd to vote for revenge. How does that help heal our nation. How does that inspire the nation? I know progressives are rejoiceing that he stood up to the evil monster that is Mitt Romney.  I know they think that this fiery speech has sent shivers down the spines of conservatives all a crossed the nation. They think that this revenge comment has fightened us away from feasting on the flesh of baby seals and we are now back to the drawing board. The truth is we know what this is. The last ditch effort of a desperate man trying to maintain his hold on power. He is so close to achieving the goals of his father and his communist mentors.  He is so close to bringing this nation to its knees, he cannot afford to lose now.  I hope the American people can see through the smoke and mirrors of President Obama, I hope they heed the words of Mitt Romney and vote for love of country.  I don’t care if that means you vote for Barack Obama, so long as you do it because you think he is a better choice, not because you want to spite Mitt Romney, or because you think this will send conservatives back into the firey chasm from whence they came.  

Voting for revenge. How twisted has this nation become, when such an outragous comment could even be considered to gain political ground. 


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