The Lastest From Benghazi-Gate

More Information has been released about the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. On Friday November 5th, the Pentagon released their offical timeline of the attack. Rather than clear up questions, or help to stem the controversy surrounding this tragedy, the defense department release has only further muddied the water.

This is a condensed timeline of the attack as the Pentagon discribes it

9:42 PM(Libya time) the attack starts
17 minutes after the attack began AFRICOM director General Carter Ham, who was in visiting Washington, and happened to be in the Pentagon, redirects un-armed Predator Drone to Benghazi.
10:04 PM CIA team leaves for the consulat, 28 minutes before Pentagon Claims Pannetta knew about the attack.
10:32 PM(4:32 in D.C.) The National Military Command Center, which is located in the Pentagon, notifies Defense Secretary Pannetta and Joint Cheif Of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey.
5:00 PM (in D.C.) Pannetta and General Martin Dempsey attend previously scheduled meeting with President Obama at the White House.
5:30 PM (in D.C.) all remaining staff are rescued by the CIA annex team from the consulat and leave for the CIA Annex. 
6:00 to 8:00 (in D.C.) Pannetta, Dempsey, and Ham meet to discuss additional response options
Upon Return to the annex the CIA team and those rescued begin taking small arms and rocket fire.
12:00 AM (Libya time) requests for air support began coming in.
Some time over the next two hours Pannetta gave the “go code” for two FAST Marine Teams (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security) to prepare to leave Rota Spain. A Special Operation Force training in Europe is told to move to an intermediate staging facility in Sigonella, Sicily. A Special Operation Force in the United States is also told to move to Sigonella.
2:53 AM (five hours after the attack began) Pannetta formalizes the “go orders”.
7:57 PM September 12, 20 hours after the attack began, the American Team lands in Sigonella. Note this is 40 minutes after the last survivor had left Tripoli.

So I have some serious concerns about this timeline.

The attack started at 9:42 yet Defense Secretary Pannetta was not made aware of the attack untill almost an hour after it started. That means that  the Pentagon ignored the fact that a U.S. ambassador was in peril and that his personal security officer had  pressed his “personal distress button”.  This button sends a SMS signal to the command authorty here in the United States.  So the U.S. Ammbassador has pressed his distress button, a United States Embassy has been overrun by its attacks, and Pannetta was not made aware untill an hour after the attack started.

Question Number 1: Why was Pannetta not made aware of this attack the second it had started. In this modern age of communications where individuals are never anymore than a phone call, or text message away, why was Secretary Pannetta not made aware of the attack as soon as possible. How hard would it be, we are under attack, call Pannetta. It is common sense people.  

The insanity doesn’t end there. So the Pentagon drug its feet in telling Pannetta that is bad, but to make maters worse Pannetta waited another half hour to go to a previously schedualed meeting with the President to inform him of the attack. A United States Consulat was under attack, Americans were threatened, and for some reason that does not warrent calling the President the second you find out.

Question Number 2: What is wrong with these people. Are they really that incompetent.  Who sits there and says, “Our Embassy is under attack, we need to tell the President. You know I have a meeting with him in a half and hour, lets wait until then.” American’s are under attack, but they chose to wait because that would be more convient? How does that make any logical sense. Pick up the phone, call the President, tell him that the United States is under attack.   

Question Number 3:  Another question I have is why is it that it took five hours before Pannetta gave the go ahead to send in help. Why were the FAST teams not put on high alert the second the attack began. Why did it take them 20 hours to get to Benghazi, the team in Spain was not 20 hours away.

Question Number 4: Another question that this brings up is, why were these FAST teams neccessary? Why were there no Marines at the consulate in Benghazi to protect the Ambassador. There are marines at the Embassy in France, but not in Benghazi? What is wrong with this picture.

Finally there is still no answer offered yet for why the Obama Administration pushed the obvisously fake story about a protest caused because of a video. We have yet another source stating that there was a drone flying over head. So who pushed this video. Why did President Obama, and the rest of his administration lie to us for a weeks after the attack.

  1. mcbery said:

    This is so incredible. One wonders if we will ever know what all went on and who knew what and when. And the guy who made the video is in jail for a year for lying to his parole officer.

  2. 3,500 dead , 35,000 wounded in Iraq. To say you lack an credibility would be a GROSS understatement.

  3. All Democrat regimes since 1960 have devolved into complete fiascoes.Sadly, the Obama Regime fiasco factory is only getting warmed up.

  4. @tendollar4ways – Back to Iraq I see. I believe that people said that President Bush lied and then constantly attacked his policies because they felt that they were built on a lie. Well if you don’t want to hold President Obama to the same standards as the media held the Bush Administration, that is fine.  If you don’t want the truth to be known, that is fine as well.  Please though do not come here and try to turn this issue into a political pissing match. I am trying to find the truth about Benghazi. I am trying to find out why President Obama lied about this being a spontanious attack caused by a YouTube video, despite the fact that they knew that this was a military style attack. I am trying to find out why our embassy in Benghazi had fewer defences than the embassy in Paris France.  I am trying to figure out why President Obama went agaisnt what the intellegence community was saying and blamed it on a video. If you are uninterested in that, I can only assume then that you want to be complicit in this cover up.

  5. As far as conspiracy theories go, this is one of the worst ones I have ever seen and it again shows you right wingers have lost complete touch with reality. This is why your side got schlacked and by all means….keep it up and keep moving to the land of make beleive and let Sean Hannity lead you around like the crazed dogs you are.The way consiracy theories usually go there is a reason. An underlying devious plan. Iraq invasion made Halliburton’s stock soar. Clinton bombed the Serbians to wag the dog.You are just a crazy kook on the corner repeating Sean Hannity’s last months campaign tactics. Dude….this was not the Chinese rolling into Topeka KS. It was some crazy shit that when down in Gaddaffi-Fuck Lybia. Shit happens.Obama wanted Stevens Dead? Why? What was the motivation? Where is the payoff? You guys are friggin outta your minds nuts and even your conspiracy theories are 1/2 cocked .

  6. @tendollar4ways – I will not allow you to turn this into some petty political squable. This is not a conspiracy theory as you claim it to be. This is an example of incompetence of the Obama Administration. President Obama straight face lied to the American People. I want to know why.  It is clear that you are not interested in the truth, as you are resorting to weak minded political attacks, calling me crazy or a kook.  If you want to live in the land of ignorance, and allow these people to get away with blatent lying that is fine. But spread your partisan hatred somewhere else.  Had this been a Republican in office the web would be on fire, the press would be on fire calling for justice. Instead the typical whistle blowers are silent. 60 minutes edited out President Obama’s unwillingness to call it a terrorist attack. Why did they push the lie about the YouTube video, when they knew the day after the attack that the attack was not caused by it. There are answers out there and we have a right to know them. So I ask again, if you want to politicize this and continue to be complacit in the cover up do so elsewhere, this is a place for a true discussion of the issues surrounding Benghazi.  You seem to have nothing to ad, and no interest in the truth, just spreading more progressive hate for anyone who dares to question the fables put forward by this administration. I have said before, I hope I am wrong. I hope that this all turns out to be just another tragedy. A failing of the system. But until the day that I am convinced of that, I will continue to ask the questions that partisans such as yourself are unwilling to ask for fear of damaging President Obama’s appearance in our grandchildrens text books. Good Day to you sir.

  7. I accept that the government will lie both Democrats and Republicans. This is small potatoes and you are making Mt. Everest outta a mole hill going insane over stupid semantics. If Sean Hannity conjured up some shit to smear Obama because of the Petraeus affair, you would be shouting about that too on your street corner. You are searching for something that isn’t there. Why? There is no big payoff. No money to be made. No rival to be crushed.Shit happened and a little neglegence. That is all.Keep it up…the loonier you get, the more people will know you are just nuts.

  8. @tendollar4ways – I can see you are blinded by political bias.  Otherwise you would have offered up some real concepts. So far you have insulted me, claimed I am an agent of Sean Hannity, all without talking about any real issues. By the way I do not watch Sean Hannity. Clearly there is something here that interests you, or worries you. Be it you are afraid of the political outcome, or that you are just out trolling anyone who dares speak ill of the Obama Administration.  If it was just crazy talk you would have ignored it and moved on.  It is clear you want to be part of the cover up, just like CBS and 60 minutes. You call me a loon when you are one who supports the disproved concept of man made global warming. Al Gore told you to jump and you said how high. I bet if he were talking about Libya you would be screaming it from the roof tops. When you have something of significance to discuss please do stop by. 

  9. I listen to Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, Uncle Tom Elder etc when I am in the car riding around. I cannot call and speak to them but I can speak to one of their storm troopers here on xanga…aka You. They ranted and raved for days on end about this and I still don’t get what the big fucking conspiracy and cover up was. I know Hannity et al are pushing buttons jerking you jackasses around by the leash they keep you on and it is maddening that you fall for the bait. Are so mindless you fall in line like the kids to the Pide Piper. The timeline and everything is available all over the internet. I googled it and Politico had a detailed account and the CIA has released timelines. The legislature has seen even more classified information. What was Stevens doing out in the consulate they were in the process of shutting down? Who knows. Obviously He shouldn’t have gone there and if he had he shoulda had a bigger security detail. A fuck up yes..but you people are making is sound like Obama did something sinister and tantamount to treason.A video or terrorists. Fucking semantics. Every jackass in Libya has an AK47. So fucking what if they were pissed about a video, were riled up about Muhammad or wanted the 12 iman to come back….all 3 are insane and the same crazy shit.You are a moron, Hannity is a moron, Limbaugh is a moron and the wakked out terrorists are morons. As for Global Warming…it is getting warmer. Data shows this to be true man made or not it IS getting warmer. Hannity says it isn’t so…So the dog believes it isn’t. Thanks God you kooks lost.

  10. Fox also reported Rmoney winning in a landslide. I guess you believe Romney is now our president too?

  11. @tendollar4ways – Ah yes, call me a moron, that is the way to win a debate.  You claim I am mindless, I bet that makes you feel better about yourself. You can get up on your high horse and look down on us mindless conservatives.   You have obviously not paid a bit of attention to anything that I have said, why would you, the progressive media has told you everything you need to know, and anyone questioning it must be called out as a monster.  I have said before all I want is the truth. I want to know why the administration pushed the YouTube Video lie for so long. They knew the day after the attack that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack, yet they told us a complete and total lie.  Why? I will admit that I at times do give President Obama a harder time than I should. I am after all only human, and we do make mistakes. However, when I heard the story of how President Obama, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton treated Tyrone Woods father, I could not believe it. They knew the truth, yet they lied to his face. That to me is sinister. President Obama could not even look the man in the eyes and give a meaningful apology, to me that is simply maddening. You are unwilling to discuss what happened. I can understand that, and that is fine. However, I am interested in finding out more about this story, and I am interested in letting the people of the world know. The sooner you get over that the better off you will be.  I am going to report on this story as I find out more information. I actually hope that it leads to being just another government mistake. I have said this several times, however I am not going to just believe whatever is said to me by an Administration that can look a man in the eye and lie to him about why his son is dead.  We deserve answers. I know it is frustrating, and I know you truly believe that President Obama has done nothing wrong. Hopefully we can both reach the same conclusion by the time this story plays out. It would be morally devastating to our already divided nation if President Obama has done something horribly wrong, such as something treasonous. I have no evidence of that. All I know is he lied. Normally there is a reason why politicians lie.  Normally it is because they are trying to hide something that could hurt them politically. You can try to paint me as an ignorant cave man all you want, but it will not stick. Unlike yourself I base my claims on the information I have at hand. When I find myself incorrect I am man enough to admit it. As for your global warming claims. What science are you basing that on? I have read articles from NASA and other similar agency all of which are talking about how the world is actually cooling. I have read others that claim that the world is warming. All I know for certain is that science doesn’t know for sure.  Until there is definitive proof one way or another all we can do is look for the answer. That answer is not going to come by you calling people a moron who do not agree with you. That answer is not going to come about any sooner due to your hate filled rhetoric.  Now I know you will refuse to believe that, and will call me a moron, and a kook, and all I have to say to that is exactly the problem with you. You are so far dug into the whatever the progressive mindset is that you are unwilling to have an intelligent debate of the issues.  All you have done is stomp your feet and thrown a little hissy fit. You assume that makes you come off as some great conservative fighter, disproving our radical claims in a single comment. All it does is make you come off as childish, and as a troll. I know that President Obama won re-election. You sir need to calm down, and grow up. This is getting a little out of hand.  I have allowed this dead end conversation to go on long enough, I hope you find peace in your life. I thank God that we live in a country were we can disagree. God Bless you. 

  12. @mcbery – I cannot say for sure if we ever will know the whole truth. I pray we will. I do know that if we fall silent on this issue, and fail to demand answers from those who reside in Washington, we will never know the truth.  We have to hold them accountable for their actions. As for the gentlemen who made the video, he broke the law by violating his parole. I have no problem with him being sent to jail. That is what happens when one violates the law, one is punished.  We cannot pick and choose which laws we want to support. We cannot be outraged when the law is enforced. If you allow yourself to become outraged over a man who violated his parole being sent back to prison, you risk becoming the vary thing that is destroying this nation, a political zealot devoid of morals or code. We must never falter in our search for truth and justice. 

  13. @tendollar4ways –  Actually I do have a question for you, a legitimate question, who is Uncle Tom Elder. I have never heard of him before. 

  14. Facepalm. Let me tell you how I saw it. I heard about this shit the day it went down from various outlets. There were reports of riots in Egypt and Bengazi and there were reports of gunfire and RPG’s in Libya. I figured Libya just went through a civil war and there were probably some pissed off losers so with the stupid furvor of the dumb movie the crazies got all riled up and rioted radical muslim style. Yemen, Morroco and even some Euro countries saw protests in the days after. Stevens was reported killed and I thought risky business being a ambassador to gaddafi-fuck Lybia.Some shit went down, unfortunately an Ambassador was killed, the muslims are nuts.The Obama administration said the unrest was caused by a stupid video. Who is to know this isn’t what sent these RPG and AK47 weilding jackasses over the edge? There were protests and riot in Yemen, Morroco, Egypt the same time. Days and days they blamed it on the video is what gets you? This is why you are sooooo upset?  You are mad because Obama didn’t determine what exactly the attackers real motivating hatred was?”However, when I heard the story of how President Obama, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton treated Tyrone Woods father, I could not believe it. They knew the truth, yet they lied to his face. That to me is sinister. President Obama could not even look the man in the eyes and give a meaningful apology, to me that is simply maddening.” Crazytown dude. They didn’t tell Mr. Woods their son died in a different way than he actually died. They didn’t coverup the circumstances of his death. Islamic wakkos killed him wether is be because of a movie or because Obama helped oust Gaddaffi or because they has bad Falaffel that morning. You just want to blame SOMETHING on Obama. O could cure cancer and you would hate him. He got Osama and you guys hated him for it.You are a wakked out kook. Come back to reality. America has work to do and we need you guys help too.We are all in this together.

  15. Forgot…Uncle Tom Elder is Larry Elder. Another right wing talk radio host who repeats the same exact mantra that the rest of them do relentlessly. He was Centrist. Lost his job and came back a wakkked out tea bagger to get his job back. He is black but he sold himself out and is basically an Uncle Tom. But ya gotta sell your soul to be be a right winger. Look at you and this Bengazi Bullshit. You could give a fuck about Stevens but if you can expoit his death and conjure up a fake controversy and conspiracy you will do it for political reasons.Bengazi doesn’t show ill of Obama but it definately show what vile creatures the Right Wing is.

  16. now is he called uncle tom because he is evil and because he is a conservative that automatically makes him a racist who wants to consume the souls of unborn children while feasting on the flesh of dead baby seals?

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