The Questions That Need Answered

I fear that with the Petraeus Scandal the real questions that need answering about the September 11th, 2012 attack in Benghazi will go unanswered. So I would like to take a moment and make sure that they are clearly stated. 

  1. I have to apologize for this one myself I did not catch this.  Aaron Klien reports that what was attacked in Benghazi was not really a embassy or a consulate. It was actually a “mission”, that more and more appears to have been run by the CIA. This leads me to wonder, what was the CIA doing in Benghazi?
  2. What were Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others doing at the CIA mission late into the evening?
  3. Who were the people who were saved by brave men like Tyrone Woods? What were they doing in Benghazi
  4. Tyrone Woods jumped into harms way despite being told to stand down. Who gave the order to stand down, did President Obama approve of it, did he even know of it? If he didn’t why not, and why has he not expressed public outrage over this?
  5. Who all watched the attack as it unfolded in real time back at Washington?
  6. Who denied the repeated calls for support?
  7. Who conjured up the YouTube video story? Had it not been for this story I doubt there would be a Benghazi scandal. Who made up this lie, and why?
  8. Why did the Administration choose to keep telling the YouTube Video lie despite having sufficient evidence the day after the attack to declare it a terrorist attack?
  9. What is the Administration trying to cover up in Libya?
Question number nine is a dangerous subject to get into, and should be dealt with very carefully. This is where unfortunately even the most legitimate researchers and reporters can find themselves either drawn into being, or painted by angry progressives as a conspiracy theorist. First of all is the administration trying to cover up anything. I would have to say yes, otherwise they would not have tried to push the YouTube video story. I have heard several ideas  for what the administration is trying to cover up, and I am in the processes of researching them further. The one thing that is true is that they were living in the past, and assumed that the American People, that you and I were too ignorant to see through the lie. Ten years ago, this story would have disappeared into the obscurity of history. However in this modern day and age those involved in this scandal did not count on the new media, being able to find out the truth so quickly and spread the news of their lie as quickly as we have. So what is the Obama Administration trying to cover up in Libya? I will get that information to you, as soon as I am able to validate it. The families of Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Dohetry, and Sean Smith deserve the truth, we owe them the truth, and we owe it to our children to find the truth.
  1. Crap! I have to go. I’ll take this piece of lovliness step-by-step with you upon my return.

  2. I have shocking news for everybody.  It took soccerdadforlife WEEKS to tell us that “Aaron Klien” mis-reported our “mission” being attacked in benghazi.  This information was public knowledge yet it took soccerdadforlife WEEKS to admit it.  What is he hiding?  Why has he been LYING to us all this time?  What was his involvement in the death of four americans?  Did he profit from it?  Is he secretly bin laden?  What is the real truth he was trying to cover up?  And most importantly if I make an absurd allegation with no evidence and put a question mark on the end can I call it journalism and will ideological drones on the internet repeat it endlessly even though it has no merit whatsoever?

Let the discussion begin

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