The progressives of the world have an unhealthy love affair with President Obama. I mean it is truly frightening. 

Jamie Fox called Barack Obama his lord and savior.
College students are painting him as if he had been crucified with a crown of thorns on his head

These acts are insulting, and terrifying.
First of all, I and many others around the world believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior, calling Barack Obama the savior is blasphemous. In the Christian Faith we believe that Jesus Christ the son of God died on the cross to wipe out our sins. He saved us from eternal damnation. In the Christian Faith we believe that Jesus sits at the right hand of God and is the path to heaven.  So I have to ask,  does Mr. Fox really think that President Obama is his lord? Is he beholden to him? Does Mr. Fox really believe that President Obama is some sort of savior, what is he saving him from? Eternal damnation, or individual liberty. Well I could see how he could make the last connection, after all in the world of progressive thought those are one in the same.  
Then there is that college student who painted President Obama as if he were crucified with a crown of thorns. Now the artist a man by the name of Michael D’Antuono has spoken about his painting. He stated to Fox News that “The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically…My intent was not to compare him to Jesus,“.  He also stated he was happy that he lived in a country where we can express ourselves. This is of course true, and I do agree with him, do not get me wrong I do not think that both Mr. D’Antuono and Mr. Fox should not be allowed to express themselves.  When the artist blasted conservatives for “trying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior” I had to pause. Now I saw this story about the painting, then I saw the story about Jamie Fox, I had to have a little laugh, I guess Mr. D’Antuono did not get the memo (that is a joke all you progressive zealots calm down)
Mr. D’Antuono’s painting made me think, must mean its good art, it made me think about the subject matter. While he might now be insinuating that President Obama is his lord and savior, his art carries meaning.  There is symbolism in everything that happens in this world.  The scene of the crucifixion  is very important to Christians. It was the moment of our salvation, a moment of great sacrifice. So of course Christians are going to be angry that this man used it to make some political metaphor. What I find interesting though is that Mr. D’Antuono painted this picture, which was sure to enrage the Christian population and then stated that he is allowed to under his first amendment rights and the old media remained silent. If I were to draw a stick figure of the prophet Mohammad and posted it on the internet, the old media would be calling for my head on a desk. Why did President Obama not come out and denounce this disgusting and hanis painting clearly designed to degrade a great religion.  Why does someone insulting Christians not garner the same response as someone insulting Muslims? Both are within the rights of Americans, yet one is ignored by the media, and one is attacked by the media, why?  I guess you only have to worry about others so long as they are a minority and you are able to exploit them. 
To top off the Obama-mania insanity, I even saw where a College Marching bands spelled his name out on the field. The Southern University Jaguars did an entire half time show in his honor. Do they do this for every President, would they have done a Mitt Romney half time show had he won?  

It scares me that there are people out there that are this obsessed with President Obama. They are blind to the world around them, and have bought into the words of a politician. This type of blind devotion is what leads to servitude. If you are not willing to question the acts of your leaders, regardless of party, you are willing to allow them to walk all over you.  These people remind me of stories you hear out of the old soviet union or red China.   They replaced religion with devotion to their leader. Now I am not saying that this is part of some massive progressive conspiracy or that President Obama is mind control these people to say these things. What I am saying is that I cannot believe that these people are so willing to believe the words of a man who has a record of breaking his promises. 

  1. Painting Obama as Jesus is hardly the same thing as portraying him as a Pedophile.Obama being Jesus is a positive inference, Muhammad being a pedophile is (sad I need to spell it out) negative.But but but….I never expect you folks to see things clearly.BTW…I wouldn’t get too worked up about what Jamie Foxx says….I don’t when Ted Nugget talks.

  2. @tendollar4ways – President Obama being Jesus is a positive inference, how so? Oh I forgot, anything President Obama is a good thing, unless you question his actions.You are entitled to your opinions, as am I, and I don’t think portraying him in the manor this is positive. The use of an important religious moment for political gain is wrong. Inserting a politician into the shoes of someone like Jesus Christ is insulting.  While it is a stretch to say it is equally as insulting as calling Muhammad a pedophile, the concept I discussed is still valid. The left does not care about insulting Christians, and will throw a fit if someone insults Islam. Had this painting involved replacing Muhammad with George W. Bush the progressive would have burned the world down in outrage, how dare you insult the Muslims. Christians are told to sit down and shut up, just take it.  It is alright to force Christians to give up their beliefs, but not okay to do the same thing to people of other religions. I found the picture insulting, but I didn’t go out and riot in the street, I am not a progressive willing to burn down the world at a moments notice. Of course you are one of the progressive Zealots tasked with going out and destroying anyone who dares stand up against the progressive’s divisive agenda. So of course you will not care about anything that I say. As to the comments dealing with Jamie Foxx, I do not worry about Jamie Foxx as some sort of evil progressive leader out to corrupt the minds of millions. I was using this as an example of Obama-mania run a muck. Of course you don’t care about this response, all you are going to do is try to belittle me and insult anyone who doesn’t think the same way you do. Typical of the intolerance of the progressive left. God Bless You

  3. It is quite simple. The artist obviously thinks highly of Obama thus he painted him as Jesus. A negative inference would be to show him as Stalin, Hitler or a Monkey as the negative inferences done several times by your side. A depiction of Obama as Jesus raping a small boy…that would have been a negative inference and you couldn’t at the same time say he is praising Obama and disrespecting jesus which is what you are trying to do. I understand why you might find it offensive and I can also see what the artist might have been trying to say. Obama strives to love thy neighbor and take care of the least amonst us and he has in turn been betrayed by the Chief Priests and Uber Religioius of the land for doing so…aka Crusified metaphorically.I understand your idea of Jesus as a protector of the rich and powerful and crusher and punisher of the weak and helpless doesn’t jive with the artists version but that is a matter of opinion.Do you seriously think progressives would “burn the place down” if you did some Muhammad/GWB photoshop? Go check IRIT’s blog who is progressive and who also bashes Islam. Most secular progressives find Radical Islam and Radical Christianity to be very similar any vary only in degree of fanaticism. You don’t burn the place down at the site of a cross in Urine in a art museam. Good for you for being a rational human being. If you need praise for this, I will give it. Good for you. The Muslims are friggin nuts with their insanity.

  4. @tendollar4ways – I do not think most progressives would burn the place down, there are however many who would. The occupy wall street movement comes to mind. Do not get me wrong, I understand what the artist was trying to portray.  It is not that hard to see the symbolism, whether or not the viewer agrees with it or not.  I do not see Jesus as the punisher of the weak or protector of the wealthy. That is an absurd claim. Jesus is a teacher, he taught us to love thy neighbor. Were we disagree is that I do not believe that government force is some sort of love. Helping ones neighbor is a good thing and should be done neighbor to neighbor, it doesn’t need some massive government agency to achieve it. I believe in the good in the hearts of man. The strength of our neighbors.  

  5. Seems your assertion has been put to the test and your boy Glen Beck has pissed in a jar and put an Obama Bobblehead in it, called it art and put it on Ebay.While I think Glenn Beck is a douchbag and think it is disrespectful what he did….It is well within his right to do so and as far as I can tell googling etc I haven’t seen the “Liberal Media” out in any force whatsoever condemning his actions or any liberals doing anything other than calling Beck a prick which he is with or without his latest stunt.It makes me laugh to be honest. I am surprised he didn’t mold a little man out of his feces and call him Stinkbama an aution that off with the obvious racial implication that could also have been made.If anything, it is your right wing evangelical buddies calling for action….SDFL calls for a boycott of EBAY?I am waiting for the day you guys have the epiphany that what you are doing really is insane.As for you don’t need the government to force you to love and help thy neighbor…..you are right!!!!If you guys would practive what you preach, there would be no need for the government to step in an help. If the poor and the sick were taken care of the government would have nothing to do. The government programs would go unused.Problem is you guys spend almost all of your time trying to engineer the Camel through that eye of the needle….aka justifying the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest of us.Your unreality and make up bs bugs and it is relentless.I do hope for that epiphany someday.

  6. @tendollar4ways – I almost thought we would have a real debate there for a second. Oh well. What I am doing is insane. Standing up for individual liberty is insane?  How is that insane? If I WOULD PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH! You have no clue what you are talking about.  You do realize that conservatives give more to charity than progressives. It comes down to this. You hate anyone who champions individual liberty, you think that people are weak and have to have someone there to hold their hand. I believe in the strength of the American People. You believe in hatred and division. Why else would you be trying to breed hate.  I pray one day you realize that your dream of big government control has never and will never work to create a strong vibrant economy. That so many of your progressive stunts to “help” the poor are why we are in the mess we are (the community reinvestment act of 1977 comes to mind). Read the five thousand year leap. I know this is lost on you. You have made up your mind that I hate poor people, that I want them to stay poor and the rich to get richer. That is fine, you can be bound by the chains of ignorance the progressives are strangling our country with. I champion personal responsibility, and personal liberty.  If that is crazy then good sir yes I am crazy. If you think that is crazy, it is clear just how wrong you are. again I know you don’t care. You will never agree with me. You are out to destroy descent. God Bless. 

  7. @obamawatch – I sooooo tire of the Conservatives give more to Charity than Liberals. Conservatives give to their Church. This is like me giving to my Golf Men’s Club and calling it charity.This sort of semantical and intellectual dishonesty bugs to no end.I say GB has every right to take a dump and call it Obama and you say this is destroying desent???You are friggin nuts, crazy…a WACKO in the highest degree. A complete and utter moron.Fundamentally dishonest too.

  8. @tendollar4ways – “You are friggin nuts, crazy…a WACKO in the highest degree. A complete and utter moron.Fundamentally dishonest too.”Wow… disagree or not, you actually come to someone’s site and are that insulting?  Pretty pathetic.  It says heaps about your character.   

  9. @saturnnights – Whatever…back at ya homey…You say I am pathetic and of poor character….so I guess this makes you pathetic and also of poor character per your own criteria. I guess you can split hairs about who’s site it is on.

  10. What I think interesting is that tendollar4ways thinks its bad to paint or depict Mr. Obama in the same fashion as his Communist and National Socialist forebears, but is eerily silent when it comes to how Mr. Bush is and was portrayed….not to mention those of color who were in Mr. Bush’s administration….

  11. @JandJinJapan –  Partisian bias programing was a great success in this country. No one can see past it to the fact that the lubricant may be different from Bush to Obama, but we’re so busy arguing with each other, the command to bend over again goes unnoticed.

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