More Proof of an Unhealthy Obessession

Now I mentioned in my last post that there is an unhealthy obsession among those on the left with President Obama. I still hold this to be true. It is also no secret that I believe the progressives to be a group of hypocrites.  They only support our God given freedoms protect in the Bill of Rights so long as it is politically convenient for them.  Proof of both of these statements has shown itself once again. 

In 1989 an artist placed a plastic cross into a jar of his own urine and took a photo of it. The photo was called Piss Christ. It returned to New York in 2010 and was met by silence from the left and the President. Submerging an depiction of Jesus Christ in urine, it outraged the Christian community, insults a great religion, and is perfectly legal. This is protected under our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. No doubt about it. 

Fast forward to 2012, Glen Beck put a plastic image of President Obama in a mason jar of fake urine, called it Obama in Pee Pee and he was greeted not by a tolerant left stepping up to defend his freedom of speech or expression, but rather by vulgar remarks and threats.  
So placing President Obama in fake urine is an outrage, placing Jesus in real urine is not. 

Both the photo of Piss Christ and the Obama in Pee Pee are protected under our God given rights.  So why are both not treated the same way? If it is okay to degrade a Religion, why is it not okay to degrade the President? 

This reminds me of that story back in the early days of the TEA Party where former CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen blew up on a man who was holding a picture of President Obama depicted as Hitler. This was unacceptable in the eyes of Ms. Roesgen.  However, a few years earlier her opinion was slightly different when a man dressed up as President Bush depicting him as Hitler was okay. 

Here is a video.

Why are some of these acceptable to progressives while others aren’t? Aren’t they all freedom of speech? 

  1. Your cognitive skills are deplorable. Glenn Beck has the right to take a dump, mold it into a man and call it Stinkbama.I have the right to call Glenn Beck an asshole. We both have the rights. You however want different rules for different folks and this is your error.

  2. @tendollar4ways – Once again, a great post of ignorant hate. If you knew who I was, if you would open you mind which has been sealed by the hatred of the left, you would have never made your comment. It is not I who wants different rules, but rather you and the progressives.  You missed the point entirely. God Bless. 

  3. You demonstrate your lack of understanding once again.Pointing out your arguement is completely and utterly wrong is not hate.When your 1st grade teacher marked an X next to your answer of 3 + 3 = 7 and wrote down a 6 in red ink, She didn’t hate you or do it out of hate…she was trying to correct you. It is all starting to make sense.

  4. @tendollar4ways – I agree.  It’s kind of like taxing the rich just because.  It’s discrimination of the worst sort and should never be tolerated.Everyone has the same rights no matter who they are because we are all equal, right?

  5. @tendollar4ways – The topic of this post is bias, not 3rd grade math.  3rd grade math is pretty cut and dry doesn’t have anything to do with bias.It’s like whenever a Democrat says, “We need to be polite when we speak to each other.”  The Democrat actually means everyone needs to be polite to Democrats, but Democrats can be as rude and abusive to everyone else, as their psychosis drives then to be.That’s called bias.  B – I – A – S.Bias.

  6. @PrisonerxOfxLove – Where is the Bias?Some dude puts a cross in a jar of Piss and calls it “Piss Christ”. Some people get mad.GB puts and Obama Bobblehead in a jar of piss and calls it “Flobama”. Some people get pissed.You guys are the saying one is one thing and the other is the other demonstrating your insanity.Same rule for both of the pissers is the Liberal view.

  7. kisslov said:

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  8. @PrisonerxOfxLove – No I don’t see it. Putting Jesus in a jar of urine is outrageous and disrespectful. Putting Obama in jar of piss is outrageous and disrespectful.Where exactly is the Bias?You guys are making shit up again that somehoe Libs find putting a jar of piss with Jesus in it a fitting Table Center Peice at a diner party why Obama in a jar of piss is blasphemy.Typical craziness from you guys.

  9. You know what it really is?  It depends on which messiah you’re talking about…  Jesus Christ, or the Soul Train ordained lord and savior, BHObama.    

  10. The comments on the twitter feed that say that Glenn Beck is “racist” for what he did has no basis whatsoever. What does this have to do with his race? Obama is just a horrible president. 

  11. virtus1 said:

    @tendollar4ways – 1. The difference is that Obama is an elected official.  A real liberal recognizes that dunking an effigy of your ‘dear leader’ in piss is political speech.  I applaud anyone who dunks that creep’s effigy in piss.  Since the Son of God is not an elected official, Maplethorpe’s photograph is libel and sacrilege.  That is the difference even though your lack of cognitive skills [sic] might have blinded you to the point.I’m willing to tolerate the ignorance and malicious nature of both Beck and Maplethorpe because I expect others to respect my rights.  On that, hopefully, everyone here can agree.2. There is such a thing as decorum, and Beck-Maplethorpe are not respectable on that scale even though Beck is orders of magnitude better.  That is why anyone with a room temperature IQ can see the obnoxious political agenda of Maplethrpe and why only octogenarians listen to Beck. 3. I have every right to critically review your comments on this and other topics, and have concluded that you are a garden variety bully.  You defame the word liberal when you use it.  Don’t.  Richard Cobden were John Bright were liberals and you fall well short of the mark.

  12. Unhealthy obsession? Here ya go:

    Now what do you think would happen were an “artist” to put Mohammed in his urine? The answer is in the news…if you read.Mr. Hamilton (tendollar4ways) speaks on 1st amendment rights, yet a filmaker is still being jailed by Obama for making a video of Mohammed (so much for free speech, eh?). This is a nice little deflection for the “One” who happens to be dealing with Al-Quaeda, which of course is treason as they are an enemy to the U.S. Keep your eyes closed to Fast and Furious and Fast and Libya…….then watch and see how ignoring that all pans out in the end. Washington and Jefferson are getting a makeover. They shall be the new Chavez and Castro. (Then again, hell, Cuba’s going broke and turning to capitalism…..)

  13. @Kellsbella – Nakula Nakula Bulla is in jail for violating his probation. Obama is dealing with Al Qaeda? You must like the rest of the folk be trolls because I find it hard to beleive people can be this stupid. Trolls or not….there are alot of people in this country who beleive that kinda shit and they even have a network and a vast AM Radio reach that purposely decieves people. @soccerdadforlife – I think it is called a comment?

  14. @tendollar4ways – Regardless of whether he violated his probation or not, it was the movie that came after him.  According to his probation he was not supposed to use a computer.  The only special effects in that movie was the use of a green screen, and all Nakaula did was DIRECT the movie.  The director is not the special effects guy.  1) The movie was used as a scapegoat for the Benghazi blunder.2) Regardless of what the charges say, it was the movie that caused the government to go after this guy.  The charges are trumped up.You need to face the reality of the situation.  Obama is a Muslim.  He continually sides with Muslims in any conflict.  He regularly gives money to Islamic countries and Islamic organizations.  Why is he giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas?  Because for him it’s alms giving.  Muslims are required to give money to other Muslims and to Muslim causes.  For him it amounts to alms giving, but for us it is essentially a Jizya tax.  You voted for this vile Muslim, and because of people like you my tax money is now going to fund the building of mosques, institutional persecution of Christians, and the killing of Christians and Jews. 

  15. @Ambrosius_Augustus_Rex – You buddy Nakula Nakula is a friggin moron and should be thrown in jail for that alone. He wasn’t thrown in jail because he got a job at Pixar it was because he was using aliases and uploaded the dumb movie onto his Alias Sam Basile Youtube account. If the PissChrist photographer/artist guy was on probation for taking upskirt pictures of little girls and part of his probation was to not use a camera for any reason and he decides to take a picture of Jesus in a jar of piss, upload it to Youtube and then spam every Souther Babptist emails account to Lookie Here….the authorities would have little choice BUT to throw his dumb ass in jail.

  16. @tendollar4ways – If we are going to throw people in jail for being stupid then Obama has to go, and so do most of the people who voted for him.  The charge was that he violated parole by using a computer.  Even if the movie was uploaded to his youtube account that is not sufficient evidence of a parole violation, since he could have easily directed someone else to do it.  Again, for him to do what he did does not require him to use a computer at any stage.  They used his movie as a scapegoat, and then arrested him to appease the Muslims.You are all over the place with your comments.  I want to know what you think about our tax money being sent to support Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  How do you feel about our tax money being used to build mosques, and to kill Christians and Jews?  How do you feel about money going to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Hamas, when the government is running the highest deficit ever?  Don’t you think that it’s hypocritical for Obama to talk about raising taxes when he is not spending the money in an even semi-responsible fashion?  I for one am enraged over having to pay the Jizya tax.  I hate Islam with every fiber of my being.  You tell me what you think.

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