Union Violence

Today Michigan became the newest Right to Work State.  What that means is that the Union’s can no longer require you to pay Union dues if you are not a member, and more importantly union membership can no longer be required to work. So what this means is that the right to choose whether or not to be in a union has been returned to the people of Michigan. 

President Obama stands against this bill, I am not all that surprised. This bill will break the strangle hold the unions have had on companies in Michigan, and cut funding to the Democrat Party. 

How did the Union’s respond to this? Well, with violence and child like tantrums.  They vandalized tents, they attacked camera men, and they attacked reporters.  

Here is a video of them attacking a reporter

Here are video’s of them destroying a tent owned by American’s for Prosperity
It doesn’t take much to spark riots out of these people.  The bill does not do away with collective bargaining. It does make it illegal to unionize. All it does is allow people to choose whether or not they want to be in a union. What is wrong with choice? For years the unionized minority of this country has held the nation hostage to their demands, they forced countless American’s to join their ranks. They forced people to pay for a service they didn’t want. With this money came great power, and the Union’s do not want to lose this power.
Democrats, who receive large donations from unions, also fear them losing this power. Hence why President Obama spoke out against the returning the Right to Work to the people. And why a Michigan State Representative Douglas Geiss tweeted this “We are going to undo 100 years of labor relations. And there will be blood. We will relive the Battle of the Overpass”  

The violence of the left never fails to astound me. Now the peaceful protests of the TEA Party were billed as violent and dangerous by the old media, so following that logic that would make these protests militant actions wouldn’t they? (that is a joke, meant to be funny, for all you progressives out there who lack a sense of humor unless a conservative is the target of the joke).

So what do you think about the Union’s tantrum?

  1. It’s a great victory today for the working people of Michigan!

  2. stupid little weak minds on display here.  (btw: I couldn’t make that second video work) 

  3. virtus1 said:

    One can’t be sure what labor is complaining about.  The thugs in the union will rough up anyone who doesn’t pay union dues in order to earn a living.  You know, the unionists who pal around with the mafia.  Political organizers and union thugs also have the NLRB to assure economic growth veers away from union states to welcoming foreign soil.I dream of a time when ‘organized management’ automates factories to a point where those animals have to work at McDonald’s as trash can scrapers.

  4. virtus1 said:

    By the way, does anyone know if that thug was arrested for assault?  I’m sure tax subsidies poured into some union legal defense fund will defend him.

  5. virtus1 said:

    Outrage!   They are the reason the “Rust Belt” is not the “Enterprise Belt.”  Lets see if that millwright ever gets a job setting any of my machinery.  The last thing I need is a guy that thinks he can win an argument with his fists and thinks he can get away with it.

  6. There already was a choice. No one is twisting anyone’s arm. Join & get good working conditions, fought for by a union, or don’t & take your chances with management. This make as much sense as a right to drive bill, allowing anyone to drive, but if they choose, not to pay for insurance, but AAA still has to cover them? lol

  7. @virtus1 –  Trash can scrapers? Obvously you have a poor opinion of non-professional workers. FYI, I’m a Michigan union worker,(one of those animals) and part of my duties IS scraping trash cans. Your idea is more of the same for 25 hours per week & Obamacare for insurance… Better sign up for my free phone too, paid for by working folks’ tax dollars, and then all those tax payers can subsidize MY income too just like Walmart employees. Charming.

  8. I think Michigan got it’s cojones back. Here in Texas, unions aren’t doing so hot, they keep pricing themselves out of work… I hope that victories like this will eventually put those clowns out of business for good. 

  9. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – I’ve worked in union and non union shops and saw what unions have done in England and the United States.  One can conclude only that working conditions in union shops are much worse.  The morale in union shops is lower, the focus is on appeasing labor not customers, and shocking blocks of labor hours are dedicated to trying to agitate and undermine the company that feeds their families.  That mentality is the cancer that eats the US industrial base.Firms could afford labor unions when there was low hanging fruit on the productivity tree.  Now labor is not as skilled, innovations and increases in productivity are much more costly, and easy inventions have already been realized.  Labor unions have unrealistic expectations about the value they create, and will be pushed aside.  Just ask any one the unionists that would have been employed in the new Audi plant that was to be built in the USA but was canceled because of union hostility.I have a negative view of labor thugs because I have had to deal with them.  Enjoy your unemployment when you price yourself out of the market, and don’t knock on my door for a job.  My trashcans don’t need scrubbed.

  10. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – BTW, the ‘animals ‘ I referred to were the animals that assaulted the media and tore down the tent.  Destruction of private property and assault are the domain of animals.  Were you there or do you have a persecution complex?

  11. @virtus1 –  This agenda was billed as making sure folks who didn’t want to be in a union still had a right to work and not join the union.The truth is, they are going to be represented by the union, and just not pay the dues. I know of no one who would pass up a job because it had a union, and have only heard folks say the opposite.

  12. @virtus1 – If you want to see a great example of what the Union’s can do for you, take a look at north eastern ohio, around the Warren region.  Once vibrant towns, homes to steel industry giants like Copper Weld and American Steel, driven under by union demands.  My uncle would tell me about how in the machine shop they were not allowed to use air tools, because that would cut down the number of hours to do a job, and then eliminate a union job.   Now we see how well that worked out.  @saturnnights –  My grandfather and uncle both quit jobs because they were going to be forced to join the union. When it is optional people don’t seem to mind. When the union’s force you to join their ranks, it turns many a person’s stumach. Just in today’s day and age many people don’t have a choice, and have to work where they can.

  13. @saturnnights –  How does this make the same amount of sense as letting anyone drive?  That’s a case of grasping at straws if I ever saw one. Why should I have to join the Union. Why should that be a requirement to work somewhere? If the situation was reveresed and we said it was illegal to join a Union, they would burn the country down.  If being in a Union is so great, most people will go be in the Union, and be happy for it. The people like myself who would rather shot ourselves in the foot than join the political action comittee, don’t have to.   I don’t see how that is an issue.  It comes down to power and control. The Union has power and control and they don’t want to give it up. 

  14. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – Since you are in Michigan (a state that denied workers the right to work if they refused to be fleeced by the union) you wouldn’t know anyone who refused to work in a union shop.  Choice was denied them.  Feel free to count me as someone who won’t work in a union shop ever again.

  15. @obamawatch – I had comments mixed up… The similarity to driving w/o insurance seems fair to me. Someone who would want the benefits of driving, but none of the responsibility of paying for insurance. These folks who want the option of not joining the union, really want the benefits w/o dues paid in. If they choose to not pay, it would seem to me they choose not to be represented, but get this: The union is obligated to represent them, and they get all the same things a collective bargaining employees, w/o any responsibility.People are quick to point out how unfair it is to be forced to join a union… How about being forced to represent freeloaders? Not working in a closed shop is a choice, and some may choose not to, but my experience with it is it’s a desirable thing, and yes, a benefit. New hires have all said they like being represented, but understand, many have lost their jobs that were non union.

  16. @virtus1 – No, they had a choice to work or not & decided not to for ideological reasons. All well & good, but don’t expect entitlements you didn’t work to attain, and sap off of others who do. I had to work in a non union place, and eventually left there b/c of completely unfair treatment in management. It was a mess that could have easily been taken care of with discussion, but there was no avenue for it there. Still, working there was a choice & I left eventually, rather than expecting them to bow to my demands, our even hear a request.

  17. @saturnnights – They would not be representing a free loader. The person who is not a member of the union would have different working conditions than the one who does work for the union. Its not like they get the union vacation and retirement package if they don’t pay union dues.  This legislation can only help the Michigan economy.  As i said the top nine performing states in the country are right to work states. 

  18. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – May I remind you that you work at the pleasure of your employer.  You complain so much, I’m quite sure he was happy to be rid of you.

  19. @obamawatch – Our officials are telling us otherwise, and according to law they would be required to represent them the same way, and that includes everything, including vacation. Any & all of the same benefits, and union representation. Right to work is a union killing bill, but that’s only the issue of unions. You say it will be good for jobs. Have any examples? Anyplace that right to work ended up with better wages than union bargained? This would be good.

  20. @virtus1 –  Gee, you act as if you actually know me. That employer, happy or not was’nt nearly as happy as I was when I punched & walked. It was the best move I could have made for myself, considering the circumstances that you are unaware of, so your statement is just another gloating comment. I wouldn’t presume to know you after reading a comment, except that you seem arrogant and spiteful.

  21. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – Particulars are trivial.  Uppity union labor comes a dime a dozen.  It is clear from your posts that you are one of those pesky complainers who drag the moral of a line down and grumble endlessly about the most trivial thing and won’t do anything to fix it yourself.  After all, it’s not, “In your job description.”  I’ve seen endless labor thugs demand ermine robes and velvet couches on which to rest their regal fanny even though they are too busy leaning on their shovels to earn the right.  It doesn’t take much imagination to figure you out.

  22. virtus1 said:

    @saturnnights – If a person isn’t in a union in a Right to Work state, the labor union isn’t required to represent them in labor disputes nor provide any labor union related benefits.  That is, they have no right to union halls, no right to representation in collective bargaining, union events, union benefits like strike pay, union paid tuition or child care,  nor are non union members allowed to file grievances in the same manner.  You claim, “Any & all of the same benefits, and union representation.” Your incomplete clause (replete with the lazy abbreviation of the the conjunction and) is a lie.The Wikipedia reference is weak.  The hypothesis suggested does not account for variations in sill sets, demand and supply in geography specific labor markets, labor force participation rates, exempt vs. non-exempt employment ratios, nor any of the hundreds of other variables which make such highly aggregated statistics worthless.  Margaret Thatcher busted unions like the coal workers and caused one of the strongest increases in secular growth in British history.  Similarly, when the Iron workers unionized, it destroyed towns like Sheffield.  You really should stop listening to union organizers because they have neither a grasp of history nor economics.I find you grammar irksome, your arguments weak, and you attitude intolerable.  You bore me.  Sod off.

  23. @virtus1 –  Well, I suppose if you can judge my entire behavior in the workplace based on my posts on xanga, you just walked all over your own point. It’s all imagination.I do understand some folks never complain, even while they are screwed over. You may fit that, but I do not. If that’s what you meant by my posts, then, THANK YOU.

  24. @virtus1 –  I understand that we are very different, and I appreciate it the more you comment. I doubt you have been to my site however, and yours doesn’t exist from what I can tell. How is that possible? Anyway, I thank you for this enlightening exchange, and your superior grammer, and intellectual prowess, but you are a snob at heart. Get a job!

  25. @obamawatch –  I just spoke to our union president & the chief steward. They said that whether they pay or not, the union still has to represent them in grievances, they get vacations as bargained for by the union, they get the same package, and anything else we get. The only difference is they get it for free.

  26. @saturnnights – That wasn’t the case for my Uncle at Copper Weld. My uncle was not allowed to use the computer, had to be a union member to have one of those. He could not walk through some parts of the shop, had to be a union member to be in there. It depends on how the shops are set up.  “Now about this “right to work for less” line that President Obama and the union boss’s have been throwing out there. Before GM went bankrupt the average cost of UAW employees was $80 an hour, they made $28 an hour.  For the non-union workers of Toyota the average cost of a worker was closer to $50 an hour, and they made $30 an hour. They made more money.  How much more money are the Union members of Hostess making vs. non-union bakers?And of course the Union President is going to tell you it is a bad thing.  They want more union members paying union dues. As I said it depends on how the shop is set up.  Under the National Labor Relations Act a union is free to represent all employees, even non-union, but they are not required by law to do so.   The union’s can negotiate member only contracts.    So if your union wants to represent those who don’t want to be a part of the Union, more power to you.  I would also like to point out, claiming that they are free-riders, would imply that the majority of your dues go to representing you.  In the case of Michigan, the top 25 private sector unions (private public hybrids included) only spend 24.1% of the paid dues towards representing you. The Union represents the minority in this country, but behaves as if it is the majority. It is time they realize that we are tired of the outragous behavior shown here, in Wisconsin, and in Philidelphia.  Detroit and north eastern Ohio, are great examples of what happens when you let unions run wild, unchecked.

  27. @obamawatch –  “Right to work for less” was a line used while obama was in middle school… Nothing new. Our union is weak already, having made multiple concessions to keep out privatization, which didn’t work, and now our money is to be shared with non-members, so anyone can see it’s a union busting tactic. I have no issues with productivity, and our union always lets management know, we’ll always take more work. We suggest ways to make things more cost effective, and they ignore us, and waste money by the thousands. You have to spend it to get it, because it’s public sector, and their waste lands on our heads. All the local schools here are farming out their staff of bus drivers, secretarys, etc. then they spend to plant trees & flowers & get vending machines for the lounges… Etc.BTW, did you try to go to virtus1’s site?

  28. @virtus1 –  I find Margaret Thatcher looks like George W… Related? Same blood lines?

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