More Insanity From the Unions

So by now it has been well documented that the Union’s in Michigan have had their feelings hurt, and lashed out violently.  Well I have found yet another sad story that came out of the Union’s Furry over right to work legislation. 

A Gentleman by the name of Clint Tavor was one of the union hoards victims.  He had a hot dog cart that was often seen infront of the State Captial Building. He was asked to serve hot dogs underneath the American for Prosperity tent. All was going well until the an outraged swarm of union thugs decided to tare down the tent that Mr. Travor’s stand was underneath. 

Mr. Tavor tried to salvage some of his equipement, but stopped when his friend told him “you gotta get out of here.”  The angry rabble began cutting the tent up into peices, and I will let Mr. Tavor’s words speak for themselves “So, I crawled out of the tent as they cut it. My tables were being spilled and stepped on. It was all just destroyed. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing”  They through racial slurs at the man even calling him an Uncle Tom.

Here is a video talking about Mr. Tavor

Here is a video of the destruction of the tent.

There is a bright side of the story though. The community has rallied around Mr. Tavor and is attempting to restore his business.

The madness of the unions doesn’t end in Michigan though. No I have yet another story to discuss. This one takes us all the way to Philadelphia.  The local IBEW union has had its feelings hurt, and has decided to protest the injustices levied upon them.  Yes a local company has committed a most vial act, and outrage must be spread a crossed the land. A local appartment complex is being renovated, and the demons who own the facility dared to higher non-union workers to do the job.  For this unreprehensible act the Union has decided to punish the monsters responsible. Every day like clock work representatives from the IBEW show up and set up loud speakers. Over the loud speakers the play this message “Your community is crying for jobs, participation and fair wages.” and then from 8:00 AM to mid-afternoon they blast the sound of a baby crying.   Mind you this is within a residential area. 

The union’s have grown out of control. They have a purpose, but they have corrupted it. They have become nothing more than a pawn in the progressives tool chest.  Jobs were created by renovating the building, so that claim is invalid, workers are clearly participating if the work is getting done, and fair wages are in the eye of the beholder. If the people who work for the renovating company wanted to have the union take a weeks pay every month in dues, they would have joined the union.  This behavior is unacceptable, and serves as proof that right to work legislation is desperatly needed in this country.

For more evidence to support my claim, there are 24 states that are right to work states.  None of them are in the bottom ten economically.  Actually when rated on economic performance the top nine states are right to work, the tenth best performing state is Washington where they don’t tax individual or corporate income.


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  1. virtus1 said:

    The linked video attached to the link in your post showed video inside the tent.  What I saw were several Macs, Nikon D3s or D4s with Pocket Wizards and good tripods.  A D4 body without a lens is $6,000 alone.  I hope they got their gear out of the tent before those cretins pushed it over.

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