Today is a sad day. so many young lives wiped out by a mad man before they had even begun to live.  They are in the hands of the angles, and this mad man fate is in the hands of our justice system.  Now is not the time to try to make political gains. Now is not the time to hurl wild accusitions, now is not the time to further muddy the waters of this tragedy.   To try to use the loss of these young lives as a political tool before they had even been identifyied is sickening beyond my wildest imagination.  There will be a time for us to discuss what happened, and how we go forward, but it is not now. Now is the time to support those who lost loved ones, now is the time to so some humanity and compasion.  I ask for both conservatives, and progressives to bit their lips, and let the dust settle before you go throwing wild accustions. 

We do not need another case like the shooting of Congress Woman  Giffords, or the Dark Knight shooter, who were linked to Tea Party groups without any evidence, infact some to the contrary, to prove it.  Or Travon Martin, where news networks altered the story to push a political agenda. If you rush that is when mistakes are made, when more people get hurt, and when this bleeding nation is torn further apart. 

It is not the tragedy that defines us, but rather how we re-act to that tragedy.  We can show that we are a strong nation, willing to morn together, and to support one another. Or we can show we are a nation divided, a divided ramble of bitter enemies, fueled only by ancient rancor.

The choice is yours my fellow Americans.  I for one will not futher these families pain by de-humanizing their children, turning them into nothing more than pawns in the ever growing game of political chess.  I know there are those who will ignore this call, and I know they don’t care.  But the majority of you are good hearted people, and it is up to us to be the example for those lost souls who would seek to exploit this tragedy.

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