Gun Control Update.

664.) President Obama has finally exposed his radical progressive views on gun control. As I expected he has decided to use this tragedy as a way to promote his progressive agenda.  He announced today that he is assigning his administration with coming up with a solution to reduce the gun violence in this country. He is using the shooting in Connecticut as a way to push for the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, limiting the sale of high capacity magazines, and more background checks, as a start.  He made hardly a mention of Gun Control in his first term, now he is pushing hard for more, funny how that works after he is re-elected he can be as radical as he wants. It won’t be long before we start hearing for stricter gun laws than this.  Anyways, President Obama had this to say “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. The fact that we can’t prevent every act of violence doesn’t mean we can’t steadily reduce the violence.” Yes Mr. President you are right, there is no excuse for doing nothing. However doing something as ignorant as banning guns is a horrible proposal, one that his progressive forbears have tried many times, and has caused massive increase in crime rates every time.   Banning guns has never worked to reduce crime rates. The issue is deeper than that, we have a cultural problem, not a gun problem.  The break down of the American Family, and the vilification of the firearm are the cause of the problem, banning them will do nothing to stop the violence.  It is nothing more than an attempt to disarm the American People. It will only succeed in making us victims, not saving us from monsters. 

Now there are many who will claim that I am no different than President Obama as I am trying to promote some political agenda. In a way you might be right, if trying to prevent a progressive thug from exploiting a tragedy to take away our rights is promoting a political agenda, I guess I am guilty.   I don’t see it that way, I am not using this as a call to undo gun laws, I am not trying to push for a loaded gun in every school, I am merely trying to prevent the progressives from taking yet more of our rights, by exploiting the death of small children.   It would be different if there was any evidence to back up their claims, but there just isn’t.  They are not trying to protect the American People, they are trying to disarm the American People, turn us into servants rather than masters.  It truly frightens me when the government starts taking my guns. 
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  1.    On political views i pretty much agree down the line with my fellow liberals, but not about guns.  With this great Victorian Moral Outrage we’re seeing now over gun control i hear echoes of the so-called War on Drugs, and we all know how well that is going.   But there may be hopeful signs.  The very fact that Obama is delegating this to Biden may be because he is hoping it will go away at least long enough to get a budget deal, which is far more immediately important than new gun laws.

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