Really? Really?

Michael Moore, the progressive propagandist, said that the reason that Americans buy guns is because “we’re a very frightened people” with a “unresolved race problem”.  Why is it that almost everything seems to comedown to a race issue with the most faithful of the progressive faith?  He stated “ think we’ve been frightened ever since we landed on these shores.We were frightened of the native people, we were frightened of the slaves we brought over — as we should have been. And those in power have known how to manipulate us with fear.

In one of his of propaganda films, Bowling for Columbine, he wanted to examine “How fear is used to the point where everybody feels like they’ve got to have a gun in the house“.  He then said, “We’ve got over a quarter-billion guns in people’s homes. And they’re mostly in the suburbs and rural areas where there is virtually no crime and no murder. So why is that? What are they really afraid of? What do they think of — who’s going to break into the house?” “Do they think it’s little freckled-face Jimmy down the street? I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s who they’re afraid of. And it cuts down to the heart of our race problem that we still haven’t resolved,” So what I find interesting is that Moore is trying to tell us that those in power are manipulating us with fear. Yet here he is spreading the fear of racism, and all but calling supporters of the second amendment racists.  More of the same from progressives, divide the nation with fear and by race.
I have a question though, does anyone actually take this guy seriously?   
  1. virtus1 said:

    Things are racist to Moore because he seems, at least to me, to be an enormous bulky racist himself.  Food for thought.

  2. I haven’t taken Moore seriously since I first heard of him in the spring of 1995, when he had his idiotic TV Nation series on the Fox Network.

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