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I’ve been getting into trends here lately it seems, in the past I wrote about everything under the sun all the time, but it appears as though things have found a sense of order.  So that being said, can you guess what this post is about? If you guess Fox News Vs. Progressives, your wrong. I do however want to talk about lies in the media. Fox News is always drug out by the Democrat Machine. Progressive Democrats view it as the devil, undermining their plans with the truth. Spineless Democrats view it as a pain in the rear, due to the fact that they lost their monopoly on the news, and this alternate view point, this competition drives away their voters. I would not care about them calling out Fox if one, their accusations where true, and two if they called the liars wherever they lie. I cannot say this enough, I believe in living your life by a set of principles. I would rather deal with a radical progressive, heart set in their belief in the progressive movement, than someone who jumped on the band wagon to be cool. I can not say this enough, I do not care if you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, or a member of the rent is too damn high party, if you see someone lying or doing something you believe is wrong stand up to them. Stand up for beliefs, stand up to liars, and spineless thugs whenever you encounter them. Even if exposing them, might damage your own standing in the world. That being said, on to the point of this little rant.

The left always drags Fox News out behind the barn to beat on them. It is like a game to them. That is good. I like that they keep scrutiny on Fox News, that requires them to keep on their toes, and stick to the truth. I like how the media watched every action President George W. Bush did, it made sure that the administration thought before they did something.  However I cannot stomach the inequality of public ass beatings.  I know I am repeating myself, but I just want to make sure that my point is understood.  Twice in the last week Fox has been drug out for its monthly beating, yet the other news organizations seem to immune to the hatred of the progressive movement.  They are the like the angle child, the perfect sibling, who the parents believe is a gift from God. However as is often the case the perfect child looks as if they are the just that, but when no one is looking they are smashing mail boxes.

While in the last week Fox News has been blamed for every last problem in the country, everything from the gum you stepped on getting out of your car all the way up to the national debt, and have been called liars, MSNBC has been given a pass. MSNBC has been caught committing the cardinal sin of news media, they were caught selectively editing a video clip, and portraying it as the truth. Martian Bashir aired a clip this Monday of a father speaking about the Sandy Hook shooting to the Connecticut state legislature. He was speaking out for gun control.  The video that was aired on MSNBC showed this grieving father being heckled by a gang of heartless NRA zombies fresh from bathing in puppy blood. However, this video was a lie. They cut part of the video out to progress their narrative rather than report the truth. MSNBC is well known to be a far left news organization. They want to paint a picture of gun owners as demonic serpents bent on the destruction of the world.
Here is the video as Mr. Bashir reported it
Here is the video of what actually happened

so why is it that the progressive left are not out there calling MSNBC a liar? Why are they not making a public example of this entity for lying. The answer, because President Obama doesn’t care about lying in the media, He just cares about people standing in his way. The progressive have their marching orders, and they will not stop, until they have destroyed the conservative belief system in this country.

In the past, after an election cycle, there was a small period of governing. That has disappeared, and we are in continuing the election cycle gibberish. President Obama revived the war on Fox News, because they don’t do nerf ball journalism such as 60 minutes. They don’t ask him , what his perfect Sunday is.  Well another progressive politician has taken aim at the news organization.  Senator Mary Landriue had this to say in the chambers.

“I am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control, despite what you hear on Fox News.  It’s mandatory spending that is rising rapidly, because the greatest generation that gave us the greatest nation the world has ever heard is dying and they need hospice care, they need Social Security, and they need hospitals.  And if they want to cut them go right ahead, I’m going to be a little more gentle.”

I don’t know why she thinks that Fox News limits its scope to only discretionary spending… perhaps because she doesn’t care what the truth is. This was a chance to attack Fox News, a chance to gain political points.

For those radicals, and those who aren’t that passionate about the situation, I should inform you that Fox News is a 24 hour news organization. It holds the title of the most watched cable news network, a title it took from CNN.  Now some of Fox New’s programing is news, such as Special Report with Bret Beir, and Studio B with Shepard Smith. Other programs are opinion based, such as the Five, or the old Glen Beck show.  I watch both the news, and the opinion based shows. I have never heard them say only discretionary spending is the problem. Actually I have heard the opposite. The News arm of the company reports what happens on the hill, so if the discussion is only about discretionary spending, what else are they going to report on? This highlights a common problem that progressives have. They can’t understand the concept that the news is supposed to report the facts, tell the story as it happened. They are not supposed to put political spin on it, or put their morality into.  Do some people do that, yes, I remember NBC editing the 911 call in the Trevon Martin case, to make it sound like Zimmerman was a racist. That is wrong. Now if you are on the Five or inform the viewer that you are reporting your opinion, that is different. Now, on to my personal experience. I have frequently heard people on Fox question why it is that politicians, are only willing to cut discretionary spending. They talk about how it is entitlement spending that is sinking the nation.  This is just another example of an out and out lie from a radical progressive.

Now a radical progressive will have a hard time ever admitting that one of their fellow followers are wrong about attacking Fox News. They will never address the fact that this woman is lying. They will just attack the idea that Fox News is evil.  They won’t deal with the issues, just say “Fox is biased” “fox is the devil” “fox isn’t creditable”.  I imagine I will get a lot of those responses on this very post. Its just what happens when you reveal progressive lies.

662.) On January 16th, President Obama said “The law already requires licensed gun dealers to run background checks, and over the last 14 years that’s kept 1.5 million of the wrong people from getting their hands on a gun. But it’s hard to enforce that law when as many as 40 percent of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check.” He then said, “Studies estimate that nearly 40 percent of all gun sales are made by private sellers who are exempt from this requirement.” So is this true, are 40% of gun purchases really done without background checks? Well the study that President Obama cited really does say that 40% of gun sales are conducted without a background check. The problem though is that the study was tiny, only 251 people repsoneded to it. Furthermore this tiny survey was conducted nearly 20 years ago. So the survey is ancient, and had a microscopic sample. It is not looking good for President Obama’s assessment.

The news gets worse though I am afraid. The White House and President Obama used the words “gun sales” and “gun purchases”, where as the study used the terminology “gun acquisitions” and “gun transactions” these are much broader terms than what the White House used.  When you look at the survey itself, the data becomes quite clear:
Percent of Secondary (“off the books”) market purchases
“Cash purchase from gun, hardware or department store, from pawnshop, or from seller at gun show, flea market or military, or through mail that respondent says “yes” was FFL [federally licensed dealer]: 22 percent

Add cash purchase from seller at gun show, flea market or military, or though the mail that respondent says “probably was/think so:” 20 percent

Add cash purchases, trades with family, friends/acquaintance that respondent says are or probably are FFL: 14 percent

What this means is that President Obama’s claim that “as many as 40% of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check” doesn’t hold water. It is more like 14-20%.  A far cry from 40%. To make matters worse, those of you who have taken statistics you know that the smaller the sample size the greater the margin of error. In the case of this study there was a plus or minus 6 point caveat. So President Obama used an outdated survey, thats sample size was too small, and then fudged the numbers, how is this man creditable in anything that he says? Oh that’s right the old media is a the propoganda arm of the radical progressive movement, and they’d never call President Obama on spreading blatent falsehoods.

663.) It is no seceret that President Obama does not like Fox News. All the other news orginizations have been holding him up as some sort of god. They down play his mistakes and praise his “coolness”.  He doesn’t really understand that the news media is there to report things called facts. Of course we can argue whether or not you think Fox News is unbiased, but you can’t argue that President Obama does not have an unbaised hatred for any news outlet that dares question him.  I never hear him blast MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN. Maybe that is because he is unaware of their existance, or he could just be taking shots at a news orginization for reporting on things he doesn’t like.  President Obama’s world is based on attacking, and dividing.  He cannot talk about princibles, all he can do is blame Republicans for all of the problems of this country.  Anyways here is a qoute President Obama gave to the progressive magazine New Republic

 “Well, look, I’ve always believed that there are a bunch of Republicans of goodwill who would rather get something done than suffer through the sort of nasty atmosphere that prevails in Washington right now. It’s not a fun time to be a member of Congress.

And I think if you talk privately to Democrats and Republicans, particularly those who have been around for a while, they long for the days when they could socialize and introduce bipartisan legislation and feel productive. So I don’t think the issue is whether or not there are people of goodwill in either party that want to get something done. I think what we really have to do is change some of the incentive structures so that people feel liberated to pursue some common ground.

One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it.

So I could go into how President Obama doesn’t want bipartisan legilsation, he wants the GOP to cave to his demands and just pass the laws as he wants them. I could point out how President Obama blamed the GOP for his problems when he had super majorities in the House and Senate. I could discuss how President Obama was spoiled by having those super majorities in the early years of his presidency.  However I think I will discuss this concept of how President Obama is being faced with a problem, the GOP controls the house, and that means he has to play nice with others. He can’t just have things his way like he used to. He has tried calling them names, he has tried degrading them, he has tried belittling them, but the GOP refuses to just let him have his way.  So now he has decided that he will just discredit the sources from which many Americans get their news. Clearly the memebers of the house are only there because Fox News and Rushlimbaugh made it so. So if he can discredit them, he can get rid of those meanies who just won’t play nice. Those mean old Republicans who just won’t let President Obama poor sand in their eyes, and spit in their drinks.

This is a common tactic used by the radical progressive left. I am positive that it will be show cased on this very post. They will not discuss the issues, rather they will just attack me, call me names, go on outragous tangents, and of course try to paint me as a idiot.  I would like to look at something that radical progressives just can’t stand, some facts.  Lets look at who is responsible for the gridlock in D.C.

Who is un-willing to compormise
Harry Reid tabled three bills passed by the house to avoid the fiscal cliff, because they didn’t include large enough tax hikes on the rich.  He wouldn’t even let them go to the floor for debate.
Harry Reid has not allowed a budget to go to the floor for two years. He won’t even let the debate take place.
President Obama refused to sign any fiscal cliff deal unless there were tax hikes
President Obama mocked the GOP for proposing the same plan he had proposed in 2011, because it didn’t raise tax rates.
President Obama invited the GOP to discuss the health care bill, then said well we are going to continue our way, and elections have consequences
The GOP wanted spending cuts, President Obama proposes new taxes and more spending, clearly refusing to cut spending.

Who divides Washington
President Obama mocks members of the TEA Party,
President Obama blamed the GOP for holding up the passage of the Stimulus bill, dispite Democrat Super Majorities
President Obama blamed the GOP for holding up the passage of the Health Care Bill, dispite Democrat Super Majorities
President Obama blamed the GOP for holding up the fiscal cliff deal, when they passed three bills to avoid it
President Obama blamed the GOP for the economic situation, as if he had nothing to do with it
President Obama blamed the GOP for the financial problem facing this country, regaurdless of the fact that he had 2 years that he could have done anything he wanted.
Democrat Leadership gives memebers flack for going on FOX News

So tell me, why is it that there is no bipartisan action in Washington?  How can there be bipartisan agreements when Progressive Democrats such as Harry Reid refuse to allow bills to even reach the floor for debate. The bills passed the house, the senate then has to pass them, there can be no debate, no compromise, no progress unless the Senate is allowed to consider the bill. Harry Reid, who is a Demcorat, which is not the same thing as a Republican, and is the party that holds the majority in the Senate, won’t allow for debate, hence he is the one killing compromise.   The House of Representatives is the only house of congress that actually functions. how can someone expect compromise, cooperation, bipartisan ship, when President Obama points the blame for everything that goes wrong at the GOP. Why would the GOP work with the President when he refuses to work with them? Why would I listen to his proposals when he spits in my face? 

The reason that there is grid lock in Washington is because the radical progressives are a bunch of spoiled brats. 2008-2010, they had the run of the joint. The Democrat party had super majorities. It is of course no secret that the majority of the Demcrat Party is made up of progressives, yet they still had snags in pushing their radical agenda. So they blamed the GOP, even though the GOP could do nothing to stop them.  The problem was that moderates in the Democrat Party refused to toe the party line.  So Democrats are holding up the process, and radical progressives such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and of course the king of radicals President Obama blame the GOP.  Of course the radicals within the Democrat party where able to push the moderates to toe the party line, and the bills passed, without a single GOP vote (I guess it wasn’t the GOP that was holding them up afterall).  Well their radical agenda got the Democrats in trouble and in 2010 they lost big.  President Obama didn’t worry though, he would just push the GOP hard, and they would cave as they had from 2001-2008. Oddly though the new GOP party, made up of TEA Party Freshmen, did not cave to his demands.  He pushes and pushes, and they refuse to cave.  So because they won’t cave, he punishes them by blaming them for all the problems of the world.  The GOP won’t cave to President Obama’s demands, that is why there is gridlock. President Obama will not moderate his radical agenda, that is why there is gridlock. 

It is not Fox News or Rushlimbaugh causing the divide in this nation. It is the radical progressive, President Obama included.

661.) President Obama has been reminded that he is not a king, he is but one part of a three part system, a system that functions on the principles of checks and balances. A three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals  for the DC circuit ruled that President Obama did not have the authority to appoint three members to the NRLB last year. President Obama claimed that he made the appointments legally because the Senate was away on a 20 day recess. However the court ruled that the Senate had technically remained in session when it gaveled in and out every couple of days in what are known as “proforma sessions”

So what does this mean, well right now nothing. President Obama can still appeal this decision to the Supreme Court. However, if it is upheld this decision could have reaching affects.  If President Obama does not appeal this decision (I can’t see why he wouldn’t), or if the Supreme Court up holds this ruling, the decisions made by the NLRB over the last year will become invalid. Furthermore it will shut down the board, as it cannot operate with fewer than three out of five members. If this decision is upheld that means that there would only be on legitimate member sitting on the board.  Another interesting point to consider, is that if this decision is upheld, it would also cast doubt on the validity of Richard Cordray’s appointment to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As Mr. Cordray was appointed on the same day as the three members of the NRLB.

This is something that just eats at President Obama. The fact that there are rules and laws that exist to contain the ravenous beast that is government. He cannot seem to understand that the President is not the king of this nation, he is not all powerful, he cannot create law. He just cannot seem to get over the fact that he can merely enforce the laws passed by congress.  This tactic that was used to prevent the appointments of these four individuals is nothing new, it has been used many times by both Republicans and Democrats alike.  It is part of the checks and balances that our nation has.  Like it or not, that is how the game works.  The congress has checks on the executive branch, the legislative branch has it checks on the executive and legislative branches. The system was not designed to make President Obama’s administering of his radical agenda easy, it was intended to make it hard for radicals to take our rights. It was designed to be slow, so that reckless actions such as the Stimulus Bill don’t happen, some times the system fails, some times the system works.  Call it what you will, but this is a great triumph of liberty over the dangerous growth executive power.

Sense I was a young boy I have lived my life by a set of rules, a code, if you will. This code, made up of 12 simple words, has acted as a moral compass to guide my action. I have recited these words every Monday sense I was ten.  These words have meaning, and I feel that they can change the world.  You see I was a Boy Scout, and I am now a Scout Master, and I feel as though the Scout Law is exactly what the world is missing.

A Scout is:

Trustworthy: A scout tells the truth. So often in today’s world we get so caught up in being right, or winning, that we sell our souls to do it. We build our lives based off of lies, and are devastated when the house of cards comes crashing down.  The world was a better place when a deal was struck by the shacking of hands, when a promise carried a greater weight than a signed piece of paper.   I often ask older scouts to tell me what the phrase “On my honor” means.  Many give me long grandiose answers, which are all valid, but I find the answers given to me by the younger scouts ring most true.  The phrase on my honor means that you are making a promise from the very depths of your soul.  It is time we return a sense of trust and honor to this world.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Don’t create myths and legends just to trick your opponent into making a mistake.

Loyal: Loyalty is a trait lost upon many today.  It is something that far too many people have cast aside.  What is Loyalty, what does it mean to be loyal?  Does it mean blind folded allegiance, or being shackled to a cause chosen years ago? No it means to stand by those who stand by you. To be there for the people who mean the most in your life. It means personal sacrifice in the name of what you hold dear.  Being loyal means that when someone needs you, you are willing to throw down what you are doing and run to help them.  No man, woman, or child should have to face the storms of this world alone, just because you are already comfortable and safe inside your own home. The attitude of “I would have helped, but I was too busy”, is what is wrong with this society, people like to think they are loyal, but far too often when push comes to shove, when they are called to act, they choose instead to think about themselves first, and leave their loved ones to fend for themselves.

Helpful: The world would be a better place if everyone was just a little bit more helpful to one another. I am not talking about doing some grand extreme make over type of help, just the small simple things that can make a person’s day just a little brighter. Like opening doors for women, or helping your neighbor bring the groceries in.  For those of us in the northern part of the country, lend a hand when that blanket of fresh white snow falls, and help the people on your street dig out.  Small acts of helpful kindness, can change the world.  Don’t do it for personal gain, don’t do it because you think that is what society would want you to do, do it because it is a kind gesture, because you genuinely want to be a kind person.

Friendly: How nice would it be if you knew everyone on your street? If you had friends all over the city or town you live in?  How nice would it be to live in a place where you walk down the street and complete strangers bid you a heartfelt greetings? Sure to many of us in this fast pace self-centered world it would seem like something out of the twilight zone, but honestly think about how nice it would be if everyone knew everyone. I know that is a lofty goal, but so was putting a man on the moon.  Try waving and smiling at the people you meet throughout the day.  Try being helpful to people, and doing it with a smile on your face.  I guarantee you that if you open up, and are willing to be a friend in this world, your life will be filled with more happiness than you can imagine.  Your friendly smile, your fond hello, might just change someone life.  Show someone they are not alone.  Show someone that there is good in this world.  If we were all just a little friendlier to one another, so many of the bad things that happen, would just seem like nightmares of a dark age.

Courteous: The world can never have too much courtesy.  Politeness and manners are things that we try so hard to instill in young children, but fail to champion by our own actions. Why is it that we want our kids to be polite, and practice good manners? Well the answer is obvious that is how we think people should behave, say please and thank you, don’t belch and fart at the dinner table, don’t make funny faces or call people names.  We think this is how the world should be, but then we fail to champion these principles ourselves.  We yell at children for using foul language, then cuss out the person who cuts us off. We tell children not to call people names, but then lash out at the waitress for screwing up our order. Kids see that, and they begin to think that being courteous is just something kids do, and that it is a sign of being an adult when you are able to throw curse words, and play about in the moral filth like their parents.
We must live as we expect our kids to live, and follow the same rules that we expect them to follow. That is part of what being a role model, being a parent is about.  I am not just talking about being courteous when the kids are around, and then being the same old slobs we have always been when they are not. That is a lie, and that goes against the very first point in the law. Eventually the kids will find out the truth, and it will erode your moral authority.   Be courteous to those around you, open doors, say thank you, and ask politely. Do not just go about demanding things as if you are some type of king.  Maybe then this world of self-indulgence and undue entitlement will finally meet its end.

Kind: how often we forget to be kind to one another. How many problems are started in this world because of a lack of kindness, a lack of compassion? So often we view kindness and compassion as a weakness, a weapon for the wicked to use against us.  True often times it is the kind, who find themselves at the sharp end of wicked deeds, but does that mean that we should not be kind to each other? What good are principles, a moral code if we cast them aside at the first sign of trouble? Are they really principles if after the first time you get burned by lawless men you drop them? Are you really any better than a monster if you give up on being morally righteous because it is a little difficult?
Kindness is infectious, it spreads like wildfire, one kind deed, leads to another. It does not take a much to show a bit of kindness in your everyday life. Like sitting with that kid who gets picked on, because no one should have to eat lunch alone.  It is not hard to hold a door for someone, or pick up a piece of trash that someone left lying on the ground.  The actions may seem small, but a single grain of rice can tip the scale, a single kind action might change the world.

Obedient: This one is often the hardest for adults to follow.  I myself have a hard time with this one from time to time.  For a child obedience is easy to understand, you follow the rules set by your parents, and your teachers. Adults make rules and you follow them. That is how the world works.  Easy enough to understand. But when a child sees an adult who lacks obedience, once again this idea that rules are only for kids, and that ignoring them is a sign that they are grown up and cool becomes an issue.
But as adults who are we obedient to? Who makes the rules, why do I have to follow other people’s rules? Sure there are the laws that the government makes, those are rules, and those we should follow. That is setting a good example for the kids. Most adults have no issue with that, the problem remains, who are we obedient to? Can you not be obedient to yourself? If you make rules that you expect your children to follow, such as no swearing, no soda after dinner, keep your room clean, no desert  unless you finish your vegetables, do these rules not apply to you just because you are an adult? If so is that double standard something you want your kids to apply to their lives?  Do the benefits of following those rules not also apply to you?  Lead by example and be obedient to the rules that you have set for your own home.  If the school your child goes to has a dress code, and you allow them to leave the house knowing full well that they are dressed inappropriately, are you not condoning disobedience?  Just because the rules of your house say it is okay, does not mean that other peoples rules are less important than yours.  The work place has different rules, than most peoples personal lives, school should be no different.  If we would stop fighting with each other, and accept that some places have different rules than others, perhaps rules, laws, and regulations would not be so fragrantly disregarded by so many.
Like I said, for adults, obedience is hard, because so often we feel that we have grown above it.  How about obedience to our moral code, and our own personal ethics?

Cheerful: This is an easy one, be happy.  When I worked on the grounds crew at the local school district I would always see the faces of people driving to work, and in the four years I worked there never once did I see someone who was happy or even had a smile on their face.  So often we look for reasons to be angry, we look for reasons to be mad at life.  Why can we not find the things to be happy about? Why can we not face our day knowing that, sure there will be hardships, but by God life is good? We live in the greatest nation in the world. We enjoy freedoms that other people can only dream of.  We have a government that cannot just come in and steal our children, or destroy our homes.  Sure your job might not be the best, but it could be worse, you could be unemployed. I tell my own father this all the time. He will say “I have to go to work” I look at him and say “no you GET to go to work”. He doesn’t have to go to his job, he chooses to.  He could quit, give up his salary, lose his house, his car, his nice TV, and his bed.  He chooses to go to work, and that is something a lot of people cannot say.  That is something to be cheerful about. I am not doing this because I have to, I am doing it because I want to.  I wonder how many people in China would like to be able to think that when they go to work.  I see people driving brand new Cadillacs, and they look out upon the world as if they had just lost their only child, you have a nice car, which means you probably have a nice job, why are you so angry?  The problems in our lives can be more easily fixed if we go in with a positive attitude, rather than just going in knowing that we are already defeated. Great the day with a smile, your friends with a laugh, and know that today life is good.

Thrifty: Oh how we can all learn from the concept of being thrifty. How nice would it be if our government understood the concept of being thrifty? I do not understand why this one is so hard for so many people.  In the 1920’s people were having a good time, the country had just come out of the worse recession in its history, the world was once again at peace, technology was booming, things were good. People wanted that new fancy automobile that they had heard so much about, new shoes, new cloths, a new house, a new stove, one of them there fancy automatic clothes washers. They got caught up in the hype, bought a lot of things on credit, things they could not afford, they created a bubble, and eventually in 1929 that bubble came crashing down into the Great Depression.  A concept of thrift was learned real quick in those hard up days.  People learned to be responsible with their money, and only buy what they could afford.  This lesson went unheeded in the 1980’s and the 1990’s. People blame the banks, people blame the government, people blame the George Soros, and George W. Bush for the house collapse of 2008, but the truth is that none of these people are to blame.  The banks did not hold a gun to your head, President Bush didn’t threaten the life of your first born child if you did not buy that house,  George Soros might have, but I am pretty sure he didn’t (he just creeps me out). The only reason that our country is in the financial situation it is in, is because of us. We bought things we knew we couldn’t afford, because we wanted them, regardless of the consequences. I don’t care what the pitch from the bank was, a thrifty person would have known, I make 40,000 a year, I doubt I can afford to buy a 200,000 dollar house, a swimming pool, and a new car.   Perhaps I could buy a new house, and wait for the new car, or maybe just get a new car, and wait on the house.   It was a lack of personal responsibility.  We have to accept that, or there is no point in trying to follow any of these rules.
Live your life within your means. Save up your money to buy fancy things.  Don’t let the fast pace of this modern world trick you into thinking you have to have everything right now.  A thrifty life can be a full life.  It is a lot nicer to come home every day and know that while you might not have everything the Joneses have you are not buried under a mountain of debt.  

Brave: This is quite possibly the key point in making all of these ideas work. You must be brave. You must have the courage to stand up to the world, even if you think you are standing alone. The world is a sick and twisted place, and it will not suffer the existence of a righteous man.  It will do everything it can to drag you down into the filth with all the rest of human kind.  
I stare out a diseased world, each day that passes man finds a new way to terrify and torture his fellow man. Be it by the sword, gun fire, or the sharp lance of a wicked tongue man is truly cruel to his fellow man. In this world of depravity and wickedness it is hard to believe that kindness and compassion can still exist. Evil is allowed to persist when good men stand by and do nothing.  There are countless souls ready to stand up for good, but they are afraid to make themselves a target of the sin filled world.  They need someone to inspire them, someone to show them that they are not alone.  You can be that person.  You must be that person. You must take it upon yourself to stand up to the wicked ways of this world, and show the rest of mankind that as FDR once said we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  With a clean conscience, and willing soul you can overcome even the darkest monsters of this world. You must find within yourself the courage to stand up for what you believe and no matter how many times the world shoves you down into the dirt, you must always be willing to jump back up and fight to the bitter end.
You must have the bravery to stand up to the bully picking on the mentally handicapped kid.  You must have the bravery to tell people to stop it, when they are rubbing someone’s failures in their face.  You must have the bravery to say enough is enough when people are making someone the blunt of their jokes.

Clean:  Be clean of body, be clean of mind, and be clean of tongue.  It surprises me how often we forget to keep ourselves clean.  A clean body is a courtesy to those around you.  A clean mind helps to keep ones actions in line with one’s moral code. If you have dirty thoughts, your actions, no matter how well intentioned, will be stained by the filth you allow to live within your mind.   A clean tongue helps remind the world to keep themselves clean.  This is important for all of us to remember.  How we communicate to one another sends strong messages about who we really are.  If you allow profanity and cruelty to rule your speech, you will not sway people to your opinion, you will paint yourself a brute, as an unintelligent buffoon in capable of defending the merits of your own ideas.

Reverent: So many shy away from this point, but that is because they forget the concept of bravery. Be reverent in your life.  I am reverent to God, I am reverent to the principles that I try to live my life by.  Being reverent does not mean that you have to worship God and Jesus Christ, that is a way to express your reverence, but to be reverent simply means to be respectful, a feeling of showing profound respect.   Reverence is something we could all do with a little more of.  Respect, for those things that make our life so fulfilling, Respect for those things that have allowed us to become who we are today. 

I challenge each and every one of you to live your life based off of these principles for a year. Take notes, keep a diary or journal of how you attempted to live by these points, and what you think you should do to better fulfill them.  At the end of the year, write a post about what differences you have found in your life, and which point you feel has had the most impact on your life.   This is not meant to be political, so I humbly ask that if you are thinking of making it so, please do not comment.  I truly believe in my heart of hearts that if the world lived by these principles, it would be a far better place.

If you are brave enough, and willing to accept my challenge, copy this post and repost it on your blog.  Change the intro if you wish.

So who will accept my challenge, stand up and let your voice be heard.


I have heard a lot of people complaining about how some rock star, and the fact that she prerecorded the national anthem.   For some reason people think this was a big deal.  I am not offended at all by the fact that she lip sank the national anthem. It is a major responsibility to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Presidential Inauguration. If when you are invited to become a part of history, you so choose to do so by lip sinking to a pre-recorded song, then so be it.  I see no issue with that.

However, her rendition of the Start Spangled Banner does still offend me.  This frustration of mine has been building up for a long time and Ms. Beyoncé is Unfortunatly the one who finally put me over the top. When someone is selected to sing the National Anthem, they have been selected to lead the crowd in honoring the lives, and the principles that have made it possible for the audience to take part in the event they had gathered for.  It is not an honor to sign the Start Spangled Banner, it is a responsibility. Over recent years there has been a trend amongst those chosen to bear that responsibility, that really highlights the largest problems facing our nation.

Before I go into rant mode, okay before I got into hyper angry typer mode, a little back ground.  The Star Spangled Banner, as we all know is a poem written by Frances Scott Key.  It tells of the British siege of fort McHenery in the war of 1812.  The poem was later put to music, a popular song of a gentlemen’s club of the day. The problem is that the majority of the song is far beyond the register that most people can sing. So we call the first part of the poem our National Anthem. The song was played at celebrations, such as the Fourth of July. Woodrow Wilson declared that it was to be played at military and other appropriate occasions.  It is an up beat song, it is a march, it is a song that declares to the world the glory of the Untied States of America. Its proud bold notes fill our hearts with pride, its triumphant echoes, remind us of the sacrifices of the past. It is not a funeral dirge. The Star Spangled Banner is meant to inspire the pride of a nation, not lament the passing of some golden age.

Too many people who are chosen to lead us in the singing of the National Anthem, bastardize the meaning of that responsibility. They do not view it as a responsibility to the nation, but rather they see it as some great honor. A grand honor given to them because of how great they are, and how inferior those around them are.  They view it as a chance to glorify themselves. To show off what they can do, to get attention for themselves, to show the world how great they are.  They view it as an opportunity to satisfy their ego.  They are there for the wrong reason.  They slow the song down to a crawl, embellish notes, to show off how well they can add vibrato, and how long they can hold a note.  I feel as though most of them should be given a mirror so they can stare at themselves while they walk out, so they can take in their unparalleled beauty. Then place a full length mirror upon the podium so that they can watch how amazing they look while they sing. 

Our nation is sick, we are suffering from a disease that have toppled countless empires. We exist in an age where people ask what should be done for me, not what can I do for you.  We live in an era where people feel as though the world is owed to them. There is no reason to try hard, or go above and beyond because they are entitled to the best, and will be given the best.  We live in an era of self centered snobs.  Self centered rock stars are praised, for how well they can draw attention to themselves, instead of how much they do for those around them. Age old traditions are cast aside because they are inconvenient, or fail to entertain us. It is this modern “go go age” that has brought us to this sad point in our history.  Where we worry only about ourselves, and care nothing for the trouble of others.  It is this attitude of look how great I am, that allows for the cruelty that we see in our day to day life.

Now am I saying that because these self centered, egotistical rock stars abusing the responsibility of singing the Star Spangled Banner, has somehow destroy our nation? Of course not, this is not the cause of the problem, it is a symptom, a sign of the rot that has befallen our grand nation. We have forgotten who we are, and forgotten why we are great. We have forgotten that while we are a nation of individuals, we are one people. We all have a responsibility to one another. A responsibility to each other, to be a friend, offer a hand to those in need.

The Star Spangled Banner, is a special song, it is as special in the world of music as the United States is in the world of nations. Just as the concept of man being able to rule himself, that the people should have the power in a nation, not some aristocrat chosen by some grand ceremony, the concept of a national anthem was unheard of in the world.  Never before had a nation had an official song as its national anthem. Many had a song they could relate to, but none had one that officially was the anthem to their country. The Star Spangled Banner is a powerful piece, it has the abilities many dream of having.  Our nation is a nation of kings. We are a nation of hard headed, and proud people.  Democrats, Republicans, even those Crazy Libertarians (I’d fall in here), conservatives, progressives are all locked in a bitter conflict day in and day out. Red Sock’s and Yankees, Wolverines and Buckeyes try to rip each other limb from limb in an instant.  Nothing can calm these bitter rivalries, but for one brief moment in time Republicans and Democrats, Yankees and Red Socks, stop their blood letting and stand united, one people, one nation, united not by uniformity, but by reverence to the ideals of our nation. United by a mutual pride in their homeland. What brought about this brief interlude of peace? The playing of the national anthem.  It is a time for us to remember that while we may hail from different lands, have different ideas, our hearts are one.  The self centered indulgences pompous singers does not do justice to this sacred time of peace and unity.

I cannot stand when I see these self infatuated singers stand up and sing this tear jerking lament of America Past, and then everyone cheers. I cannot stand when people have this idea that best is behind us and we might as well accept it. I cannot stand the celebration of mediocrity that seems to permeate the entirety of this nation. I long for the days when Americans dreamed of the boundless horizons of the future, rather than settle for the dismal limitations of the present. I know I speak of history fondly, but that is not because I want to return to those days, but because I want to learn from the past, to build a better future.  I do that because I am not satisfied with where we are today, and do not want to waste time rehashing the mistakes and failures of the past. I want the Star Spangled Banner to once again be a song sung by proud citizens of an unequalled nation. I want us to take the lessons of the Star Spangled Banner and apply them to the world we live in. Build on the peace started in the one moment of unity, and move forward together.

so get off which ever rock star who lip sank the National Anthem at the inauguration, that was no insult, the insult was how they made the anthem about glorifying themselves, rather than uniting a nation for one brief moment of harmony.

A new presidential term has come to be.  Today is a sad day for those of us amongst the conservative movement as President Obama was Re-elected.  Today is not a time to sit and mop in defeat.  Today is a day to reflect on why it is that a radical progressive was allowed to once again take the oath of office, rather than a true conservative.  The GOP has forgotten what it is. The GOP can learn a lesson from the Democrat party, not from their radical ideology but rather from their strict adherence to their radical ideology.  The GOP is always to eager to give up its beliefs and do what they think is popular. I want to give a little history lesson.

In 2008, scared by the actions of George W. Bush the progressive branch of the GOP convinced us that a progressive is what we needed to win the election, so they ran John McCain.  President Obama won in a landslide.
In 2010, the conservative side of the GOP was revived by the radical policies of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and rallied to sweep the house of Representatives. The largest transfer of power in the nation’s history.
In 2012, the progressive  in the Republican party convinced us that a conservative candidate would be the wrong choice for the party, so they strong armed any conservative alternative to their candidate of choice, Mitt Romney. Now Romney was more conservative than John McCain, but at the end of the day he was still an east coast moderate.  He won more states than his progressive predecessor, but still failed to achieve victory.

So, when the GOP embraces its conservative roots, it wins, when it allows the progressives to moderate its message, it loses.  The problem with the GOP is that they fail to embrace the vary principles that put them in office.  The GOP got into office in 2010 because it stood firm against the radical and reckless policies of President Obama. Now, they seem to be thinking that conservatives are the problem? The problem is that they have lost their spine, and think that caving to progressive demands will somehow make them look strong, and win them support. They have tried that before and we the American People have suffered for it.  It is time that the GOP realize just what its purpose is. Just what it is that it exists to do.  It is time that we stand up, and drive the progressives from our party, and from the country.  It is time that we tell the true story of history, and crush the progressive narrative once and for all.  The GOP has always been and should always be the party of the individual man. The Party of independence and Liberty.  The party of equality and protector of our peoples freedoms. It is time that the true conservatives of our party take charge, and take pride in our beliefs.   It is time that we revel the progressive movement and the Democrat party for what they really are.

Who was it that fought the ending of slavery tooth and nail,
Who was it that re-segregated the military prior to world war one
Who was it that fought against equal rights legislation
Who is it that thinks that minorities are so weak and helpless that they cannot fend for themselves,
Who is it that think that the poor of this nation are so dimwitted and worthless that they can never dream of achieving anything in their lives, and attempts only to sustain them rather than help them to thrive.

It has always been the progressive movement that has stood before the weak, stood before the minorities and told them no. It is the progressive movement that promises them the world only to ensure their continued subservient loyalty. Why is it that they can promise them the world, fail on all accounts to deliver it, and still they are held up as some champion amongst the minority? It is because they have everyone scared, scared to dare cross their path. Scared of being called a racists, scared of being driven from the warm light of popularity.  The GOP is just guilty if not more so for the state of minorities in this nation as the Democrat party. They cower in fear of the progressive machine, and allow it to continually re-write history, paint false narratives, and demonize anyone who dares question their unholy work.  It is time that we stand up, and face this demon head on. It is time that we stop being afraid of the truth, time to stop running from our past, and time to honor those who came before us by doing the right thing, by denying these progressives another victory. By denying them the ability to further divide and destroy our nation. 

To do this though will not be easy, and things will probably get worse before they ever get better, but we must act now. We must stand up and begin our march towards a brighter future right this second, or we might as well resign ourselves to the dust bin of history. We must be willing to stand up in front of the publics judgment, and acknowledge our flaws, and move forward having learned from our past mistakes. We must own up to our failings, not run from them. Embrace the truth, not hide from it. We must not let our personal feelings get in the way of our political ideology.  If we do these things, we will be far stronger than any progressive could ever dream of being. 

This does not mean change who we are, but rather actually live by the beliefs that we hold to.  Limited government and personal liberty are stronger talking points than anything the progressive movement has to offer.  We must become true conservatives once again.
Gay Marriage, where in the constitution does it state that the federal government has the power to regulate who you can and cannot marry? It doesn’t, and we cannot pretend that it does.  That is an issue reserved for the individual states to decide. I don’t like gay marriage, but as long as they are willing to pay their taxes, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us.  I don’t like gay marriage, so I won’t get one, I will tell people how I think it is wrong. But at the end of the day if they want one, who am I to judge them. Am I God? of course not, I am but a flawed human being.  What they do in their own home is their own business.  If individual states have differing opinions, let them make them.  That is why we have a federal system. 
Immigration, why is the movement of individual liberty and limited government afraid of this issue? Why is the party that has done the most for race equality afraid to approach the issue of immigration?  It is time that we show the world that we embrace immigration, and embrace its reform, to make it easier to come to this nation legally. We are a nation of immigrants, and welcome them openly.  We want them to  enjoy the blessings of liberty with us.  Just because we want to stop the illegal flow of people into our country does not mean that we do not want them to come here legally. Our stance on immigration is one that is out to protect the immigrant population.  By not closing the boarders we make the victims to the crimes and prosecutions of the criminals who seek to exploit them and our open boarders.  They make deals with crocks and thieves, who exploit their desires to make a better life for themselves. They are used as cover for the criminals smuggling drugs and weapons in and out of this country.  They are denied the rights of American Citizens because they cannot navigate the complex maze of immigration laws that we have laid out. They are exploited by business men without a soul. We must therefore seek an end to this problem. We must stand up to the Band-Aid salesmen of this nation. Who only seek to exploit the symptoms of this problem to remain in power. why would the progressives want to fix immigration, they are the ones who profit most from its flaws. They have promised for years to do something, then been so against progress that they refused to listen to the ideas of others, or compromise. They instead stiff arm progress, and blame the other side for their hard headed indifference.

The Conservative Movement, the GOP does not have a history of racism, or hatred. Those traits are held by the progressive movement and the Democrat party.  The GOP has a history of letting the democrats and the progressives manipulate the truth, paint them as monsters, and then just take this beating lying down.  No more. It is time that the true conservatives return to prominence within the Republican Party. It is time that we stop letting the progressive thugs lie about us, and create fictions to ensure their continued rule. It is time we stop running from the truth, and let it have its day. It is time that we stop defending our common sense and longing for liberty, and start attacking the radical disproven theories of progress tyrants.   Stand up to these people, do not let a progressive lie go unanswered.   The time to cower in fear is over, now is the time to stand up and let the truth be heard.  It is time to take back the GOP.  Do not let the progressive saboteurs tell you that conservatives are the liability within the problem.  It is time to cast them out, and return to the truths that made this country great. Do not let the progressives tell you that you are right, but we can’t risk it now, tomorrow will be a better time to return to our core beliefs. For what is today but yesterday’s tomorrow.  We can either unite behind conservatisms, or we can continue to be the failures that we have been for the last 10 or so years.

We are the party of individual liberty and freedom. The Democrats are the party of government knows best, and you people are too stupid to exists on your own.   

After the Sandy Hook tragedy I urged caution, and patients to ensure that we knew the facts before we started screaming at one another about gun control.  It is always a good idea to know the facts of an issue before you begin a debate.  Well a recent news story from NBC has shown why we should be patient. 

“This continues to be a very complex investigation and there is a lot of contradictory information out there, but we have some new information this morning (one month ago) from a couple of federal officials and state officials.

They say now that there were actually four handguns inside the school, not just two as we were initially told. Four handguns and apparently only handguns that were taken into the school.

We knew that Adam Lanza, the man said to be the gunman here, also had an ‘assault-style’ AR-15 -style rifle that he had had taken to the school, it was in the car he drove there, his mother’s car, but we have been told by several officials that he had left that in the car“

Here is a link to the original story.

Is the NBC report creditable, I don’t know.  I will have to research the issue more. I do no NBC has had a history of editing stories to fit a narrative. Like in the Trevon Martin case, where they edited the 911 call to make the shooter sound more racists.  So is this proof scary looking semi-automatic rifle was not used in the shooting, not necessarily, but it is reason to question whether another gun control law would have stopped this beast from killing those people, or if it would have been as ineffective as the other laws he broke to commit this act.

I will keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

A little over a week ago, I had made up my mind that I was going to end this blog.  My life has indeed become extremely busy, and complicated. I had fallen behind in many aspects of my life, and just could not take the stress anymore. I was having trouble keeping up with the demands of training young men to run a Boy Scout troop, trying to maintain my grades in college, keep my broken down heap of a truck running, and finding a way to pay for it all. I thought I had to do everything myself, and tried to be everything to everyone. I thought I had to cut things out of my life, to be able to live my life.  But then a friend read my farewell post. He came to me shocked that I could give up something that I had been so passionate about for so many years. I told him that I just couldn’t do it anymore. He asked me what could possibly bring me to that point.  I told him, everything. He said he thought I made a good choice and left it at that. I took that as a sign that my blogging days where done.

Well this past weekend, I was forced to rethink everything.  I had reserved a campsite, under the impression that 10 boys where going camping.  The Monday before we were going to go, only four raised their hands, the four that did included one first class scout, and three scouts whom this would be their first winter camping experience.  They all really wanted to go, so I agreed not to cancel it.  I was furious that I had not heard anything from the older boys, that the older scouts could not even be bothered to show up the meeting before we went camping. Let alone bother to go and lead the young scouts in the wilderness. I felt as though I had failed these new scouts. I had failed to properly train the youth leaders, that I had failed to find the spark necessary to keep the older boys active.  But Friday, before we left the church, I was amazed to see that the younger boys had roped in two more scouts to go along. Still none of the older scouts where there, but they had found 2 more boys eager to learn what nature had to offer them.  Then Saturday morning, I awoke to find that two more scouts had arrived at camp in the early hours of the morning.  They had something to do Friday night and didn’t think that their parents would drive them up to the campsite. They didn’t have my number, and had no way of letting me know that they were able to make it.  One of these two boys was the troop quartermaster, and jumped straight in to leading the troop.

I asked the older boy, why he had decided to come, and he told me that he heard how disappointed I was in the youth leadership and he was determined to show me I was wrong. That the older boys in the troop did care.  I was pleasantly stunned, and never happier to be proven wrong. 

Then yesterday, I got a call from a friend, whose wedding I was supposed to be in, but thanks to recent financial issues, I thought I would be unable to attend his bachelor party in DC. He called to tell me that he worked out the price issue with his grooms men, and they had found a way for me to go. I turned him down, I couldn’t accept that. He told me that I was being foolish and letting my pride get in the way. He told me it was his way of returning the generosity I had shown him after his brother died. It was a way to show his gratitude for me towing his truck home when it crapped out one night, and then spending the next day trying to fix it, only to find out that he had simply run it out of gas.  It was his way of thanking me for teaching him how to take care of a car.

Today my father told me that he has been talking to my grandfather again. That he realized that his behavior at Christmas was less then acceptable. He actually opened up and told my Grandfather that, he was not made at him, but that he just has a hard time being around his sister who has caused him so much pain over the years.  Is that perfect, no but it is a start.   Did I have anything to do with it, I don’t know. I would like to think that I helped him realize his mistakes, but at the same time I do not care, so long as the family begins to heal.

I just finished taking an econ test and aced it. Without the stress of worrying about my family collapsing, or letting my friends down, I was able to once again think with a clear head.  It would appear as though I had forgotten to take my own advice.  I had forgotten that I cannot expect things to get better unless I do something about it, but that does not mean that I have to do so alone. No one person is capable of facing every storm on their own, but that is what our family and friends are for. They are there to help pick us up when we are down. They are the ones that give us a something to fight for. They are the ones who are there to guide us through the darkest depths of our self made hells.

I had lost faith in many things in the last couple of months, mostly myself. But in the simple phone call from a friend, the selfless act of my Boy Scouts, the re-uniting of father and son, have re-kindled the fire of truth and knowledge within me.  Knowledge that the most important thing a man can do in life is help his fellow man, knowledge that truth is the only avenue for happiness in life.  That I cannot succumb to the clutches of despair. I cannot allow my pride to become arrogance.  I was writing my own pitty story, letting the troubles of life rule me, rather than letting faith and perseverance rule my troubles.

I am back, but while I have decided not to end this blog, or my fight against the evils of the progressive movement, I am not going to be posting as often as I once did. My life still requires tending to, but have no worries, I will not give up the fight.  Thank you for the kind words from all of the Xanga followers. Your comments keep me going, and your compassion has helped to bring me back. 

In the last post we discussed how the radical progressives are abusing recent crimes to pray on the ignorance of Americans to try and pass their unprecedented semi-automatic firearm ban.  I showed how they tag the Armorlite Rifle 15 as an assault weapon, because it looks scary.  The radicals like President Obama and Dianne Feinstein fully expect you to be dumb enough to believe that a stuffed grizzly bear is just as dangerous a live one, because they look the same. Sound logic if you are a five year old child, but then again that is what the amount of contempt that the progressives have for you, commoners.  The radical progressives have a unique advantage over those with common sense, as they control the network news media.  Basically ABC, CBS, and NBC, defiantly NBC like to pray on your ignorance, rather than inform you on of facts surrounding an issue, they choose to just regurgitate the progressive agenda, and hope no one ever questions them. Well I am not a member of the propaganda machine. I like to live in a world of facts, and logic.  So along those lines I would like to further discuss the continued attempts by radicals such as the President and Senator Feinstein, to try and steal your rights based on political smoke and mirrors.

We have discussed the concept on gun control, the failures not only in its logic, but also in its historical success (by which I mean lack there of).  We have discussed how they are using a scary rifle, that looks like a military firearm, to convince you into letting them take away your rights. Now I would like to discuss a concept, once again dealing with the Armorlite Rifle 15. We have already covered the fact that the AR-15 is just a semi-automatic rifle, its not military grade, its not an assault weapon as the progressive liars would have you believe (they hate facts, because they perpetually operate in conflict with the truth).  In the previous post I discussed how the AR-15 is a semi-automatic firearm that looks like a military firearm, I showed you how a non-scary semi-automatic rifle could be easily changed into a scary rifle, without changing its mechanics. I know the progressives think you are dumb enough to believe that changing the cosmetics of a firearm could somehow change how the mechanics work, but I know that you are smart enough to see through these fables, once they are revealed for what they are, attacks on your intelligence.  I mentioned briefly that the M1 Carbine is more of a military assault weapon than the progressives favorite punching bag the AR-15.  It is this rifle, the M1 Carbine, that I would like to discuss today.

So the M1 Carbine, it is a military grade firearm. It fires a 30 caliber round, and it is completely legal for you to buy the one that was issued to a soldier in World War Two or Korea, or you can buy a brand new one. So why is it that this, military weapon, a firearm that actually saw military service, is brushed over when the semi-automatic ban comes up. I think that they are missing a terrifying weapon that is far more dangerous than the AR-15 could dream to be.  The AR-15 is a large rifle, it has pistol grips and a massive carrying handle directly above the upper assembly.  That makes the rifle very good for shooting, but they do make the rifle quite awkward to walk around with. I use an AR-15 for varmint hunting, and I love it for its accuracy, and its light weight design. However, it is really awkward to walk through the woods with this thing slung over your shoulder. I also use an M1 Carbine to varmint hunt. While it is a little heavier than the AR, and it lacks the range and power of an AR, its compact design makes it a lot easier to live with in the woods.

That got me thinking, and naturally, you’ll never guess where my thought process took me, if you guessed history your right, if you guess ranting about radical progressives meh… you were close, if you guessed just about anything else its probably your first time here.  Naturally I turned to history. In the violent days spawned out of governments never ceasing thirst for power, prohibition, gangsters were known for using two weapons, the first was a favorite of Bonnie and Clyde the mighty Browning Automatic Rifle, the second was the Chicago Type Writer the Thomson Sub Machine Gun. The BAR was a more reliable firearm, it has a more powerful round, more accurate, but for some reason the little Thomson was more popular with the criminals. The Thomson fired a .45 ACP round, the same round fired from the Colt 1911 pistol, and it had a much shorter barrel than the BAR, both of which meant a sacrifice in accuracy. So where the BAR was Accurate up to 1400 yards, the Thompson was only accurate up to 160 feet. So why was it that the Thompson was so much more popular, not only with criminals, but with law as well. The reason behind this was that the Thompson while underpowered, was far easier to wield, had a far higher rate of fire, and most importantly of all was far easier to conceal. A very important thing to when you are going to hold up a bank.  Getting in undetected helps a lot, when you are committing a crime.

So the AR-15, it is a large firearm, it is awkward to carry, it has been turned into the weapon of the devil by a power hungry radical progressive left all of these things have made it almost impossible for an AR-15 to sneak under the radar, thus eliminating it as a practical choice for a weapon to use in a crime.  I realized that an M1 Carbine, much like a Thompson, would be a much better choice to commit a crime than an AR. It would be easier to conceal, its lack of power and long range accuracy would not be an issue in the close ranges that most criminals operate in. Plus, having an M1 carbine in the trunk of your car, or in your gun rack, would not cause a mass panic.  You never hear about a M1 Carbine being used in a mass shooting, it is always the evil AR-15. So that got me to thinking, is the AR-15 really hypnotizing the majority of criminals into becoming criminals, or is it just the victim of a vast radical progressive conspiracy.  Is the AR-15 really the weapon of choice for a criminals? If not the devil spawn AR, are other semi-automatic rifles  the weapon of choice for criminals?

So I began researching, looking for information to answer my question. In my quest I found some interesting numbers. From a Mr. Gary Kleck in his book Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Controls, I found that in 47 studies only 2% of guns used in violent crimes were actually so called assault weapons. Further more, according to the Department of Justice, in 2008 8% of the 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed by a person using a gun.  So of the 5,340,000 violent crimes committed in the United States only 8544 were committed with so called assault rifles. So clearly when a criminal goes to get a gun, he doesn’t jump at the high powered, high capacity, semi-automatic rifle. Criminals haven’t changed much sense the last major era of violence brought on us by a nanny state government.  Criminals during prohibition used the smaller Thomson, it was easier to conceal, modern day criminals don’t opt for blocky rifles just because they are more powerful. The opt for something they can conceal.  If this were not the case, they would be using the evil AR-15 in more crimes than .16% of violent crimes. 

So what about mass murder, surely in the case of a mad man wanting to kill huge numbers of people the gun man would obviously turn to a high capacity semi-automatic rifle. Well in the 29 events sense, and including Columbine the numbers seem to paint the image that an assault weapons ban would be less effective than a claw hammer ban. To explain let me give you some numbers. The following numbers deal with the same time frame discussed above. In these 29 mass shootings the weapons involved were as follows. It is important to note that in many mass shootings more than one type of weapon is used (hence why if you add up the percentages they add up to more than 100%).

Semi-Auto Pistol — 75.8%
Shotgun — 31%
Semi-Auto or Bolt Hunting Rifle — 13.7%
Assault Rifle — 13.7%
Bomb Making — 6.8%
Claw Hammer — 3.4%                      

Now at first glance the numbers seem to disprove my claim that a ban on so called assault weapons would be less effective than a ban on claw hammers. After all the numbers clearly show that assault rifles were used in 10.3% of mass murders, where as claw hammers only where used in 3.4%. That is the real danger of statistics really. Just numbers alone can fail to tell the whole story.  Yes these numbers show that, assault rifles are far less likely to be used in a mass killing than a Semi-auto pistol, but they don’t tell the full story, they don’t highlight the true folly of an assault weapons ban.  You see, upon further reading I found that things get far more interesting. In the same article that I found the statistics I found some more really good information.  Now the study deals with the 29 most recent mass shooting events.  So that 13.7% statistic means that 4 of these mass murders used an assault rifle. Further reading revealed that of these 4 mass murders, three of them were committed by stolen firearms. That means that only one of them was committed by someone who went out and bought an “assault rifle” legally. So three fourths of mass shootings committed with an “assault rifle” would be unaffected by the government illegal preventing law abiding citizens from buying “assault rifles”.  What this also means is that a ban on buying “assault rifles” would only prevent 1 mass murder, or about 3.4% of those committed in the years sense Columbine. That is the same as a ban on claw hammers.

Now I know that there are those out there who will not think that my logic holds water. Just because two of the three assault weapons used were stolen does not mean that preventing law abiding citizens from owning assault weapons would not have prevented these mass murders. I can see that logic, if the law abiding citizen didn’t have the gun to steal, it would be much harder to commit the mass murder, or would it.  More mass murders have been committed in the years sense Columbine by hunting rifles than have been by so called “assault rifles”. The same number of mass murders have been committed with Revolvers.  Let us just stop and think about this. A mass murder is just as likely to be committed by a man with a revolver as it is to be with a “assault rifle”.   A far more effective ban would, in theory, would be to ban pistols. They of course tried that in Chicago, of course that resulted in the percentage of murders being committed with handguns to sky rocket.

so all in all, banning so called “assault weapons” would only affect less than 1% of violent crime. It would be equally as ineffective when combating mass shootings as well seeing as only 13.7 percent of mass murders are committed with “assault rifles”, only 3.4% would be prevented by banning the sale of “assault weapons” to law abiding citizens. So why then do the progressive propagandist continue to try to sell us on this narrative that banning assault rifles would somehow magically prevent mass shootings.  Probably because they are pushing agenda. The progressives are heartless creatures willing to exploit anything they can to achieve their political goals. This isn’t about saving lives, this is about gaining power. They don’t like the fact that the American People have the ability to defend themselves. That the American People have one final, and ultimate check on out of control and tyrannical powers.  When the progressives came to power in Germany they disarmed the people, when the progressives came to power in Russia, they disarmed the people, and in both cases when their true radical intents became known the people have no way to fight back.  Am I saying that I think that Dianne Feinstein wants to usher in a new dark age of progressive violence, no. I think that she is just following the party line.  She is doing as the progressives expect her too.  I could see President Obama pushing for a new progressive nightmare, he has shown a complete disregard for the laws of this nation. He has spat on the checks and balance system in our nation, and continually threatens to use non-existent executive power to create laws without congress. That sounds less like a president and more like a tyrant.  The point is that there is no evidence that banning assault weapons would prevent the crimes that radical progressives exploit in order to push their illegal agenda.