Thank God for Checks and Balances

657.) By now we are all aware of the fact that President Obama is a big government progressive. He believes in massive government spending and the redistribution of wealth. This was show cased during the fiscal cliff debate when one of his options for solving our debt crisis included billions in new spending. We also know that he has no problem doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals. We have had many examples over the last four years of President Obama usurping congresses authority to enact his agenda. Over the last four years we have also become aware that he likes to use crisis as a smoke screen to cover unpopular actions.

For a long time now we have been hearing how the system is broken. How Washington can no longer operate. I have to admit that I was starting to believe that. Not because the Executive and the Legislative branches have been bickering for the last two years, but because the scum we send to Washington only worries about getting re-elected rather than sitting down and doing some governing. I have to say that my faith in Washington has been slightly reversed, by no means restored mind you, but reversed.

You see during the fiscal cliff debate the media was blind to every political dealing unless it was a chance to demonize Republicans. That means it was a prefect time for President Obama to do something under the shelter of chaos caused by the fiscal cliff debate, to rack up more federal spending, and of course to thumb his nose at the power of congress. On Friday December 29th, 2012 President Barack Obama signed an executive order that, in this time of fiscal crisis, ended a pay freeze for certain federal workers. Beneficiaries of this executive order include such hard done by individuals such as Vice President Joe Biden, and our elected officials in congress. President Obama’s executive order would have given members of congress as $900 a year raise, and Vice President Joe Biden would have received a modest $6,000 a year raise. President Obama’s executive order would have cost the United States Tax Payer $11,000,000,000 (11 billion) over the next ten years. Not to get off topic here, but here is proof that the problem with our nations finances does not lie in our tax code, but rather in the fact that politicians spend too much money. How in the mists of a fiscal crisis, can President Obama justify raising the pay of congress members, when they are doing just fine with six figure salaries. He clearly does not take the situation seriously. He is content to continue to spend spend spend.

I digress, President Obama likes to spend money, and tax people out of fairness. He likes to do things that he has no authority to do, such as re-issue drilling moratoriums struck down by the Supreme Court, or ending a pay freeze for federal employees. Thankfully our system is not entirely broken. The House of Representatives stood up for the Constitution, and stood up for sanity. The house voted 287-129, with 55 Democrats supporting the Republican sponsored bill, to re-enact the pay freeze until the end of fiscal year 2013. What remains to be seen is if, like the three bills that would have adverted the fiscal cliff the house sent to the Senate, Harry Reid will just table this bill, and not even let the Senate discuss the bill. He did that with the three bills that the house passed, he acted like a dictator, and created chaos surrounding the fiscal cliff, all for nothing more than cheap political points. Even if Harry Reid continues to act like an Iron Fisted tyrant, the passage of this bill through the house, proves that Democrats and Republicans can work together to bring some fiscal sanity to the country. Although cutting 11 billion dollars of spending growth is nothing when you are dealing with trillions of dollars in spending, it can be a starting point. A point of mutual agreement that can be used as a tool to further cooperation within congress. Further more, it should send a message to President Obama, that he does not have free reign to rule as he wishes. He is but the enactor of laws passed by congress, he does not have the authority to make law. He is not a king.

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  1. Obama has all but eliminated the system of checks and balances.  When he wants to do something he knows will be very controversial, he just does it by executive order.  Yeah, I know he is not the first to write an executive order, but he’s done some pretty out-there things that way.

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