I Should Be Shocked

660.) I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal written by a man named Stephen Moore, in the article Moore described a recent interview that he had with Speaker of The House John Boehner about the Fiscal Cliff. In the Interview Speaker Boehner revealed an interesting comment that President Obama made to him. Speaker Boehner that President Obama told him that the nation does not have a spending problem. President Obama believes that the massive federal deficits are the results of what he claims is a “health care problem”. Can this story be confirmed, probably not, sense these modern day radicals such as the President and Harry Reid like to conduct their meetings behind close doors.  But lets apply some logic. President Obama has been calling for tax hikes from day one.  He campaigned against out deficits during the Bush Administration. He had two years to do whatever he wanted to lower the deficit, but instead choose to spend like a Beverly Hills teenager who found her daddy’s credit card. The GOP called for spending cuts, President Obama called for more stimulus spending.  So judge this as you will, but I think this is just more evidence to the fact that President Obama has no intentions of actually trying to solve the nations fiscal woes.  He will not cut spending, so we will not reduce our deficit, much less actually make an attempt of paying off our debt.  He will continue to use the debt and the deficit as a political tool to redistribute the wealth of the United States tax payers. He will call for more job killing taxes until there is nothing left to be taxed.

  1. It was interesting to see who voted for this bill. I was a bit shocked that Ryan did. Did you know that Obama went to Hawaii and signed the bill via autopen? I got spanked for not know that this is unconstitutional.

  2. @Kellsbella – Why can’t President Obama be called on that?   When are we going to have enough reason to impeach him?

  3. I’m not really shocked by any of this stuff anymore. Still outraged, but not shocked. 

  4. @quest4god@revelife – In my opinion, it’s because we’ve got a majority of RINOs in the House and Senate. Had Benghazi happened under Bush, he would’ve been crucified. Fast and Furious Libya was an act of treason. I was just talking with someone at another site that I do see the historical parallels between Obama and Hitler. If one does not believe me, they may simply read up from several sources online. Then again, most people do not know of the many unconstitutional acts that he has pulled. I think they’re too busy watching American Idol……. 

  5. virtus1 said:

    In 2009 (the most recent data year that the government is completely through revising viz. fiddling with) there was a 17.1 percent decrease in nonresidential fixed investment with a 15.3 percent decrease in investment on equipment and software in the United States.  That was the first year with a negative GDP since 1991.  The only thing that has been propping up Obama’s corporate welfare-warfare state as measured by the GDP has been the federal spending component.  The lack of this kind of investment suggests that firms see increasing taxes, decreased sales, and declining volumes of goods and services traded on the market.  Today’s report shows persistent unemployment.  The only indicator that seems to be increasing is the amount of time Obama is spending on the golf course and the number of Hawaiian vacations he takes.

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