So I just went to my college book store to buy a new text book for my class. I couldn’t find this book online for some reason so I had to go to the store, pay their insane mark ups, to buy what I thought would be a text book. You know cover, binding, high quality pictures, text, information.  Text books are a massive scam, sometimes I find myself thinking that colleges exist only so that horrible authors with no friends, kids, spouse, or hope in life can feel at least a little bit special when the school requires us to purchase their useless text book for five times what it ought to be worth.  The only upside to buying these outrageously over priced paper weights is that they make your bookshelf look really fancy, and you can pretend as though you live in the 1800 and have a massive library filled with tombs of ancient knowledge.

But I digress. I went to the store to buy one of these idiotically priced books, which odds are the teacher is probably only going to use for the problems in the back, and teach a completely different method to solving the problems than what the book details, making the majority of the text 100% worthless.  I went to the economics section, and found the book, and what to my surprise, it is a god damn three ring binder filled with 8.5 by 11 inch print outs. The price for this slap in the face, 200 dollars. I just had to pay 200 dollars for a fucking three ring binder filled with what basically amounts to someone else’s notes.  200 dollars for a three ring binder. Not a book, no binding, no quality. A three ring binder, something that I could have put together myself for oh about 20 dollars, and here I am paying 200 dollars for this worthless sack of puss spewing shit.  I can’t even make myself take the wrapper off of it, because once I do I am stuck with it.  I am real excited to talk to this professor and let him have a piece of my mind. This is just ridiculous.   Absolutely no justification for the price of this book exist. None. This is why so many people are having trouble in school, and why people such as myself cannot hardly stomach having to endure the perpetual slap in the ass that the institutions of so called “higher learning” deliver on to us.

With each passing quarter and now semester I have been growing more and more disillusioned with the modern concept of higher education. Professors acting as if they are Gods. Spreading political falsehoods, using their position to spread lies and filth. And now selling me a three ring binder for 200 dollars.  I am so mad I am seeing red, my hands are shaking and I just want to drop kick this “book” through a wall.


Anyways that’s my venting for the day.


Just kidding update…

the professor of this course is a communist.  He about had a wet dream when discussing Keynes. Going to be a fun 6 weeks.

  1. You are completely justified in all your wrath! 

  2. You didn’t have to take that class or even go to that school.With ya though. It is a friggin racket.

  3. @tendollar4ways – We can agree  on something, hell most of frozen over. I understand the concept that things have money, that school is expensive.  But here is the problem. Professors abuse their position to spread their political view points rather than to educate the students.  This teacher is having a wet dream about Keynes, talking about how he is the saving grace of humanity, rather then stating who he is and what he did.  He won’t allow us to formulate an opinion based on facts, rather he gives us only the facts that support his opinion. That is wrong. It is maddening. Normally I would probably just ignore it and enjoy the thrill of a good debate, but my blood pressure is spiking thanks to spending 200 dollars for a 400 page binder.

  4. @obamawatch – Yea…the Vatican Bee had pictures of Satan having a snowball fight with Ronald Regan on the front page.With all due respect…You sound like what you refer to as a “whiny liberal”. College is bullshit and a piece of paper saying you went through the bullshit. This is a task and getting through isn’t easy cuz its alot of dealing with bullshit. But that is life too is it not? Ya gotta deal with lots of bullshit. I had a teacher in African American studies or some shit who taught us Africans discovered America some 500 years before the Vikings. Really..I could care less but seemed like BS. This teacher was a militant anti-white piece of crap. I was one of only 3 white people and I got a D (only one ever in HS or College) and no way I deserved that. It was good enough (for the requirement) and I wasn’t gonna endure Ms. Farrakhan for another semester so I said fuck it and let it hurt my GPA.As for the text books? Profs is making Benjamins. Exploiting what they can exploit. Figure as a free marketer you would appreciate this. THIS is how it goes homey. You exploit what you can. Das what you preach day in and day out. Just when your ass is the one being exploited ya don’t like it. That is just pussy.I would photo copy my buddies text books or borrow theirs. Didn’t buy 1/2 the overpriced text books in college.Like I said…College is BS and unless you need an engineering degree or MD or some other certification….you didn’t have to go there.Glad I went but could have just as easily not.

  5. @tendollar4ways – With all do respect kind sir, I never refer to people as whiny liberals. They are progressives, come on keep up ;)I understand the concept that I don’t have to go. But I promised my grand mother that I would go to college and get a degree. I am a man of my word, so there I am.  I was venting when I wrote this, because there is no reason for this thing to cost 200 dollars. If it were a real book, 200 would be pricey but its not a real book. Rush Limbaugh says it best college is what you do while you are trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

  6. It seems like most business and economics students have it worst when it comes to textbooks.It is a rort, even more so when professors plug their own books to boost sales and thus their own royalty checks. Sometimes it’s worthwhile, especially if your professor is world-renown, but in most cases they’re second rate at best and their “work” is marginal.That said, we do choose to take the classes, and it’s also up to us whether we buy the books or not. In some cases I wait until the first class to decide whether I truly need the textbook or not, and even then if the book is priced more than I’m willing to pay, I don’t bother and work my way through the semester the best I can.

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