The Truth About “Assualt Weapons”

Lately we have been hearing the progressives calling for a ban on the sale assault weapons, the more radical progressives, such as Senator Feinstein are calling for a ban on just about every fire arm in the country.  This debate always frustrates me, because it is a classic example of progressives twisting facts to create a narrative to scare people into giving up their rights, into giving the government more power.  They are praying on a presumed ignorance of the people to create myths about fire arms, in order to demonize them. So I am here to dispel some of these myths and set the record straight.

To begin, the terminology surrounding these fire arms has been designed by a gun grabbing progressive machine in order to demonize these pieces of steal and plastic. They call these firearms Assault Rifle, Military Grade, or Military Style weapons.  They hold up the AR-15 as the quintessential “assault weapon”. After all the AR in its name must stand for assault rifle, or automatic rifle, right? No actually the AR in AR-15 stands for ArmorLite Rifle, the company who originally designed the fire arm in the 50’s.  So is the AR-15 an assault weapon? What exactly is an assault weapon? We hear guns called that all the time, but they never actually tell us what actually makes it an assault weapon.  Well David Kopel describes this very well, based on the definition from the Department of Defense in his article “Rational Basis Analysis of “Assault Weapon” Prohibition” from the Journal of Contemporary Law.

“As the United States Defense Department’s Defense Intelligence Agency book Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide explains, “assault rifles” are “short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges.” In other words, assault rifles are battlefield rifles which can fire automatically.

Weapons capable of fully automatic fire, including assault rifles, have been regulated heavily in the United States since the National Firearms Act of 1934.Taking possession of such weapons requires paying a $200 federal transfer tax and submitting to an FBI background check, including ten-print fingerprints.”

So according to the Defense Department an assault rifle  is a selective fire weapon that fire an intermediate cartridge. For those of you  who don’t know, a cartridge is the round that the fire arm uses.   So lets look at the AR-15. It fires a .223 caliber round, as far as rifles go that is a fairly small round, the M1 Garand from World War II used a 30’06 round, the M-14 that the M-16 replaced used a .308 caliber round.  Below is a picture comparing the three:

On the left is the 30’06 round used by the WWII era M1 Garand, in the middle is the .308 round used by the Vietnam Era M-14, on the left is the .223 round used by the AR-15 and the M-16.

The M-16 and the AR-15 do share the same caliber round, but that does not automatically make the AR-15 an military grade assault rifle. The M1 Garand used a 30’06, the    M-14 uses a .308 caliber round, if the round determined if a firearm was military grade or not, these two firearms would mean half the bolt action hunting rifles in the country where assault weapons. Obviously that is not the case, no for a fire arm to truely be an assault rifle it would also have to be a selective fire weapon. An M-16 is a select fire weapon. What that means is that it can fire in semi automatic, meaning that when you pull the trigger one round is fired, the casing ejected, and another round loaded. Or the firearm can fire in full auto (or three round burst depending on the rifle) meaning that when you pull the trigger, a round is fired, ejected, another round loaded, and this cycle repeats until you take your finger off the trigger.  The AR-15 is not a select fire firearm, thus denying it true assault rifle status.   To put it in other words the AR-15 is just another in a long list of semi-automatic rifle. The AR-15 is actually less a military grade weapon then this firearm:


The M1 Carbine: Chambered in .30 Carbine. Semi Automatic. Removable magazines. It was issued in World War II, in Korea.

The M1 Carbine was actually a military issued firearm, it was issued in two wars. The AR-15 has never been a military issued weapon, at least not in the United States. It just looks like a firearm that the military uses. The AR-15 is no more a Military Grade Assault Rifle than then these firearms:


The M1A: This firearm is chambered in .308, it is semi-automatic, and it has removable magazines. It is based on the M-14.


The Rugger Mini-14:  This firearm is chambered in .223, the same round as the AR-15, it has a removable magazine, just like the AR-15. It is based off the M1A

So the AR-15 is less a military grade weapon than the M1 Carbine, shares many of the same features as a M1A, and is all but identical to the Rugger Mini-14, why then is it that when the progressives call for a gun ban do they never hold up any of these firearms.  The AR-15 is no different than any of them. They all are semi-automatic, they all have detachable magazines, yet for some reason these firearms are never held up when they are talking about banning assault weapons. Why is that? Well personally I think it probably has something to do with the fact that the M1 Carbine, the M1A, and the Mini-14 all resemble hunting rifles. They have wood stocks, they don’t have a pistol grip, they could easily be seen as common hunting rifles. Despite that, these fire arms would be subject to the Assault Weapons ban just like the AR-15. So why then do they never refer to a Mini-14 when they are talking about banning semi-automatic rifles? The answer is simple they aren’t scary looking.  The progressives don’t care that these other firearms exist, they don’t care that they are just as capable as the AR-15, they need a scary gun to terrify the public into demanding the removal of these firearms from our streets.  It is easy to push the lie that they aren’t going after guns, they are just trying to remove military grade weapons from the streets, when they hold up a semi-automatic weapon that looks scary, that looks like an M-16. If they said they were trying to remove military grade weapons from the streets then held up something that looked like your fathers hunting rifle, the public would be far less likely to believe them. It would be more easily seen as what it is, a gun grab and a direct assault on our constitutional rights. It would be far easier for the defenders of liberty to reveal this power grab as the all out assault on the constitutional confines of the federal government.

So remember, when you hear these radical progressive talking about banning assault weapons, what they are really talking about is banning semi-automatic rifles. They are not talking about banning military grade weapons. They are praying on your fears, showing what looks like a scary gun, and betting that you are too stupid to realize what it is. The progressive feed on fear and ignorance, and truly believe us to all be idiots.  In conclusion, AR-15 is not a military weapon, it just looks like one. Progressive use it in hopes that you are too stupid to figure out that it is no different than many, non scary, semi-automatic firearms.

I will leave you with this video

  1. We would be safter if all drunk drivers were speeding around in these things 

  2. The truth of the “issue” is that back in 1987 or 1988, some staffer working for one of the hoplophobe organizations (VPC, I think it was) bought a few gun magazines (the glossy-paper kind) from a newsstand, then made a list of the rifles that he found especially menacing, and then VPC decided to label them as “assault weapons.” The idea was that most non-gun-owners wouldn’t distinguish between the semiautomatic-only AR-15 and the select-fire M-16, because aside from the selector switch, the two rifles are almost identical-looking, for example.

  3. @mikewb1971 – pretty much and radical progressives took this concept and run wild with it. If you challenge their view point they just go nuts. 

  4. @tendollar4ways – seven seconds into the video, “a man with a history of mental problems…”Compare this tank theft to almost every one of the mass shootings, and there is a history of mental problems there too.  Once again, the inert “weapon” doesn’t kill, or pose a threat until it’s driven by a mentally disturbed person.  Now look at the presidency, and ask yourself what kind of crazy pills the last 7 or 8 presidents have been popping with their morning joe, and also, have they made the government a dangerous weapon themselves? 

  5. @saturnnights – see I bet you didn’t know this, but guns and other scary items are different than normal everyday, non-scary items.  You see unlike a feather, or a piece of thread, guns and other scary items actually have mind powers. They take over the minds of completely normal individuals, and make them do horrible deeds.   Some of them are actually even capable of moving on their own, and committing their own atrocities.  Like SUV’s, I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard our local NBC news anchor tell us of an SUV killing someone.  An SUV started itself, put itself in gear, drove itself down the road, and ran the poor individual over, all without the aid of an incompetent driver.  That is why we have to ban these evil things, because they are taking over invading the minds of innocent people and turning them into pawns in the diabolical schemes.  Without these puppet masters, horrible crimes will stop happening.  

  6. @tendollar4ways – and unicycles on the autobahn. Don’t forget about the one eyed peanut juggling elephant named wanananabingo.  

  7. @obamawatch –  I guess I’m an enigma, because not only am I pro gun, but pro union too. I also support the right to arm bears.

  8. @saturnnights – that is not an enigma, that is called being a human. We have different beliefs on different issues, but that does not mean that we do not share beliefs on others.  When you agree with someone, agree with them, when you disagree with someone, disagree with someone. It only becomes an issue, when you won’t agree to something that a person is saying, because you disagree with things they have said in the past.  Trusting what they say is another issue, but agreeing with concept should not be a problem.

  9. @obamawatch – “Progressive” is the wrong label for these useful idiots, in that the root of the word is “progress” : “the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy, quality of life, etc.”Instead, their first instinct always seems to be to demand that everyone fall onto their knees and comply with their demand du jour, regardless of whether or not the idea has any merit.

  10. A prime example of my comment above (italics are her comments, plain-text is my responses):@SerenaDante – And you need them for what? Because you think it’s cool? Lol, people like you make me gag. “My freedoms are getting taken away because I can’t have the toy I want for Christmas!” I can’t wait til someone throws your insane ass in the loony bin.Let me make sure I have this right:1. You own a firearm, yet can’t be bothered to learn how to properly load it, unload it or shoot it, much less in a safe and proficient manner, and view that as a joke:Note #2: I own a gun. I know as much about loading it, turning off the safety, shooting it, and unloading it as I know about quantum physics. (For those of you who think I’m a quantum physicist, well, I’m not.) Teehee!Link here.2. You seriously expect me to accept your opinion on “assault weapons” over that of Paul Howe (retired from “Delta Force”), when your “knowledge” of military affairs, martial arts and the like is next to nil.Who really should be thrown into the “loony bin” here? Perhaps you should stick to writing about sex toys instead – firearms are way, way above your head.And YES, I have studied quantum physics a bit.

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