United or Die, never been so true.

A new presidential term has come to be.  Today is a sad day for those of us amongst the conservative movement as President Obama was Re-elected.  Today is not a time to sit and mop in defeat.  Today is a day to reflect on why it is that a radical progressive was allowed to once again take the oath of office, rather than a true conservative.  The GOP has forgotten what it is. The GOP can learn a lesson from the Democrat party, not from their radical ideology but rather from their strict adherence to their radical ideology.  The GOP is always to eager to give up its beliefs and do what they think is popular. I want to give a little history lesson.

In 2008, scared by the actions of George W. Bush the progressive branch of the GOP convinced us that a progressive is what we needed to win the election, so they ran John McCain.  President Obama won in a landslide.
In 2010, the conservative side of the GOP was revived by the radical policies of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and rallied to sweep the house of Representatives. The largest transfer of power in the nation’s history.
In 2012, the progressive  in the Republican party convinced us that a conservative candidate would be the wrong choice for the party, so they strong armed any conservative alternative to their candidate of choice, Mitt Romney. Now Romney was more conservative than John McCain, but at the end of the day he was still an east coast moderate.  He won more states than his progressive predecessor, but still failed to achieve victory.

So, when the GOP embraces its conservative roots, it wins, when it allows the progressives to moderate its message, it loses.  The problem with the GOP is that they fail to embrace the vary principles that put them in office.  The GOP got into office in 2010 because it stood firm against the radical and reckless policies of President Obama. Now, they seem to be thinking that conservatives are the problem? The problem is that they have lost their spine, and think that caving to progressive demands will somehow make them look strong, and win them support. They have tried that before and we the American People have suffered for it.  It is time that the GOP realize just what its purpose is. Just what it is that it exists to do.  It is time that we stand up, and drive the progressives from our party, and from the country.  It is time that we tell the true story of history, and crush the progressive narrative once and for all.  The GOP has always been and should always be the party of the individual man. The Party of independence and Liberty.  The party of equality and protector of our peoples freedoms. It is time that the true conservatives of our party take charge, and take pride in our beliefs.   It is time that we revel the progressive movement and the Democrat party for what they really are.

Who was it that fought the ending of slavery tooth and nail,
Who was it that re-segregated the military prior to world war one
Who was it that fought against equal rights legislation
Who is it that thinks that minorities are so weak and helpless that they cannot fend for themselves,
Who is it that think that the poor of this nation are so dimwitted and worthless that they can never dream of achieving anything in their lives, and attempts only to sustain them rather than help them to thrive.

It has always been the progressive movement that has stood before the weak, stood before the minorities and told them no. It is the progressive movement that promises them the world only to ensure their continued subservient loyalty. Why is it that they can promise them the world, fail on all accounts to deliver it, and still they are held up as some champion amongst the minority? It is because they have everyone scared, scared to dare cross their path. Scared of being called a racists, scared of being driven from the warm light of popularity.  The GOP is just guilty if not more so for the state of minorities in this nation as the Democrat party. They cower in fear of the progressive machine, and allow it to continually re-write history, paint false narratives, and demonize anyone who dares question their unholy work.  It is time that we stand up, and face this demon head on. It is time that we stop being afraid of the truth, time to stop running from our past, and time to honor those who came before us by doing the right thing, by denying these progressives another victory. By denying them the ability to further divide and destroy our nation. 

To do this though will not be easy, and things will probably get worse before they ever get better, but we must act now. We must stand up and begin our march towards a brighter future right this second, or we might as well resign ourselves to the dust bin of history. We must be willing to stand up in front of the publics judgment, and acknowledge our flaws, and move forward having learned from our past mistakes. We must own up to our failings, not run from them. Embrace the truth, not hide from it. We must not let our personal feelings get in the way of our political ideology.  If we do these things, we will be far stronger than any progressive could ever dream of being. 

This does not mean change who we are, but rather actually live by the beliefs that we hold to.  Limited government and personal liberty are stronger talking points than anything the progressive movement has to offer.  We must become true conservatives once again.
Gay Marriage, where in the constitution does it state that the federal government has the power to regulate who you can and cannot marry? It doesn’t, and we cannot pretend that it does.  That is an issue reserved for the individual states to decide. I don’t like gay marriage, but as long as they are willing to pay their taxes, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us.  I don’t like gay marriage, so I won’t get one, I will tell people how I think it is wrong. But at the end of the day if they want one, who am I to judge them. Am I God? of course not, I am but a flawed human being.  What they do in their own home is their own business.  If individual states have differing opinions, let them make them.  That is why we have a federal system. 
Immigration, why is the movement of individual liberty and limited government afraid of this issue? Why is the party that has done the most for race equality afraid to approach the issue of immigration?  It is time that we show the world that we embrace immigration, and embrace its reform, to make it easier to come to this nation legally. We are a nation of immigrants, and welcome them openly.  We want them to  enjoy the blessings of liberty with us.  Just because we want to stop the illegal flow of people into our country does not mean that we do not want them to come here legally. Our stance on immigration is one that is out to protect the immigrant population.  By not closing the boarders we make the victims to the crimes and prosecutions of the criminals who seek to exploit them and our open boarders.  They make deals with crocks and thieves, who exploit their desires to make a better life for themselves. They are used as cover for the criminals smuggling drugs and weapons in and out of this country.  They are denied the rights of American Citizens because they cannot navigate the complex maze of immigration laws that we have laid out. They are exploited by business men without a soul. We must therefore seek an end to this problem. We must stand up to the Band-Aid salesmen of this nation. Who only seek to exploit the symptoms of this problem to remain in power. why would the progressives want to fix immigration, they are the ones who profit most from its flaws. They have promised for years to do something, then been so against progress that they refused to listen to the ideas of others, or compromise. They instead stiff arm progress, and blame the other side for their hard headed indifference.

The Conservative Movement, the GOP does not have a history of racism, or hatred. Those traits are held by the progressive movement and the Democrat party.  The GOP has a history of letting the democrats and the progressives manipulate the truth, paint them as monsters, and then just take this beating lying down.  No more. It is time that the true conservatives return to prominence within the Republican Party. It is time that we stop letting the progressive thugs lie about us, and create fictions to ensure their continued rule. It is time we stop running from the truth, and let it have its day. It is time that we stop defending our common sense and longing for liberty, and start attacking the radical disproven theories of progress tyrants.   Stand up to these people, do not let a progressive lie go unanswered.   The time to cower in fear is over, now is the time to stand up and let the truth be heard.  It is time to take back the GOP.  Do not let the progressive saboteurs tell you that conservatives are the liability within the problem.  It is time to cast them out, and return to the truths that made this country great. Do not let the progressives tell you that you are right, but we can’t risk it now, tomorrow will be a better time to return to our core beliefs. For what is today but yesterday’s tomorrow.  We can either unite behind conservatisms, or we can continue to be the failures that we have been for the last 10 or so years.

We are the party of individual liberty and freedom. The Democrats are the party of government knows best, and you people are too stupid to exists on your own.   

  1. So many have capitulated to the “progressives” – caved in on important issues to keep from being painted as the bad guys by the media.  Now, there just aren’t very many courageous Republican leaders, and those who have tried to speak up have been abandoned the very minute that the press bad-mouths them.   Why is it that only conservative leaders are named as sinners while the Democrats have some of the vilest getting away with a little slap on the wrist and returning to power even as they continue unrepentant.   Every far-sighted Republican that has risen to speak has been shot down from the get-go, and we hear no more from them.   We can’t fault them when we don’t get behind them and promote the conservative policies that they champion.   This is the age of facebook and gossip and innuendos that everyone seems to cave into and want to jump on the bandwagon of the most popular rather than face public ridicule by the press.This is not the land of the weak-kneed victims, the impotent, the miserable, the frightened; but that is the picture that Obama sees.  It is his ticket to long years of rule over the citizens.   The government of the people is largely a thing of the past as long as we allow it to be.

  2. @quest4god@revelife – There is no cause impossible so long as there are those left to fight for it. People hide when they are scared, the progressives scare everyone.  Be like us or we will roast you on a spit.  The TEA Party was successful because conservatives realized that we were not alone. I feared that after the midterms in 2010 that we would lose sight of that, and we did. Mitt Romney is proof of that.   We must stand up and take the progressives head on, everywhere we can. Show the conservatives of the world that they are not alone. Dispel the myths and fantasies the progressives have created about our cause, and draw their lies out into the light. It is time we stop caring what these lying demons say about us, and let the truth speak for itself.  If we champion the principles that made this country great,  if we stand up for what is right, then we cannot be stopped. If we give into fear, if we cave to pressure, then we will fall. The people we sent to Washington are our representatives, they are our friends and neighbors, they too are scared that we have lost faith in them, that they must be something they are not.  If we stand behind them, stand up for conservatism, they will stand up as well.  But we the PEOPLE must be willing to stand up to the onslaught of the progressive hoards, or the people in Washington will cave to their demands, give into fear, and allow the progressives to continue to destroy the blessings of liberty that we have so long held dear.

  3.    One good thing about bad times is you learn who will stand by and holds true convictions.

  4. Here in Virginia, in 2009, EVERY opposed Democrat lost to his or her Republican opponent, from the Governor all the way down to the lowliest state legislator.  It was the same year that Chris Christie won in Jersey.  I’m hoping the same thing happens this year….You are absolutely correct:  when conservative values are pushed to the fore and candidates run on them as conservatives, they win.  Had we a truly conservative candidate in `12 to run against Mr. Obama, that candidate would have won, hands down, in a landslide…just like what happened in ~80.Alas….Very good and correct post….

  5. @obamawatch – Yes, I did not mean my comment to sound defeatist.  I was just facing the facts of our failure to support those who support freedom and a government by the people.   Yes, I am ready to continue, whether by many or few.   The future of our great country is worth whatever we can give and do.

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