I sense a Trend

I’ve been getting into trends here lately it seems, in the past I wrote about everything under the sun all the time, but it appears as though things have found a sense of order.  So that being said, can you guess what this post is about? If you guess Fox News Vs. Progressives, your wrong. I do however want to talk about lies in the media. Fox News is always drug out by the Democrat Machine. Progressive Democrats view it as the devil, undermining their plans with the truth. Spineless Democrats view it as a pain in the rear, due to the fact that they lost their monopoly on the news, and this alternate view point, this competition drives away their voters. I would not care about them calling out Fox if one, their accusations where true, and two if they called the liars wherever they lie. I cannot say this enough, I believe in living your life by a set of principles. I would rather deal with a radical progressive, heart set in their belief in the progressive movement, than someone who jumped on the band wagon to be cool. I can not say this enough, I do not care if you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, or a member of the rent is too damn high party, if you see someone lying or doing something you believe is wrong stand up to them. Stand up for beliefs, stand up to liars, and spineless thugs whenever you encounter them. Even if exposing them, might damage your own standing in the world. That being said, on to the point of this little rant.

The left always drags Fox News out behind the barn to beat on them. It is like a game to them. That is good. I like that they keep scrutiny on Fox News, that requires them to keep on their toes, and stick to the truth. I like how the media watched every action President George W. Bush did, it made sure that the administration thought before they did something.  However I cannot stomach the inequality of public ass beatings.  I know I am repeating myself, but I just want to make sure that my point is understood.  Twice in the last week Fox has been drug out for its monthly beating, yet the other news organizations seem to immune to the hatred of the progressive movement.  They are the like the angle child, the perfect sibling, who the parents believe is a gift from God. However as is often the case the perfect child looks as if they are the just that, but when no one is looking they are smashing mail boxes.

While in the last week Fox News has been blamed for every last problem in the country, everything from the gum you stepped on getting out of your car all the way up to the national debt, and have been called liars, MSNBC has been given a pass. MSNBC has been caught committing the cardinal sin of news media, they were caught selectively editing a video clip, and portraying it as the truth. Martian Bashir aired a clip this Monday of a father speaking about the Sandy Hook shooting to the Connecticut state legislature. He was speaking out for gun control.  The video that was aired on MSNBC showed this grieving father being heckled by a gang of heartless NRA zombies fresh from bathing in puppy blood. However, this video was a lie. They cut part of the video out to progress their narrative rather than report the truth. MSNBC is well known to be a far left news organization. They want to paint a picture of gun owners as demonic serpents bent on the destruction of the world.
Here is the video as Mr. Bashir reported it
Here is the video of what actually happened

so why is it that the progressive left are not out there calling MSNBC a liar? Why are they not making a public example of this entity for lying. The answer, because President Obama doesn’t care about lying in the media, He just cares about people standing in his way. The progressive have their marching orders, and they will not stop, until they have destroyed the conservative belief system in this country.

  1. All mainstream media is bought out by the Bilderbergs. All television (hypnosis tube) should be thrown right out of the third story window and replaced with the computer and independent news from the computer. We are already communist (12 points of the communist manifesto) and we are in serious trouble and our piece of shit president is selling us out to the EU. I could care less I don’t have kids and I will jump ship to another country. 20 years America will be a violent third world hell hole and I am going to laugh from a distance and say “see I told you so”. I give you credit for what you are trying to do unfortunately you cannot wake up hypnotized sheep. Already tried. Maybe Alex Jones can.

  2. I gotta disagree here.Fox News lying about Ron Paul in 2012: 

                          and again:

                          and in 2008: 

    I don’t think there’s anything but a shred of truth (a small shred, just enough to make us swallow the BS) in ANY mainstream news, but I have to take issue with Fox for joining the others here, because Fox calls themselves conservative, and yet slams the real conservative.  Now look at the GOP, the poor saps can’t get their act together enough to even be united to stand against a tyranical takeover of our constitutional freedoms, and why would they?  When a false conservative like Bush or Bush W who called the constitution a “goddam piece of paper” is elected, look what happens.  We get unwarranted war, and untold deaths.  Not saying we got anything better with the big O either, but we had no illusions that Obama was a conservative, yet who would the GOP run that would be different?  I say they got zip, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see another term for a democrat…  maybe even Obama.  You can partly thank Fox News for that, of course the rest of the mainstream lied as much as possible to prevent the country from going in a different direction than it is currently, but I’d expect that from MSNBC.Cola wars and news wars are the same to me.  They’re all about sales, and we’re the suckers PT Barnum talked about when he said there’s one born every minute.     

  3. @LadyboyRevolution – You can disagree with the man, but do not disrespect the office, there is no reason to involve profanity towards the office. I cannot stomach a coward, or a defeatist. No one can change the world if they don’t try. You only fail when you fail to try. Thomas Edison tried and failed 10,000 times when he was trying to invent the light bulb, when asked he said that he didn’t fail, he found 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb.   I am not out for I told you so’s, even though those are entertaining.  I stand up, because the rest of the world seems to be sitting down.  I stand because I want to live, not survive.  I stand because my principles dictate standing against the progressive storm.

  4. @saturnnights – we know fox news lied about Ron Paul. You covered that on the last post.  Again how is that relevant to what we are discussing? You have missed the purpose of this post.  I am not asking about Fox News. I am not saying that they are innocent. I am not saying that they don’t lie.  I am asking about why MSNBC doesn’t receive the same treatment as fox news?  Then you say you disagree, what you disagree that MSNBC gets the same scrutiny by the progressive left as Fox?  You disagree with the hatred of Fox News by the left being purely political?  You saw me mention Fox News and you go on a rant about how they lie. You don’t even address the meat of the post. You are really starting to appear as a troll. I am all for discussing the failings of Fox News, but not at the expense of allowing the rest of the news media go un punished, which whether you intended it or not is what you are perpetuating here.

  5. @obamawatch – tell that to the Jews that left Germany in the 40’s. Don’t give me your self righteous horse shit. Keep babbling your nonsense when they take you away to the fema camps. The best thing we can do is support men like Alex Jones and it is a lot more wise (time wise). 

  6. By the way this reminds me of the civil war. Remember that battle (Gettysburg I think) where they all slaughtered each other facing each without cover??? It is great to have courage but you wouldn’t catch me getting in the ring with Mike Tyson without a gun. You complaining and trying to reform controlled media is like arguing which rapist possesses the best morality.

  7. @LadyboyRevolution – I will humbly ask that you please reframe from using fowl language when posting on my blog. The best thing we can do is stand up and be heard.  Alone we are but a faint candle in the vast dark emptiness of the world. Together we are brighter than the sun itself, capable of over coming any darkness. We must learn to not just stand by our principles, but live by them. If this Alex Jones is a man worthy of support, I will gladly give it too him. However, to just lay down and put your faith in one man is not wise. A man is imperfect, a man is flawed, a man can be beaten down and destroyed.  Ideals, ideals are immortal.

  8. @LadyboyRevolution – I am trying to spread the truth, and challenge people to think. Evil exists because good men stand silent. Maybe you should try encouraging people to stand up, rather than telling people they can’t change a thing.

  9. @obamawatch – You said, “I like that they keep scrutiny on Fox News, that requires them to keep on their toes, and stick to the truth.”  I don’t see that truth.  I see an alternate truth.  My response did go into a rant, you’re right, and I apologize for that.  If I missed the point of this post, and maybe I did in the way that I do go on and on about the lies in the media, but if I understand what you mean, the inequality, or how Fox is drug out behind the barn for a beating…  who is beating them?  Of the big mainstream cable news networks, Fox is the only one that is conservative.  From left to right (npi) it goes, MSNBC–CNN–FOX.  CNN isn’t really as moderate as they attempt to appear to their audience.  In reality, FOX would be the only conservative mainstream news channel.  This would mean that there are several dogs, and one cat.  Maybe not a great analogy, but the point is, they are supposed to be opposed, because for one we expect it, and another reason is they simply are ideologically opposed, with their content, views, etc.  I get a condecending feel from Fox, and a snarky one from MSNBC, and CNN just doesn’t ever seem quite like middle ground to me, but I think I tend to be more conservative than liberal for certain, so I see Fox as a stand alone, and stand alones get picked on. You said,   “MSNBC has been given a pass. MSNBC has been caught committing the cardinal sin of news media, they were caught selectively editing a video clip, and portraying it as the truth.”   I gave three examples of Fox doing the exact same thing.  I disagree that they are the only ones being deceptive.  The reason the progressives aren’t calling out the progressives?  That should answer itself, but I think it simply suits their agenda, and I disagree with it.  I also disagree that Fox tells the truth, one lie ruined that, and they’ve lied more than once.  I never meant to sidetrack your post, and I’m not sure this cleared that up, but maybe you can see what I meant.

  10. @obamawatch – “I am trying to spread the truth, and challenge people to think. Evil exists because good men stand silent. Maybe you should try encouraging people to stand up, rather than telling people they can’t change a thing”Yes you are correct. I am just venting and eventually you will also get discouraged working with the sheeple. Keep up the great work please. It is not easy. I give you much credit. When the sheeple have never lived under communist government, even when they read it in a history book, putting themselves in another peoples’s shoes (the 2nd perceptual position) when they lived in spoiled Ameri(k)a is almost impossible. PS what is your opinion of Alex Jones???

  11. @obamawatch – Well, I didn’t even know about it, but I killed my TV.  I think that that should be good, all in all.  I do like cats, and fair fights.

  12. @obamawatch – “I am trying to spread the truth,and CHALLENGE PEOPLE TO THINK”Most people have an opinion but they are just repeating other peoples opinion. EVERYONE (99%) say’s they think for themselves. But you know the truth.

  13. @LadyboyRevolution – I post from Infowars all the time, as I’m reminded occasionally.  I do it, because I believe that he’s (Jones) doing his best to make folks aware of what they don’t know, or as Morpheus said in the Matrix, “the world pulled over our eyes”.Let me put it this way; I like what he says, but not so much when he says it.  If it were someone else saying the same thing, it would come across as less angry, not that there isn’t cause to be angry, but anger is something that repels folks, and I don’t think he’s trying to do that, it’s just how I feel when I hear his tone, no matter how much I may agree.  A good example of Jones doing this was on Piers Morgan, and he said things that no one gets away with in mainstream usually, so he had a launch pad, but he really kicked-in the thrusters with a bit too much force I feel, making his argument less likely to be heard, and that’s unfortunate, because he’s telling the truth.  I know your question was directed to obamawatch, but I commented from one infowarrior to another, and there is a battle for our minds.  I didn’t actually kill my TV, I disconncected it from cable, and only run it for DVDs.

  14. @obamawatch – The American people care about video games, reality TV shows, and Snickers bars. Good luck!!! We will need it.

  15. @mikewb1971 – Adrenaline is definitely bad for your heart but not as bad as the government. Ignorance is bliss. I would rather be a realist then an optimist. The Haitian’s thought Jesus was coming back when the earthquakes hit in 2010 but Jesus in his infinite love and mercy let them starve to death along with the European Union and America. On the bright side the politicians pocketed all the cash and let the “savages” die.

  16. @LadyboyRevolution – The American People need direction. They need role models, and they need something to unite them.  I thank you for you blessing, be it sarcastic or not.

  17. @obamawatch – I believe it was a thousand, not ten thousand.  And I see that they were characterizing the person’s interruption as “heckling”, but I don’t see where they actively misrepresent anything.  Then again I didn’t watch the entire videos.  You could say it’s dishonest or spin but I don’t see an outright lie there.  For instance this is an outright lie.  If they’d dubbed something else over what the person actually said or edited it in a way that misrepresented it that would’ve been a lie.

  18. @saturnnights – Didn’t I debunk a lot of that alex jones infowars conspiracy stuff on your site then you blocked me?

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