It Begins

In the past, after an election cycle, there was a small period of governing. That has disappeared, and we are in continuing the election cycle gibberish. President Obama revived the war on Fox News, because they don’t do nerf ball journalism such as 60 minutes. They don’t ask him , what his perfect Sunday is.  Well another progressive politician has taken aim at the news organization.  Senator Mary Landriue had this to say in the chambers.

“I am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control, despite what you hear on Fox News.  It’s mandatory spending that is rising rapidly, because the greatest generation that gave us the greatest nation the world has ever heard is dying and they need hospice care, they need Social Security, and they need hospitals.  And if they want to cut them go right ahead, I’m going to be a little more gentle.”

I don’t know why she thinks that Fox News limits its scope to only discretionary spending… perhaps because she doesn’t care what the truth is. This was a chance to attack Fox News, a chance to gain political points.

For those radicals, and those who aren’t that passionate about the situation, I should inform you that Fox News is a 24 hour news organization. It holds the title of the most watched cable news network, a title it took from CNN.  Now some of Fox New’s programing is news, such as Special Report with Bret Beir, and Studio B with Shepard Smith. Other programs are opinion based, such as the Five, or the old Glen Beck show.  I watch both the news, and the opinion based shows. I have never heard them say only discretionary spending is the problem. Actually I have heard the opposite. The News arm of the company reports what happens on the hill, so if the discussion is only about discretionary spending, what else are they going to report on? This highlights a common problem that progressives have. They can’t understand the concept that the news is supposed to report the facts, tell the story as it happened. They are not supposed to put political spin on it, or put their morality into.  Do some people do that, yes, I remember NBC editing the 911 call in the Trevon Martin case, to make it sound like Zimmerman was a racist. That is wrong. Now if you are on the Five or inform the viewer that you are reporting your opinion, that is different. Now, on to my personal experience. I have frequently heard people on Fox question why it is that politicians, are only willing to cut discretionary spending. They talk about how it is entitlement spending that is sinking the nation.  This is just another example of an out and out lie from a radical progressive.

Now a radical progressive will have a hard time ever admitting that one of their fellow followers are wrong about attacking Fox News. They will never address the fact that this woman is lying. They will just attack the idea that Fox News is evil.  They won’t deal with the issues, just say “Fox is biased” “fox is the devil” “fox isn’t creditable”.  I imagine I will get a lot of those responses on this very post. Its just what happens when you reveal progressive lies.

  1. @mtngirlsouth – Yeah I through several things at the TV during the primary cycle. I agree with you that no news organization is perfect, and we should not let injustices stand. However, this does not address the issue of this Democrat Politician slandering Fox News by claiming that they supposedly believe that only discretionary spending need be cut. 

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