664.) A shocking revelation has struck the leaders of many of the nations unions. They have suddenly found out that Obamacare, a law that they enthusiastically supported while it was up for debate, is going to drive up their healthcare costs. Worse yet, Obamacare is going to unionized workers less competitive then they already are.  To offset the increased costs the unions want their lower paid members to have access to the federal insurance subsidies, and get to stay on the Union Plan.  Yes top officers from the International Brotherhood of  Teamseters, the perennial favorite  the AFL-CIO, and many other groups plan to keep pressuring the Obama Administration to expand the federal subsidies.  They warn, and this just breaks my heart, I mean I could never in a million years have been able to have forseen this,  unless they have access to the subsidies unionized employeers might have to drop coverage. It breaks the heart, the unions be stabbed in the back by their beloved idol President Obama.  I am sure that while they stood up for President Obama, and supported this legislation, they truely believed that their ol’ buddy President Obama would have their back. Somehow they would be exempt. 

They act as though no one told them that Obamacare was going to cause health care prices to go up.  John Wilhelm, chairman of Unite Here Health, an insurance plan for 260,000 union workers, said, ” I heard him say, ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it,’ If I’m wrong,, and teh president does not intend to keep his word, I would have severe second thoughts about the law.” Well Mr. Wilhelm, sense this is probably the first time you’ve been burned by the democrat party, President Obama will never admit that he broke his promise, he is far too proficient of a campaigner to leave himself exposed like that.  He said you can keep your plan, he never said that you would be able to keep it. There is the government isn’t going to take it away from you, they are just going to make it so expensive that your employeer drops it.  

You know the legislation was bad, when even the unions are starting to get mad at the democrat party.

665.) President Obama, like many of the great progressive leaders of the past, loves to surround himself with children when he signs a bill that met with conservative opposition.  It is his way of saying “Republicans hate kids.” Well, his beloved health care law shows that perhapes Republicans don’t hate kids as much as he would like you to think they do.  As it turns out, thanks to a glitch in Obamacare, more the 500,000 children could remain unisured.  You see under Obamacare, pretty much everyone has to have health insurance. Your program can be through your employeer, the government (nationalization…), or you can buy your own.  If your one of those poor souls whose company was forced to drop your coverage, or you are currently unemployed of your own free will, or if you can’t afford coverage you can sign up for government subsidized private coverage through the new exchanges. 

So the question is, what is the problem? Look obamacare is giveing people healthcare, look how great it is. However, due to the lack of debate, and the incompetence of the progressive congress that passed the bill, there is a nasty glitch that throws kids out into the gutter.   According to Bruce Lesly, the president of the children advocacy group First Focus, ” the childrens community is disappointed by the administrations decision to deny access to coverage for children based on a bogus definition of affordability.” What is he talking about, what administration decision, what bogus definition of affordiability. Well, like Nancy Pelosi said, they had to shove the bill down our throat, so we could find out just how badly they screwed us… that might not be quite right, but its pretty close.   As it turns out, congress, with their expansive knowledge of absolutly nothing, decided that affordable coverage can’t cost more than 9.5% of family income.   People with coverage the law considres affordable cannot get subsidies to go into the new insurance markets.   Affordablity  is keyed to the cost of self only coverage not to the employee’s family.  This restriction was intended to prevent a mass exodus from employer coverage.  

So what does all of this mean.  Baiscally,  a typical workplace plan costs about $5,600 for an individual worker.  The cost of family coverage is $15,700.  So if the employeer is unwilling, or unable to help pay for family premiums, the families are in trouble.    They might find themselves unable to afford the premiums, that are sky rocketing thanks to obamacare, and be locked out of the subsidies designed to help them.  So Dad has coverage, but mom and the kids are screwed. Don’t worry President Obama might just override congress, he does it all the time.  Unfotunatly the Obama Administration said that its hands are tied by the way congress wrote the law.   

How typical, Mr. President we made a horrible mistake. No, I didn’t congress did.   Congress may have written the law, but he signed the law. Perhapes if he had taken the time to read the bill, before spitting in the face of the American People, this might not have happened.  This is a perfect example of just why it is that we have a checks and balance system. Had this bill actually gone up for debate, not just a blame the Republicans for breathing session, had they actually done their job and read the bill, perhapes these 500,000 children might not be facing the loss of healthcare coverage.  

These glitches are why Obamacare should be repealed.  Bad legislation won’t get better, just because it screws over more people.  

  1. Kinda silly to be arguing 500,000 is worse than 70,000,000But that is how Repubs roll

  2. As the above comment demonstrates, no matter what happens, some are so brainwashed that they cannot see any bad in their party. (That goes both ways, mind you.) 

  3. This law needs to be repealed and we need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to health care.

  4. Since we had to pass the bill first so we could find out what was in it, I’m sure your updating services will be running in overdrive.I’m sure there will be many surprises.  I define surprise as a fart with a lump in the middle.

  5. Where are your sources?  And hasn’t healthcare been rising in cost every year for many years now?

  6. virtus1 said:

    @ShamrockLover – Or has the value of the dollar declined exponentially?  Remember, the value of the dollar is half what it was in 1980, and it is worth 1920s nickle.  Perhaps the artificially limited number of people allowed to enter med school thus reducing supply which results in higher prices for less service is a problem?  You will find the US’ sham currency and political influence to be the culprit not the people in the health care industry who work in a hostile political environment and try to do the best job under the circumstances.  Obamabots seem devoted to blaming the productive sector for political problems.

  7. I recommend that everyone read the book Turning the Tide on the United States Government by Dr. Charles Stanley. He is a Christian Bible believing Baptist preacher who speaks to the United States citizens about our role in overcoming the tide of socialism that has come into our country.You can read a sample on Amazon. I am reading it and he shows us how we are slowly losing our freedoms and how to biblicaly stand up against tyrants in our country.

  8. @virtus1 – I have often wondered about that. If the costs of health care, just like the cost of a gallon of gasoline is going up just because the value of the dollar is plummeting.  However, I don’t think that the devaluation of a mythical currency is solely to blame here. But it does make me think.  Healthcare prices are expensive, in general, because it costs the doctor a lot to give you that care.  There are insurance costs on the doctor, supply costs, education costs, the cost of staff, the cost of the facilities, and probably much, much more.  The insurance costs are going up, because medical malpractice suits are out of control.  While there are genuine cases of malpractice, and those should be prosecuted, there are many that are just uncalled for. Every time there is a malpractice law suit, insurance rates on the doctors goes up, thus our price goes up.  But…. as the government prints money, as the government drives down the value of the dollar it takes more dollars to buy supplies, more dollars to pay for education, more dollars to pay the staff, more dollars to pay the costs of the facilities. It takes more dollars to pay the malpractice law suits. They in turn then have to charge us more dollars….  It is food for thought. @ShamrockLover – Point 664 came from an article I read in the Wall Street Journal. The other is an associate press story on a glitch in Obamacare.

  9. virtus1 said:

    @obamawatch – There is an interesting relationship here.  One of the infrequently cited (but often present) relationships are between a third party payer and prices charged by firms.  Firms tend to charge the maximum price a third payer will pay instead of marginal cost and benefit.  College tuition tends to be as high as the federal government will willingly give grants and loans.  HMOs etc. will pay a certain amount for a specific procedure and doctors charge the maximum the HMO will pay.  Market prices are irrelevant when third party payers butt in.  These butt-inskys set the price for people who choose to pay cash for services and cause overuse of services.Healthcare problems in the US and areas in Europe (who are fully socialized) present  a case of willful ignorance and envy by nearly all of the busy-bodies involved.  If I find a decent aggregate for healthcare costs, I will either post or send some data.

  10. virtus1 said:

    @obamawatch – Oops.  I forgot to mention that there is a demand driven and also an actuarial problem when a firm is forced to add people who previously were not insurable to a firm’s insurance pool which causes prices to rise. 

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