More Great Advice from The Vice President

668.) Good Ol’ Joe has been out there spreading more of his wisdom to the masses.  This time he was describing the reasons why you don’t need an AR-15, how a shotgun is easier to aim and use.   Here is how the Vice President told his wife to defend herself, “I said, Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony… take that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. You don’t need an AR-15. Its harder to aim, its harder to use and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.” Where to begin, where to begin.

First off, as with most progressives, The Vice President has displayed his complete and total ignorance to the world in which he is trying to control. Allow me to explain, an AR-15 is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle. What that means is that when you pull the trigger,  the firearm will discharge one round, eject the spent casing, and load the next round.  I have explained this several times, so most of my readers should be more than aware of the concept of how a SEMI-automatic action works.  However something I have not touched on, is the actual ammunition that a firearm uses.

The AR-15 uses a .223 caliber round. The round is made up of a casing, a primer, smokeless gun powder, and a .223 caliber bullet. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes the primer thus igniting the gun powder. The gun powder burns creating a gas. The gas is less dense than the gun powder was and has a larger volume. The expanding volume creates an area of high pressure inside the casing, the barrel of the firearm is an area of low pressure, any one who took basic physics can tell you that pressures try to equalize. In order for the high pressure gas inside the casing to get to the low pressure barrel it has to go through the bullet. The gasses push the bullet down the barrel.

A Shotgun does not use cartridges, it uses shells. These shells are measured buy gauge and length.  Such as my Remington 870 fires a 12 gauge shell, up to 3.5 inches long.  A shotgun shell is similar in construction to the cartridge used by a rifle.  A shell is made up of a shell casing, a primer, gun powder, a wad, and projectiles.  The projectiles can be bird shot, double ought buck, or a deer slug. Shot is the term used to describe the small bb’s traditionally used in a shot gun. The primer goes in the bottom of the shell, the powder goes in the shell, the wad goes in on top of the powder, the projectiles go into the wad, then the end of the shell is crimped shut. When you pull the trigger the firing pin strikes the primer, thus igniting the gun powder.  The gun powder burns creating a gas. The gas is less dense than the gun powder was and has a larger volume. The expanding volume creates an area of high pressure inside the shell casing,  the barrel of the firearm is an area of low pressure. As we all know pressures try to equalize. In order for the high pressure gas inside the shell casing to get to the low pressure area in the barrel, it pushes the wad, containing the projectile, out of the shell and down the barrel.

So why is a shotgun a shotgun and a rifle a rifle? Well a shotgun is called a shotgun because it fires shot, but does that mean that if you fire a deer slug instead of shot that it is a rifle? No of course not. The AR-15 is called a rifle because its barrel has rifling inside it. The rifling is made up of spiral grooves cut into the barrel. These grooves spin the bullet, giving it stability in flight. It is the same effect of the spiral on a football. A shotgun has a smooth bore barrel. There is no rifling. That means that the shotgun does not have near the range or accuracy possessed by a rifle. This is why shotguns traditionally use shot. When the shot leaves the end of the barrel it spreads out covering a larger area, making it more likely that you will hit your target. A rifle fires one projectile.

So why than is Vice President Biden displaying his ignorance when he says that an AR-15 is harder to aim than a shotgun? A shotgun throws out a large number of projectiles to make hitting a target at close range easier, an AR-15 shoots only one projectile naturally you would have to be a better shot with an AR-15 than a shotgun.  Well I hate to tell you this but, no one who knows anything about firearms would say that it is easier to aim a shotgun than an AR-15. YOU CAN NOT AND DO NOT AIM A SHOTGUN! You point a shotgun. 

Then there is the issue of the fact that an AR-15 is not hard to aim.  It is not hard to shoot. It is not hard to operate.  The AR-15 is designed to look like an M-16 a rifle designed to be used by both drafted and enlisted men with various degrees of firearm knowledge, in stress full situations.  Every aspect of its design where created to make the firearm as accurate and easy to use as possible.  It is light weight, and fires a very small round, making it easy for people  to wield. A shotgun on the other hand, is large, heavy, and awkward to handle unless you have experience with it. Having shot a first generation AR-15, a 2012 M&P AR-15, and countless shotguns, I can tell you that the Vice President has either has no clue as to what he is talking about, or he is, like all progressives, just assuming you are too ignorant to know the difference. The small .223 caliber round, of the AR-15, combined with how well balanced the firearm is, the recoil from an AR-15 is minimal, making it easier to use. A shotgun is not a precision instrument, it is not well balance, it does not fire a small round, it was not designed to reduce recoil at all. I have seen countless young men struggle to be able to hold a 12 gauge, much less fire or handle the recoil of the firearm.  Jesse Bonner, the owner of Jesse’s Gun Shop in Corsicana Texas disagrees with the vice Presidents claims.  “That would not be true, I’ve taught enough ladies to shoot all different types of firearms and I can tell you that the AR-15 is going to be better suited for a lady. It would be better for all around home defense and it’s one of the most accurate guns out there.  The Ar-15 is now a mainstream weapon because of its quality and accuracy.”

Besides the point that Vice President Biden has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to firearms, he is also apparently oblivious to the law. First off, the fact that he is trying to ban guns shows that he doesn’t understand that the government does not have the power to restrict our rights.  Second, if you live in the city you can’t just go out and start shooting willy nilly. You have to fear for your life.  If you are firing up in the air, you are not fearing for your life. You are then threatening someone, which is illegal, you are causing a panic. The point is, Vice President Biden is continuing the war on living by trying to get them arrested or  killed because the choose the wrong means to defend themselves.

  1. He reminds me of Uncle Joe Stalin, only with a big smile.

  2. What’s amazing is that you wrote all of that and still didn’t cover everything wrong with Biden’s statement. As an addendum:i) If you have a double barrel shotgun and you fire two warning shots, you have essentially disarmed yourself.ii) It is extremely irresponsible to fire warning shots. If you fire a shot into the air, what goes up must come down. People have been killed by bullets that were fired into the air a mile or two away.

  3. PPhilip said:

    I believe that a 30 round weapon is illegal for hunting. Anyone needing a 30 round weapon must be a terrible shot.

  4. @PPhilip – what if I have more than one target.  Prairie Dogs…. you’ve met your match

  5. Again you’re “correcting” the VP when what he said wasn’t inaccurate.  He didn’t say an AR-15 is an automatic weapon.  So you call the first lady a liar for accurately saying that an automatic weapon is an automatic weapon, then you say the VP is ignorant because of words you put in his mouth about a semi-automatic being automatic.Whatever dude.  Fake outrage bores me, stop repeating it from conservative pundits.@PlatotheSmurf – Are you fucking kidding me?  He’s a dunce with the power to cast one vote in the rare event of a tie in the senate and nothing else.  How is he in any way like the mass-murdering dictator of a superpower?@randomneuralfirings – So fire it into the ground, he didn’t say fire into the air.  It’s a valid point but not a valid counter-point.@obamawatch – What realistic number of targets could someone even vaguely competent with a firearm not kill or disable with 30 rounds?

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