There is Courage Still

I have been trying to remind people that the government is not above us. The government is not our master. We do not live in the old world, a world where the few ruled the many. We live in a world were every man is a king, every woman a queen.  Every person is the master of their own destiny. In our country, the land of the free, the government is a servant of the people. This nation was not created by a tyrant, but we the people created our government.  As such, WE give the government its rights, this means that the government is subject to the same laws and regulations that we the people are.  The radical progressives would have you believe that the government is all powerful, that our rights are not rights but privileges that can be taken away. They want you to believe that you are so incompetent, so weak minded, so helpless that you cannot survive without a massive progressive government there to remind your hear to beat, and you to breath.

As we all know the second amendment is the favorite punching bag of the progressive left. They need to set a precedent that our rights are nothing more than privileges that can be taken away. That the government is like a parent, we are like children, and our rights are our favorite toy. If we miss behave our parents are going to take our toys from us. So when you are trying to change the paradigm of a nation, how do you start? How do you convince a nation of kings that they are nothing more than paupers? You have to do it slowly, like boiling a frog. If you heat the water up too quickly the frog realizes the change and jumps out. But if you heat the water up slowly, the frog remains unaware of the change, remains oblivious to the danger, and boils alive.  The progressives are trying to boil us slowly.  So I ask again, how do you go about convincing people to give up their God given freedoms? You could sweep in and take them all through blunt force, but often this results in rebellion and resistance. You have to do it slowly.  A tactic used successfully by the progressives in the past. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini all champions of promising people the world, while slowly stripping it away.  You have to set a precedent, you have to show them that you can take their rights. You have to find an easy target, one that through the manipulation of the base of their humanity you can convince them to give up. 

So do you go after the freedom of speech, it leads to bullying, hurt feelings, the incitation of riots. The freedom of speech allows for political dissidents to challenge your narrative. If it had not been for the freedom of speech perhaps Jimmy Carter would have won re-election, and there would not have been the massive reversal of the radical progressive agenda represented by the Reagan and first Bush years. If it weren’t for the freedom of speech perhaps the TEA Party would not have stopped the Radical Agenda of President Barack Obama.  But the freedom of speech is seen as a key to our humanity. The ability to express ourselves is what makes us unique, makes us human. The progressives have gained a foot hold in this nation by claiming that their opponents want to sensor that humanity. So while getting rid of the freedom of speech would make the implementation of the radical progressive agenda much easier, it would also alert the nation to the trap that they are setting.

The right to assemble? So many of these protests, these gatherings devolve into riots. They cause unrest, lead to some of the darkest days in our history. The riots following the Rodney King case come to mind. The destruction of public property that stemmed from the occupy wall street movement. The cost of these riots stress an already stressed treasury. Doing away with mass protests, being able to limit who, where, and when you are allowed to meet up with people would also limit the ability of information to spread from person to person.  But such a limitation would be easily exposed for what it is, a power grab from a government bent on total control.

Freedom of Religion? Look at the horrors that religion has brought to this world.  The 911 attacks, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Hunts, wiping out of entire peoples. How many people have gone on killing sprees because they thought God was talking to them? How many people have killed their children to save them from the fires of hell? Think about the mass killings caused by cult leaders. All of these could be avoided if the government could just control your religious beliefs.  It would make the job of the progressive movement so much easier.  If there was no God, if the people had no religious beliefs, if there was no higher power then they would have no loyalty to any power above that of the government. More importantly, if there was no religion, if there was no God, than the God Given rights that those baby hating conservatives keep badgering on about, are not gifts from God. They are not inalienable. Without God, our rights become gifts from the government. If our rights are nothing more than words written down on parchment, that means that they can be destroyed, that government can take them away.  However attacking religion is a hard path to go down. While religion has been used by mad men to achieve horrible goals, it has also done great things for this world. It has saved lost souls, people on destructive paths have be reborn. The poor helped, by good people doing their duty to God. So a direct assault on religion is out, but they are working on it.

Perhaps the right to a trial by a jury of ones own peers? How many times have juries gotten it wrong? How many times have the basic weakness of the human heart been tricked into letting the worse of offenders free? OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, all freed despite the evidence by weak minded people. How much easier would it be if the government could just send people to prison. You break a crime, the police catch you, and you go to jail. That wouldn’t work, people fear a police state.

Oh I know, lets do away with the right for protection from cruel and unusual punishment? How much easier would it be if a child is missing, and the government could just torcher United States citizens to get the answers as to where they were? Say a deranged couple kidnap a little girl, the cops catch the wife, but not the husband, the one with the child.  Think about how much quicker we could figure out where the child was if we pulled off the wife’s finger nails until she told us where they were. If she would not talk, maybe we could use acid drops on bare skin.  Of course Americans are largely against torture, and we all know what the peoples reaction to torture is.

What about the right to own and bear arms? Guns kill people. They are scary. The people are too far removed from the revolution to remember the purpose of the firearm. Through the manipulation of history, it is possible to force the people to conclude that guns are evil.  It is possible to remove the idea that the right to own and bear arms is about sporting, or hunting, rather than defending the rights and liberties of the people from tyrants.  It is easy to paint your opposition as baby killers who bath in baby seal blood, and wear polar bear fur underwear. It is easy to say you are just doing this for our own protection. It is easy to convince people to just lay down their arms. Give up your freedoms so that the government can keep you safe.  Then when, as the facts from history show, these gun control measures fail, and the government has already conditioned us that taking rights is within their power, it will be easier to target the other rights. The people being unarmed, it doesn’t mater if there is any resistance, the subjects cannot stand up to the government.

It is of the upmost importance that we remind ourselves, and our friends that we are not slaves to the government. That we are the kings and they are the servants. That the government is made up of ordinary citizens, and as such it is bound to law.  Thankfully there are those out there who are willing to fight for liberty and remind the government just where it belongs, just who it answers to, and keep it in check.  below is a list of gun manufacturers who will no long be selling firearms to the various governments that are oppressing the peoples right to defend themselves.

These companies will no longer be selling firearms to law enforcement agencies in states that are attacking the rights of the people to protect themselves, no only from criminals, but from the oppression of tyrants.  Manufacture Climags has posted this in its FAQ

Q. Why was my Order Cancelled?
A. Typically it is because the items you ordered are not legal in either the place where it is being shipped to or your billing address. Please double check our High Capacity Laws page. We do NOT make [exceptions] for Military or Law Enforcement, if you want possess these items please get involved with your local politics. If your order is cancelled you will be issued a refund and emailed a reason for the cancellation”

So the manufactures are uniting to defend not only our rights, but thousands upon thousands of jobs, and an untold number of lives.  It is a good sign that there are still people out there willing to remind the government of its place in this world. Remind the progressives tyrants, and make no mistake they have dreams of limitless control over your lives, that they are not all powerful, and that they are subjects to the will of the people, and the laws of this nation.  We must remind them that they are mortals, bound to the same laws that other mortals have created, only God is above the laws of man.

Do not misconstrue this as a call to violence, this a call for support. Support the people willing to take a peaceful stand to these radical progressives.

  1. virtus1 said:

    Three cheers for the companies on this list.  Perhaps they should also refuse to sell products to the federal government as long as gun prohibition is an active agenda.  It also behoves us to shine light on other firearms companies like Smith and Wesson, Colt, Kimber, Glock, Cooper, etc. as douchebags for not joining the fight against governments who usurp the natural rights of mankind.

  2. I would respect what these companies were doing more if they didn’t have a financial incentive to do it, and weren’t publicizing it.  People like you will rush to buy guns only from these companies because look they’re so awesome.  They will probably make more money than they lose (if they are even denying orders behind closed doors anyway) in the pursuit of their own profits.  At least the individual who advocates gun rights doesn’t make money off of the issue.

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