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feeling lonely today, I don’t know if lonely is actually the right word. There is a void that I can’t fill. I try to keep myself busy but in the dark hours of the night, when the frantic chaos of the day subsides, I find myself alone in the abyss.  I can find no solace in the blackness, I can not drive the demons away. There is no light, not beacon to draw me away from the edge. I am forced to face the inescapable questions in the endless chasms in my mind.I’ve been feeling this way for a while, and I haven’t been able to shake it as in times passed.  I have beaten back these feelings for the past four years, I guess its nearer five years now. At the start of this I lost the girl or my dreams. She was smart, funny, liked Nascar, beautiful, and most important of all a conservative. But she was more than all that she was my best friend.   We were high school sweat hearts, and were together for over three years. Then I lost her, it took me a long time to realize what happened, and ultimately it is not really that important. The story ends the same way, me alone. It was the one time in my life I did not fight, that I laid down and let the world take advantage of me, something that haunts me to this day. I doubt it would have changed things, but at least then I would have known that I did everything. 

I was in a bad spot, my life was not going very well. I broke off all contact with her and her family. I could not bare to look at them, or talk to them, because every time I did it served as a reminder of my weakness, of my failure.   Occasionally I have bumped into them, and every time my mind is instantly filled with the images of my time with her. Images that I have tried hard to forget. Yes they once were treasured memories of the happiest time of my life, but they are now only poison to my soul. It hurts me to write this, these are great people, but I have yet to find a way to deal with this issue.

I am fine, normally, and have not had this issue for a long time. A couple weekends ago, I went camping with the Boy Scouts, and we invited the cub scouts from various packs around town to come camping with us. I got up to great one of the young scouts, and instantly I recognized him as my ex’s nephew. He didn’t recognize me, 4 years is an eternity to a young kid.  His grandfather, someone who I didn’t have much contact with (he was on the other side of the family) had no clue who I was.  This run in has brought back more than I ever thought possible.  Unlike normally I have not been able to drive them back down.  Memories of what we had stir me from my slumber, the image of her walking away, leave me denied of much sought after sleep.

I have no lesson or trick on how to deal with these issues. My advice to you deals with how to avoid ever having this problem  never run from anything, stand your ground and deal with problems as they arise.

By now everyone is aware of how President Obama and his progressive minions have been trying to hype up a reduction in the growth of federal spending, a reduction that accounts for less than 3% of the federal budget. Most of readers are also aware of the fact that I whole heartedly believe that President Obama will ensure, through his various political lackeys (wouldn’t want to get his own hands dirty) that these minimal reductions in new spending are the most disastrous attacks on the American people in a century. He and his Administration will do absolutely nothing to blunt the “devastation” that is supposedly coming. They will drum up every last bit of news they can to paint a horrible economic picture of doom and despair. Things that they once championed as proof of economic prosperity will once again become signs of economic doom, as they were under previous administrations. If you are worried about special interests groups, and funding for the Democrat party don’t be, President Obama is a very skilled politician and will make sure that untold pain and misery is perceived to have been leveled against the poor American People, and still ensure that the Democrat party’s pockets are lined with special interest dollars.

A little evidence is needed to back up this claim, and it can be found in that most dreaded of progressive downfalls, the fact based truth.  These minimal reductions have gone into affect this month, yet somehow federal politicians have found ways to shield special interests groups (aka political allies, and donors) from the tragedy.  Yes the Federal Government which is controlled by progressives such as President Obama, and the Tyrant of the Senate Harry Reid, has found ways to make sure that special interest groups come first, and the people get burned.  These “vital programs” have been spared the pain of the ax, at the expense of the people of this great nation. These “vital programs” include, but are not limited too:

  • $227,000 program to study animal pictures in National Geographic Magazines
  • $45,900 so people can attend a snow mobile race in Michigan
  • $516,000 for a green ATM that hands out money for used cell phones
  • $349,862 for a study on the effects of meditation and self reflection on math, science, and engineering majors

All of these programs were funded through federal grants that were approved after the sequester took affect, there have been 164 grants given out by the NSF. These “vital” research projects have all been spared from the “doomsday” that is sequestration.  However this was not the case for minor programs utilized by the people who live on the American Indian Reservations. Minuet programs such as the Federal Indian Health Service, which has been forced to cut the number of patient visits by over 800,000. Tribal programs under the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Department of the interior, that fund law enforcement, human affairs, schools, economic development,  and natural resources are going to lose $130,000,000 from the cuts. 

Let us wrap our head around that, they are have had $130,000,000 removed from their budget, I wonder is there no where else the government could have cut spending to spare these people from these cuts. These poor people, these people who suffer from higher unemployment than the national average, their women are victimized more than the national average, why has President Obama turned a blind eye to them? Why have the progressive seen fit to allow these foolish grants such as listed above, about $43,000,000 worth of new spending, yet allow these poor Native Americans to suffer in squalor?

Of course to hear President Obama tell it, all of this could have been avoided, if those damn Republicans had just compromised, if they had just raised taxes, if they had been willing to work with the President.  So of course to hear President Obama tell it reminds us of the fact that he wanted the sequester, and he wanted it to be as bad as it possibly could be, it is good politics.  All the suffering in the world is acceptable so long as it leads to Nancy Pelosi returning to being the speaker of the house.  It was not the GOP who brought about the sequester, they did compromise (something President Obama doesn’t understand), they raised taxes. Now how a compromise works, for all those progressives out there, is one side gives up something to get something they want, the other side gives up something in order to get something they want.  So the Democrats wanted massive new taxes, the GOP wanted spending cuts, both claimed at the time (now that the election is over it is a different story) that they wanted a balanced budget, and to reduce the debt and deficit.  The GOP did not want to raise the tax rate, so they proposed a bill, a bill that passed the house, that would increase revenues not by increasing the tax rate but rather by closing loopholes. This was an idea that President Obama himself proposed on September 9th, 2010.  Well once the presidential election was over, he changed his tune, and such a policy was no longer a serious proposal.  So the bill that passed the house, went to the Senate, where the Tyrant of the Senate, Harry Reid, would not allow it to go to committee. The Democrats strong armed every conservative minded person in Washington until they agreed to raise tax rates.  Okay, so the GOP caved on tax rates. In a compromise what comes next would be the Democrats caving on cutting spending.  What actually happened was President Obama, who apparently does not realize that he won reflection and should stop campaigning, went back on the campaign trail and blasted the GOP blaming them for all the coming hardship.  Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi issued vitriolic attacks against the GOP for daring to demand spending cuts. What they instead offered, was more taxes. Which is not a compromise, it is a slap in the face. 

Soon it became clear that President Obama, and Harry Reid were not serious about trying to compromise, and are unable to work with anyone who does not bow before them. Soon it became clear that because of President Obama and Harry Reid’s actions the sequester would go into affect.  So the members of the GOP in the Senate then proposed a bill that would give President Obama the authority to decide how the sequestration cuts would be implemented. This would be a great chance for President Obama to ensure that the middle class and the poor were spared from the hardships that he claimed were bound to happen.  President Obama vowed to veto any such bill. It was not that he did not want the responsibility, or the power that would come with the legislation, it is that he was unwilling to accept the liability that came with it. As is evident by the fact that he still resides in the White House, he has been able for the majority of his political career to avoid any negative publicity. He shows up, runs his mouth, blasts the opposition, then votes present. That way his finger prints are on the disastrous progressive legislation that he supports.  If he was directly responsible for how the sequestration was to be implemented, rather than just directly responsible for it becoming law (this is something he can act as if he had no part in, despite his calling for it, and signing it into law), it would be impossible to use the sequestration as a political tool. If President Obama was responsible for deciding how to implement sequestration he could not blame the GOP for cutting funding for students, he could not blame the GOP for massive lay offs, he could not blame rich white Americans for not doing their fair share,  as he would have been the one to decide where those cuts happened. So any pain and misery caused by sequestration would have fallen back on him. The problem is worse yet, if when sequestration took affect, and the sky did not fall, he would be unable to take any credit for the success of the program.  Sure his five year long campaign calling President Bush’s spending (billion dollar deficits, vs. President Obama’s trillion dollar deficits) unpatriotic, but as soon as he got into the White house, he forgot about all that. His five year campaign shifted towards the merits of running massive deficits, and blaming other people for his problems. President Obama has roared at us for the last five years about how the GOP wants to shove granny off a cliff, how spending cuts will only hurt the poor, and the GOP only care about helping Rich White People. So if what he has billed as spending cuts did not result in the masses going hungry, children dying in the streets, the air instantaneously filling with smog, the rivers bursting into flames, the American People would have seen that he has been wrong all these years. They would have been able to see that President Obama has borrowed our grand children’s money, sold them down the river, for nothing.  It would be a political disaster. How could he turn his five year campaign from being against the GOP to how wonderful the GOP’s policies worked? How on earth would the success of the conservative ideology lead to Nancy Pelosi becoming the Speaker of the House? The answer is it wouldn’t.

So as I said, just remember, despite what President Obama, Tyrant Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the other progressive zealots out there will tell you, they all wanted the sequester to happen. They are fine with the suffering of the masses. It does not matter who gets hurt along the way. The ends do justify the means.  No atrocity is too great so long as it leads to Nancy Pelosi once again being the Speaker of The House.

I told you guys that President Obama, and the rest of the progressive movement is fully prepared to allow the nation to suffer in order to ensure that Nancy Pelosi is the next Speaker of the House. Case in point how due to the less than 3% reduction  in new spending that came about due to the Harry Reid and the Senates unwillingness to compromise, the Department of Home Land Security and I.C.E. released thousands of criminals including several level I (aggravated felons). The Obama Administration has claimed that the outrageous cuts brought about by the GOP, which is a weird way of spelling Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, forced them to release these criminals. More information on this mater has come to light today.

today during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Representative Trey Gowdy questioned director of ICE John Morton, as well as DHS officials about the release of these criminals, below is an interesting part of the conversation.

“What is a Level I violator?” Gowdy asked Morton.

“First, obviously I disagree about your characterization about these being–” Morton began.

“That’s fine. You can use your time to disagree with my characterization, don’t use mine. What is a Level I violator,” Gowdy shot back.

Morton explained Level I violators are “aggravated felons.” He added that eight Level I violators were released, but after faulty computer records and a “mistake,” four were put back into detention.

“If it’s $122 a day to house four Level I aggravated felons, then releasing them saves you, what, about $600 a day?” Gowdy pressed. “You can’t find $600 anywhere else in your budget?” 

What I love about Morton’s response to this question, this simple question, can I find 600 dollars somewhere else, that is a yes or no answer, is it not? You could say “yes I could, but I feel that….” or “No I couldn’t because….” but that was not Mr. Morton’s response, his response was rather progressive as it was not an answer to the question, but part of what appeared to be a rehearsed script, Morton said, “We make determinations on a case by case bases…”

Thank God that this mindless rambling was interrupted by Representative Gowdy who re-stated the question as clearly there was a disconnect somewhere behind how simple the question was to answer, “Can you find 600 dollars somewhere else in your budget.”

Again that sounds like a simple yes or no answer, but of course, yes or no would sink President Obama’s goal of reinstating Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House, so Mr. Morton completely ignored the question asked to him (like a true spineless politician would) “The question is if that 600 dollars is well spent on those people or someone else.”  Again like a true progressive snake Mr. Morton completely ignored the question.

“If the release of aggravated felons does not rise to the level of something that the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security should know about, what does rise to that level?” Gowdy said.

“Listen, we release people everyday, and the idea that we are going to review every single person that is released…”

Here he interrupted by Representative Gowdy who said, “You release thousands of people every day?”

Mr. Morton replied, “We release thousands of people every month, we operate in a system…”

Representative Gowdy decided then it was time to put the final nail in the coffin, and truly hit the nail on the head, he said, “But you don’t blame it on sequestration do you director Morton?” Morton asked for clarification, Representative Gowdy then said, “You don’t blame in on sequestration when you release the others. It’s not part of this strategy to get the public fired up, and mayhem is upon us, that we are closing the White House for tours, that we are firing teachers in West Virginia, that we are going to have to release level 1 aggravated felons because of sequestration.” 

Mr. Morton replied “first off that was never said,” of course it wasn’t said in public, that would be political suicide, but I digress, ” and the system allows for the release on supervision, of people going through immigration preceding’s. We are not detaining people for penile reasons solely for purposes of removal. And as I’ve said the vast majority of people in proceedings by statutory design are not mandatory detention.”

When this sequestration thing came about, I said that every last issue in the nation will be blamed on sequestration. Anything that could be woven into the colorful progressive tapestry of Republican Anarchy would be. It does not matter what that thing might be. A little girl gets mowed down by a gray hound bus, and it would be because sequestration took affect and they had to lay off traffic cops, it would not matter that the girl was mowed down on a country road where there was never a cop stationed, it would still be the GOP’s fault.  In this case, President Obama, along with his hoard of progressive lackies, and proclaimed to the world how all these horrible things are happening because of Sequestration, and sequestration is happening because the GOP (which tried to avoid this issues, unlike Harry Reid who rules the senate like a tyrant). These people were not released because of sequestration but because the system allows for it.  President Obama has actually started using day to day operations as scare tactics. He wants the nation to be in a state of panic. He would love to see the economy collapse, he does not care about the suffering of the masses. The chaos, the pain the suffering is all for the greater good. All he cares about is putting Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the House of Representatives.

Now of course the progressive hoard will unleash its zealots to destroy this post, they’ll call me names, they’ll call me a liar, they will as Mr. Morton did dodge facts to avoid answering questions. These next two years are going to be hell, the progressives will come after any who dare call themselves conservative, they will do everything in their power to destroy you. Be prepared, if they are willing to drum up hysteria about day to day operations that apparently are going unchanged by the less than 3% reduction in the growth of spending known as sequestration…. there is nothing these people are not will to do in order to see Queen Pelosi usurp the peoples throne in the temple of liberty.

Que the progressive zealots

well the sequester has gone into affect, and no one has burst into flames, planes have not fallen from the skies, and the progressives are doing their hardest to make sure that these things happen.  The following is from a  Washington Times story describing an internal email;

In the email sent Monday by Charles Brown, an official with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service office in Raleigh, N.C., Mr. Brown asked “if there was any latitude” in how to spread the sequester cuts across the region to lessen the impacts on fish inspections.

He said he was discouraged by officials in Washington, who gave him this reply: “We have gone on record with a notification to Congress and whoever else that ‘APHIS would eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry, unless they provide funding to cover the costs.’ So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

Typical of progressive thugs, they did not get their way, so now rather than make the best of the situation they are going to do everything they can to make their opposition look bad.  They love to say “I would have saved you, but that man over there spat on my shoes, so I couldn’t pull you up over the edge of the cliff”. Then full expect you to believe that the reason that you fell was because of the man who spat on their shoes, not because of their own ignorance. 

So now that we know that Washington Progressives are going to do absolutely everything in their power to make their outrageous predictions come true, how has sequestration been affecting the Nation?

First off the White House is finally admitting that they proposed the sequester, they were for it before they were against it. That is good news.

President Obama being the spineless corrupt immoral politician that he is quickly sprang into action and passed all of the blame for the sequester off onto the GOP,

“Here’s the thing: none of this is necessary. It’s happening because Republicans in Congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit. Just this week, they decided that protecting special interest tax breaks for the well-off and well-connected is more important than protecting our military and middle-class families from these cuts.”

Here is the thing, President Obama this is happening because you think that you are a tyrant, you believe that the nation has to bend over and do what ever it is you demand.  When they don’t you cry fowl and try to paint them as demon worshipers who feast on the souls of malnourished Indonesian children.  This sequestration happened because PRESIDENT OBAMA SIGNED IT INTO LAW.  If he thought that sequestration was too great a risk he should not have signed it into law.  If he knew this was such a bad idea, why did he spend his time attacking the GOP and refusing to compromise, as opposed to finding a way to get everyone  on board with a plan.  You know like a leader, like a President. He stood in front of the nation and demanded a balanced approach then demanded tax hikes, and said he would veto any bill that did not include tax hikes. So they passed new tax hikes, and then came time for the cuts. President Obama demanded more tax hikes. Then rather than trying to find some common ground, find a way to cut some government waste, President Obama came out and told the world how horrible the republicans are, and how the world will be destroyed if the government cuts one cent.  Then somehow it is the Republicans fault that sequestration happened?  This is a perfect example of progressive scare tactics, and how low they are willing to sink.  

People in the government are being told not to try to lessen the impact of the sequester so as nut to undermine the ludicrous claims made by the radical progressive in Washington. President Obama is going out and blaming everything on Republicans, as if the last four years of him blaming everything that has happened in the world on the GOP, had nothing to do with the lack of civility in Washington. President Obama is blaming everything in the GOP when had he held true to his promise of wanting a balanced approach, rather than just tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, blame republicans, tax, spend, a better bargain could have been reached. But of course President Obama did not hold true to his word, he just said give me more revenues, trust me I’ll cut spending.  He got his tax hike like he wanted, it is now time for spending cuts, as he himself said. The truth is I really think he wanted the sequester to happen.  

He wanted the sequester, he himself called for it, and he signed it into law, something he did not have to do, he could have vetoed it.  Something that he threatened to do to just about any bill coming out of the GOP controlled House of Representatives passed to avoid the sequester. The senate republicans even tried to pass a bill that would give him complete control over where the spending cuts in the sequester would be, and he promised he would veto that bill as well.   So he refused to compromise, this is nothing new. However, refusing power, this is odd.  Why would President Obama not want the ability to use his clearly superior intellect in order to stave off the “catastrophic” economic consequences of the sequester that he signed into law?   The answer is simple,  and deals with the very core of President Obama’s moral code, and priorities.  It would not be good politics for him to have his name directly tied to the sequester, that is why he is going too such great lengths to do what progressive have always done to cover up their mistakes, rewrite history.  He wants the sequester to be the worst thing to happen to this country sense the Community Reinvestment Act led to the collapse of the banking industry. He wants the sequester to hurt as many people as possible.  That would be good politics for him. Think about it, due to the fact that the main stream media is basically nothing more than a propaganda machine for the progressive movement, he can sign a bill that creates a law that he believes will crash the economy. He then goes out and pretends like he wants to avoid it, yet he stone walls all attempts to prevent it from taking place. Then he goes out and blames the GOP for these horrible cuts taking affect. The mainstream media then does as the puppet masters say, and report the words of the President as if they were the gospel, completely ignoring the truth.  Then every bit of economic news, and trust me this will happen, will become nothing but horrible unbearable agony. Suddenly progressives will start caring about how the unemployment rate is as low as it is, only because millions have dropped out of the job market. This dismal growth this economy has seen over the last four years,  will suddenly become sign of a looming recession, rather than economic recovery.  The sky rocketing fuel prices, the crumbling road network, our failing education system, all things that were happening prior to the sequester are now going to be the result of the sequester. President Obama will stand in front of the nation, and say the GOP killed the recovery, the GOP is trying to cause a recession. The GOP is the cause of all of our problems. He will offer no solution, and will do nothing except demand more taxes.  If the GOP refuses the new taxes, he will brand them as baby haters, if they approve the new taxes their conservative base will turn on them, either way President Obama sees this as a way to regain the House of Representatives.  A goal he has sought sense his radical progressive agenda stripped the house from the democrats in the largest transfer of power in modern American History. Our pain, our suffering, means nothing to this man. The only thing that seems to mater to him is the end goal of his radical progressive agenda. He will let the American economy tank, in order to win political points. Otherwise he would have worked with republicans, rather than go on a perpetual campaign trip attacking them. President Obama is totally willing to let the masses suffer in order to ensure that Nancy Pelosi is the next speaker of the house.   

All you progressive zealots out there, please hold off on going into epic rant mode, hear me out. 

Here is the deal, the sequester reduced the amount of new government spending by only $85,000,000,000,000.00. To us that sounds like a lot of money, but in the terms of the federal budget that is nothing but a drop in the bucket.  Look at it this way:
            the sequester reduced the amount of new spending by $85 billion dollars. 
            In the fiscal year 2012 the federal government spent $3,600 billion dollars. 
            In the fiscal year 2013 the government is set to spend $3,803 billion dollars
First off, clearly you can see that the sequester is equal to only about 2.3% of the total federal spending in fiscal year 2012. The sequester is equal to only 2.2% of the projected spending of 2013.  You notice that the sequester percentage of spending is less for the fiscal year 2013, that is because it only cut the growth in spending. Even with the sequester federal spending grew $203 billion dollars.  Now lets shut up, sit down, and be serious adults here for a moment. The sequester reduced spending by less then 2.2%. President Obama and his progressive allies in Washington have been going out and telling you how the world is going to end because of these cuts. They say they are draconian, they are unnecessary, and that they are dangerous. What President Obama is saying, is that there is absolutely no waste in Federal Spending. There is not a single dime that the government can afford to cut. He is claiming that there is no way that the every government agency could find a way to save less then 2.2% of their total spending.  

According to President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, every last dime that the government spends is absolutely essential to the survival of the nation.  There is no waste, no over lap in programs, no outdated programs that can be trimmed. The only way that these cuts can be made is by firing people, and creating mass panic.  

  • The TSA absolutely has to have new uniforms at $1,000 a pop, for a total of $15,000,000.00, we would not be safe on the airplane if they did not have them. 
  • The President absolutely has to be able to go golfing over 100 times in 4 years
  • The President absolutely has to host dinners for $500,000 donors
  • The President absolutely has to go on Christmas Vacations to Hawaii at a cost to tax payers of over $4,000,000 dollars a trip
  • The President absolutely has to go on Summer Vacations to Martha’s Vineyard at a cost of over $1,000,000 dollars
  • The President and the First Lady does not need to take the same plane when going on vacation. 
  • The First Lady absolutely has to be able to spend $10,000,000 tax payer dollars vacationing. 
  • The President absolutely needs a $400,000 a year salary, as well as a $50,000 expense account
  • The White House absolutely has to have a Movie Theater manned 24 hours a day
  • The White House absolutely has to have a dog handler paid $100,000 a year
  • United States Representatives absolutely have to have a salary of $174,000 a year
  • United States Senators absolutely have to have a salary of $174,000 a year
  • The Speaker of The House absolutely has to have a salary of $223,500
  • The House Majority Leader absolutely has to have a salary of $193,400
  • The House Minority Leader absolutely has to have a salary of $193,400
  • The Senate Majority Leader absolutely has to have a salary of $193,400
  • The Senate Minority Leader absolutely has to have a salary of $193,400
  • The Membership of The House of Representative absolutely has to have an expense account of $1,300,000 to $1,900,000 a year
  • The Membership of the United States Senate absolutely has to have an expense account of $2,900,000 to $4,500,000 a year

There is absolutely no waste in government what so ever. Clearly the only way to make up for the $85 billion in cuts to new spending, is to cancel the self guided White House tours, lay off middle class Americans, and take aim at the poor. I keep thinking that President Obama is playing some sick joke on the nation, hoping that we are too ignorant to realize that he is full of crap. He does not care about the middle class, he only cares about his political agenda. We are nothing but pawns in his game.  If he cared, maybe he would stop playing golf, so those savings could go to keeping the self guided White House tours open.  Maybe he would tell his family that they were not going on a big trip to Hawaii this year, to keep the janitors from losing their job. Why is it that these fat cat politicians, these greedy, money grubbing thugs keep targeting the poor government employees instead of sacrificing themselves.  When the automakers came to congress for help, congress was outraged that they would come in private planes. Congress attacked them for their salaries, and bonus packages. I guess it is not a two way street.  

You can rest assured, President Obama wanted this sequester, he is happy it is in affect, and every thing from now until after the 2014 election President Obama will blame on the Republicans.  The economy could jump into a full blown recovery, reminiscent of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and President Obama and the progressives would say the economy is in recession.  They will do everything they can to paint the coming two years as hell of earth. All President Obama will worry about for the next two years is how do I make things so bad that Nancy Pelosi gets to be the next speaker of the house.  That’s it.  

You just watch, now cue the angry progressive zealot rantings. 

Well we have come to it, the supposed great doom of our time, the Sequester.  I thought I might try to do what the President has failed, and that is reassure the public that the world is not going to end.  I would like to take this time to explain some important things about the sequester.

The sequester is not cutting spending. We have all heard that the sequester is supposedly cutting $85,000,000,000 from federal spending.  That is not true.  The sequester is doing nothing more than reducing the increase in federal spending by $85,000,000,000.  In other words, the government spent $3,330,000,000,000 (3.33 trillion) in 2012, in 2013 it is still going to spend $3,330,000,000,000 dollars, plus an increase. I have explained this before, the federal government uses a system called baseline budgeting, what that means is that every branch/programs budget gets a 3-10% increase every budget year, regaurdless of whether or not it is required.  All the sequester is doing is reducing this percentage increase.  

The sequester is not going to cut $85,000,000,000 of new government spending affective tomorrow, it will be staggared out over the next 10 months

The sequester is a tiny ammount of money, it ammounts to about 2.5% of the total federal spending in the year 2012.

669.) President Obama has always called for balanced approach, he got his new revenue, now it is time to cut some spending. That is unless of course he was just saying he wanted a balanced approach to sound good on tv during the election. 

670.) President Obama should really be reminded of the fact that he signed the sequester into law. If he thought it was such bad policy, he should not have signed it. If the world comes crashing down, as he and most of his progressive allies have been trying make us believe, he is just as guilty as any republican.

671.) President Obama fusterates me to no end. He goes out and he calls for “common sense reforms”, “the wealthy to pay their fair share”, “compromise”, and “a balanced approach”. Yet for the last four years all he has done is rack up spending, and blame republicans and conservatives for all of the problems in the world. For the last four years all President Obama has done is go out on camera and roar about how Republicans want to kill your children and feast on the livers of baby seals. Then he wonders why it is that nothing gets done.  Perhapes has President Obama, taken a lesson from President Clinton, our nation would be on a better footing.  President Clinton started out as a radical progressive, and our economy entered a recession, then when the GOP swept the house Clinton moved to the center, and started working with the congress, actually working with them, you know compromising. We all remember how good the 90’s were, that is because the President compromised, gave up some of his ideas, in order to get others, and the economy boomed.  President Obama has done no such thing.  He throws a fit until he gets what he wants.  If there is a part of the government whom he should be angry at, it is the Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid.  It is in the Senate that bills go to die.  The house passes a budget, harry reid refuses to let it go to committee. The house passes a bill to avoid automatic tax hikes, Harry Reid won’t let it go to committte.  The house can do what ever it wants, but the tyranical leadership of the senate makes it a mute point.  Perhapes, if President Obama would barbacue Harry Reid’s ass in mollasses the GOP might actually take him a little more seriously when he calls for “compromise”.  Because so far, from all I have seen, President Obama does not know what compromise means. He seems to think compromise is “do whatever I tell you, or I will destroy you.” 

 I have never seen a more childish game than the one being played by President Barack Obama about sequestration.  This is something he agreed to, he asked for. Now he is suddenly against it? What did he think would happen? Did he honestly believe that he would just roar at the GOP long enough that the spending problem in Washington would go away?  Now he is out there, with his cabinet officals trying to scare the American People to death, rather than assure them that the world is not coming to an end. How is that leadership? How is going out infront of the people of this nation and saying, planes will fall from the sky, trains will stop running, criminals will run free, city wide fires will erupt over night, law enforcement will cease to exists,  leadership? That is not leadership, it is a rare occasion that President Obama shows any leadership. All his firs four years in office were, was a constant campaign to get into office this time around.  Well Mr. President, you won, your President, now it is time to shut up, stop this perptual campaign, and actually be President.  That means compromising, that means realizing that the GOP controls the house, and you have to work with them.  Get over it.  It is time for you to decide, are you going to be a President, or are you going to continued to act like a spoiled brat, and run your mouth about how people aren’t just giving you what you want? Are you going to lead this nation, or are you going to continue damning half of it to the eternal fires of hell? This nation is more divided now than it has been in the last 100 years,  and it is thanks to your childishness. So will President Obama grow up and learn to actually work with congress, or will he continue to campaign for a none existant third term.

I do not know what the answer will be, but what I do know is that the sequester is going to happen, and it is going to happen because he signed it into law, then refused to compromise. 


As we all know, progressives do not use the same mathematical principles that the rest of us in the civilized world follow. I will give you a demonstration,

Normal people math:

160-8= 152

Progressive math:

160-8= hell fire and damnation raining from the sky. The earth’s crust opens up, and devours the souls of young children. The red wood forests burst into flames, and the great lakes drain.  The rocky mountains crumble and the great plains turn to dust. All the while republicans bath in baby sheep blood, smoke cigars made of hundred dollar bills, and wear robes made of baby polar bear fur.

Like I said, math works differently. There are several big things to remember when solving a progressive math problems. The first is that the number included in the answer doesn’t have to be related anything. then there is the fact that the math should always make the oppositions idea look very very scary.  The most important thing to remember is that the answer always  comes back to republicans, or conservatives hate babies.  If you understand that, you can solve any and all math problems that a progressive posses to you.

So here is a real world example for you. Everyone’s favorite radical socialist, Mrs. Maxine Waters, used some progressive math to bring us the dire news of the upcoming sequester. Mrs. Waters said, “If sequestration takes place, that’s going to be a great setback. We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to cause these job losses — over 170 million jobs that could be lost” That sounds scary, so it meets the second law of progressive math. Progressives are trying to make it sound like republicans alone created the sequester, so it meets the third rule of progressive math.  But what about the first… is this number based on anything other than commydust and pig farts?

Mrs. Waters is claiming that if the government reduces the increase in spending by 85 billion, not cut 85 billion from the existing budget, but just not spending 85 billion more dollars will result in the loss of over 170 million jobs. So 170,000,000 jobs. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statics says that 134,000,000 people are working in this country.

So math time.

134,000,000 – 170,000,000 = -36,000,000

So according to Maxine Waters if the sequester goes through, if the growth of spending is reduced by a measly 85 billion dollars, 36 million out of work people are going to be out of work twice. Does that mean that they get to draw two unemployment checks?

So the number that she spat out is not based on anything kind of, in a way, with your eyes squinted resembling a fact.  So yes here we have another perfect example of progressive math. 

It must be easy being a progressive none of your equations have to make any sense.

1+1= 85 bunnies eaten alive by republicans.