Well we have come to it, the supposed great doom of our time, the Sequester.  I thought I might try to do what the President has failed, and that is reassure the public that the world is not going to end.  I would like to take this time to explain some important things about the sequester.

The sequester is not cutting spending. We have all heard that the sequester is supposedly cutting $85,000,000,000 from federal spending.  That is not true.  The sequester is doing nothing more than reducing the increase in federal spending by $85,000,000,000.  In other words, the government spent $3,330,000,000,000 (3.33 trillion) in 2012, in 2013 it is still going to spend $3,330,000,000,000 dollars, plus an increase. I have explained this before, the federal government uses a system called baseline budgeting, what that means is that every branch/programs budget gets a 3-10% increase every budget year, regaurdless of whether or not it is required.  All the sequester is doing is reducing this percentage increase.  

The sequester is not going to cut $85,000,000,000 of new government spending affective tomorrow, it will be staggared out over the next 10 months

The sequester is a tiny ammount of money, it ammounts to about 2.5% of the total federal spending in the year 2012.

669.) President Obama has always called for balanced approach, he got his new revenue, now it is time to cut some spending. That is unless of course he was just saying he wanted a balanced approach to sound good on tv during the election. 

670.) President Obama should really be reminded of the fact that he signed the sequester into law. If he thought it was such bad policy, he should not have signed it. If the world comes crashing down, as he and most of his progressive allies have been trying make us believe, he is just as guilty as any republican.

671.) President Obama fusterates me to no end. He goes out and he calls for “common sense reforms”, “the wealthy to pay their fair share”, “compromise”, and “a balanced approach”. Yet for the last four years all he has done is rack up spending, and blame republicans and conservatives for all of the problems in the world. For the last four years all President Obama has done is go out on camera and roar about how Republicans want to kill your children and feast on the livers of baby seals. Then he wonders why it is that nothing gets done.  Perhapes has President Obama, taken a lesson from President Clinton, our nation would be on a better footing.  President Clinton started out as a radical progressive, and our economy entered a recession, then when the GOP swept the house Clinton moved to the center, and started working with the congress, actually working with them, you know compromising. We all remember how good the 90’s were, that is because the President compromised, gave up some of his ideas, in order to get others, and the economy boomed.  President Obama has done no such thing.  He throws a fit until he gets what he wants.  If there is a part of the government whom he should be angry at, it is the Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid.  It is in the Senate that bills go to die.  The house passes a budget, harry reid refuses to let it go to committee. The house passes a bill to avoid automatic tax hikes, Harry Reid won’t let it go to committte.  The house can do what ever it wants, but the tyranical leadership of the senate makes it a mute point.  Perhapes, if President Obama would barbacue Harry Reid’s ass in mollasses the GOP might actually take him a little more seriously when he calls for “compromise”.  Because so far, from all I have seen, President Obama does not know what compromise means. He seems to think compromise is “do whatever I tell you, or I will destroy you.” 

 I have never seen a more childish game than the one being played by President Barack Obama about sequestration.  This is something he agreed to, he asked for. Now he is suddenly against it? What did he think would happen? Did he honestly believe that he would just roar at the GOP long enough that the spending problem in Washington would go away?  Now he is out there, with his cabinet officals trying to scare the American People to death, rather than assure them that the world is not coming to an end. How is that leadership? How is going out infront of the people of this nation and saying, planes will fall from the sky, trains will stop running, criminals will run free, city wide fires will erupt over night, law enforcement will cease to exists,  leadership? That is not leadership, it is a rare occasion that President Obama shows any leadership. All his firs four years in office were, was a constant campaign to get into office this time around.  Well Mr. President, you won, your President, now it is time to shut up, stop this perptual campaign, and actually be President.  That means compromising, that means realizing that the GOP controls the house, and you have to work with them.  Get over it.  It is time for you to decide, are you going to be a President, or are you going to continued to act like a spoiled brat, and run your mouth about how people aren’t just giving you what you want? Are you going to lead this nation, or are you going to continue damning half of it to the eternal fires of hell? This nation is more divided now than it has been in the last 100 years,  and it is thanks to your childishness. So will President Obama grow up and learn to actually work with congress, or will he continue to campaign for a none existant third term.

I do not know what the answer will be, but what I do know is that the sequester is going to happen, and it is going to happen because he signed it into law, then refused to compromise. 


  1. All fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear…What kind of leader sends the message to potential enemies that we are too broke to maintain our military? No leader.What kind of leader tells the American people the sky is falling? No leader.Obama is no leader.

  2. None of them in Washington care about the ramifications, either.  With sequestration, the biggest cut is actually in pay.  Furloughs will happen throughout the government.  I’m all for cutting spending.  However, telling folks to take a 20% cut in pay simply because Congress failed to do it’s job is absurd.  Now, here’s a few things that will happen because of sequestration:  Major backlogs at airports.  FAA will have to furlough air traffic controllers.  This means small airports will have to shut down.  That means those airports will have to lay people off, btw.  Other airports will have to pick up the burden.  This means longer lines at security as well as for take-offs and landings.  Defense contractors will have big layoffs (and are already planning it because of the CRA).  Now, the gov’t shouldn’t have to support the economy, but the approach they’re taking will do damage.  Because it’s just a blanket approach and blanket approaches never work.  If I can’t make ends meet at home, I just don’t say “ok, we cut everything” and stop buying groceries just so we can keep high speed internet.  It takes surgical precision to balance a budget and these asshats in DC aren’t even trying anymore.

  3. The budget of the US increases every year because of this thing called inflation which makes money worth less.  You have to increase spending numerically in order for it to have the same stimulative effect and buying power (which decreases now at around 4% per year).  This is what “increasing” the minimum wage does too – keeps it from decreasing, keeps it the same.  So yes it is a cut in spending if you understand the basics of economics.As far as obama not being a centrist and throwing tantrums, please show me a video of what you call a tantrum.  Show me a video of obama demonizing republicans.  And half the stimulus was tax cuts republicans asked for, half the healthcare reforms were ideas proposed by republicans (which they then attacked once democrats began supporting them) and the last obama appointment was a former republican senator whose confirmation the republicans blocked for two months.Obama has moved to the center, he was a centrist from the start.  The republicans are just endlessly playing politics.Every ounce of information you get is partisan and skewed, it’s ridiculous.  Stop being yet another partisan hack.  Do you think that’s going to fix america?  It’s what broke it in the first place.

  4. @saturnnights – What kind of leader tries to keep the sky from falling?  No leader.  What kind of leader tries to stop americans from losing jobs in a huge recession?  No leader.Dumbass.@grim_truth – I agree.  And thanks for not being partisan about it.

  5. If only there was leadership from the Obama Administration.  President  Obama insisted upon sequestration 18 months ago, reassured us during the President debate in October that sequestration would never happen.  Then on the day which the 2.5% decrease in rate of growth occurs, Mr. Obama holds a presser calling the cuts dumb and arbitrary and then blames the Republicans.  It’s sequester cliff driving.

  6. @districtofcalamity – The sequester was a compromise between both republicans and democrats, not obama’s idea, and it’s purpose was to force them to reach a compromise down the road and was never intended to go into effect.  Acting like the president wanted the sequester and then flip-flopped is dishonest or ignorant.  And demanding the president show leadership is a little disingenuous coming from people who would obviously reject anything he said or did because he was the one that said or did it.

  7. @agnophilo – Insisting that President Obama on the sequester is not ignorant but accurate.  It was the Obama Adminstration’s compromise so that Congress would raise the debt ceiling for 18 months.  The GOP was willing to do only if there were spending cuts.  Sequestration was the methodology proffered by Jack Lew (then Obama Chief of Staff now Treasury Secretary) which was meant to inspire the SuperCommittee to find other cuts since these were so draconian.  The SuperCommittee failed and what POTUS now says are “dumb” and “arbitrary” cuts comes from the Obama White House.   But I’m sure that you’ll discount the source since the New Republic is such a big Republican rag./sarcOh and by the way, the Republicans in the Senate voted for legislation which would have allowed President Obama to allocate the Sequestration “cuts” so that it would mitigate pain, but the Democrats in the Senate rejected it.  So there goes your opposing party being uncooperative with President Obama “argument”.

  8. @agnophilo –  Your lowbrow comments like this name calling are the reason I blocked you from my site, skullboy.

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