Yet More on Sequestration

I told you guys that President Obama, and the rest of the progressive movement is fully prepared to allow the nation to suffer in order to ensure that Nancy Pelosi is the next Speaker of the House. Case in point how due to the less than 3% reduction  in new spending that came about due to the Harry Reid and the Senates unwillingness to compromise, the Department of Home Land Security and I.C.E. released thousands of criminals including several level I (aggravated felons). The Obama Administration has claimed that the outrageous cuts brought about by the GOP, which is a weird way of spelling Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, forced them to release these criminals. More information on this mater has come to light today.

today during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Representative Trey Gowdy questioned director of ICE John Morton, as well as DHS officials about the release of these criminals, below is an interesting part of the conversation.

“What is a Level I violator?” Gowdy asked Morton.

“First, obviously I disagree about your characterization about these being–” Morton began.

“That’s fine. You can use your time to disagree with my characterization, don’t use mine. What is a Level I violator,” Gowdy shot back.

Morton explained Level I violators are “aggravated felons.” He added that eight Level I violators were released, but after faulty computer records and a “mistake,” four were put back into detention.

“If it’s $122 a day to house four Level I aggravated felons, then releasing them saves you, what, about $600 a day?” Gowdy pressed. “You can’t find $600 anywhere else in your budget?” 

What I love about Morton’s response to this question, this simple question, can I find 600 dollars somewhere else, that is a yes or no answer, is it not? You could say “yes I could, but I feel that….” or “No I couldn’t because….” but that was not Mr. Morton’s response, his response was rather progressive as it was not an answer to the question, but part of what appeared to be a rehearsed script, Morton said, “We make determinations on a case by case bases…”

Thank God that this mindless rambling was interrupted by Representative Gowdy who re-stated the question as clearly there was a disconnect somewhere behind how simple the question was to answer, “Can you find 600 dollars somewhere else in your budget.”

Again that sounds like a simple yes or no answer, but of course, yes or no would sink President Obama’s goal of reinstating Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House, so Mr. Morton completely ignored the question asked to him (like a true spineless politician would) “The question is if that 600 dollars is well spent on those people or someone else.”  Again like a true progressive snake Mr. Morton completely ignored the question.

“If the release of aggravated felons does not rise to the level of something that the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security should know about, what does rise to that level?” Gowdy said.

“Listen, we release people everyday, and the idea that we are going to review every single person that is released…”

Here he interrupted by Representative Gowdy who said, “You release thousands of people every day?”

Mr. Morton replied, “We release thousands of people every month, we operate in a system…”

Representative Gowdy decided then it was time to put the final nail in the coffin, and truly hit the nail on the head, he said, “But you don’t blame it on sequestration do you director Morton?” Morton asked for clarification, Representative Gowdy then said, “You don’t blame in on sequestration when you release the others. It’s not part of this strategy to get the public fired up, and mayhem is upon us, that we are closing the White House for tours, that we are firing teachers in West Virginia, that we are going to have to release level 1 aggravated felons because of sequestration.” 

Mr. Morton replied “first off that was never said,” of course it wasn’t said in public, that would be political suicide, but I digress, ” and the system allows for the release on supervision, of people going through immigration preceding’s. We are not detaining people for penile reasons solely for purposes of removal. And as I’ve said the vast majority of people in proceedings by statutory design are not mandatory detention.”

When this sequestration thing came about, I said that every last issue in the nation will be blamed on sequestration. Anything that could be woven into the colorful progressive tapestry of Republican Anarchy would be. It does not matter what that thing might be. A little girl gets mowed down by a gray hound bus, and it would be because sequestration took affect and they had to lay off traffic cops, it would not matter that the girl was mowed down on a country road where there was never a cop stationed, it would still be the GOP’s fault.  In this case, President Obama, along with his hoard of progressive lackies, and proclaimed to the world how all these horrible things are happening because of Sequestration, and sequestration is happening because the GOP (which tried to avoid this issues, unlike Harry Reid who rules the senate like a tyrant). These people were not released because of sequestration but because the system allows for it.  President Obama has actually started using day to day operations as scare tactics. He wants the nation to be in a state of panic. He would love to see the economy collapse, he does not care about the suffering of the masses. The chaos, the pain the suffering is all for the greater good. All he cares about is putting Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the House of Representatives.

Now of course the progressive hoard will unleash its zealots to destroy this post, they’ll call me names, they’ll call me a liar, they will as Mr. Morton did dodge facts to avoid answering questions. These next two years are going to be hell, the progressives will come after any who dare call themselves conservative, they will do everything in their power to destroy you. Be prepared, if they are willing to drum up hysteria about day to day operations that apparently are going unchanged by the less than 3% reduction in the growth of spending known as sequestration…. there is nothing these people are not will to do in order to see Queen Pelosi usurp the peoples throne in the temple of liberty.

Que the progressive zealots

  1. Considering that:1. A “cut” of 85,000,000,000 out of a “budget” of 3,800,000,000,000 is apparently a “disaster” of “epic proportions,” according to the “progressive” talking points.2. During this “disaster” of “epic proportions,” the “progressive” President continues to go to federally-subsdized golf outings, parties and vacation trips disguised as “diplomatic outings” and such.3. The EBT cards have yet to stop working, so the welfare addicts can continue with the “foodies.”4. The Obama Administration’s drone strikes on Third World schoolhouses continue – each AGM-114 “Hellfire” missile costs about 68,000 apiece. Maybe DoD got a bulk discount?5. Obama and “Cousin” Napolitano have been making the Department of Homeland Security into their own private armed force, what with the armored vehicles, ammo and assault weapons that they been buying like crazy. Between Obama catering to the hoplophobes and his own buying spree, firearms and ammo is one of the few growth sectors in the Obama economy.Maybe, just maybe, the “cuts” coming from the “sequester” weren’t such a “disaster” for the “progressives” after all?

  2. @mikewb1971 – No, because the majority of the sequester cuts aren’t affecting actual programs at all.  They’re affecting middle class americans in the form of paycuts to federal employees.  Say what you want about politicians, but most federal employees are just decent folks looking to make a living, likely taking the first decent job that came along.  It’s the left that is pushing for these 20% pay cuts to these people.  Yes, the republicans are pushing for pay freezes and such, but a pay freeze is much easier to deal with than such a large pay cut.  The left is doing this because with well over 800,000 votes on the line (the minimum number of federal employees looking at these huge pay cuts) and they can blame the right for it.  Even though it was Obama himself that demanded sequester be a part of the continuing resolution.  They put it in, blame the other side for it, then do what they can to garner the votes.  Luckily, most of the federal employees I know are seeing through the ruse.  The left likes to ignore the fact that it was their fault for no budgets getting passed for the past several years…

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