Suffering is Ok if It Leads to Pelosi Being Speaker

By now everyone is aware of how President Obama and his progressive minions have been trying to hype up a reduction in the growth of federal spending, a reduction that accounts for less than 3% of the federal budget. Most of readers are also aware of the fact that I whole heartedly believe that President Obama will ensure, through his various political lackeys (wouldn’t want to get his own hands dirty) that these minimal reductions in new spending are the most disastrous attacks on the American people in a century. He and his Administration will do absolutely nothing to blunt the “devastation” that is supposedly coming. They will drum up every last bit of news they can to paint a horrible economic picture of doom and despair. Things that they once championed as proof of economic prosperity will once again become signs of economic doom, as they were under previous administrations. If you are worried about special interests groups, and funding for the Democrat party don’t be, President Obama is a very skilled politician and will make sure that untold pain and misery is perceived to have been leveled against the poor American People, and still ensure that the Democrat party’s pockets are lined with special interest dollars.

A little evidence is needed to back up this claim, and it can be found in that most dreaded of progressive downfalls, the fact based truth.  These minimal reductions have gone into affect this month, yet somehow federal politicians have found ways to shield special interests groups (aka political allies, and donors) from the tragedy.  Yes the Federal Government which is controlled by progressives such as President Obama, and the Tyrant of the Senate Harry Reid, has found ways to make sure that special interest groups come first, and the people get burned.  These “vital programs” have been spared the pain of the ax, at the expense of the people of this great nation. These “vital programs” include, but are not limited too:

  • $227,000 program to study animal pictures in National Geographic Magazines
  • $45,900 so people can attend a snow mobile race in Michigan
  • $516,000 for a green ATM that hands out money for used cell phones
  • $349,862 for a study on the effects of meditation and self reflection on math, science, and engineering majors

All of these programs were funded through federal grants that were approved after the sequester took affect, there have been 164 grants given out by the NSF. These “vital” research projects have all been spared from the “doomsday” that is sequestration.  However this was not the case for minor programs utilized by the people who live on the American Indian Reservations. Minuet programs such as the Federal Indian Health Service, which has been forced to cut the number of patient visits by over 800,000. Tribal programs under the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Department of the interior, that fund law enforcement, human affairs, schools, economic development,  and natural resources are going to lose $130,000,000 from the cuts. 

Let us wrap our head around that, they are have had $130,000,000 removed from their budget, I wonder is there no where else the government could have cut spending to spare these people from these cuts. These poor people, these people who suffer from higher unemployment than the national average, their women are victimized more than the national average, why has President Obama turned a blind eye to them? Why have the progressive seen fit to allow these foolish grants such as listed above, about $43,000,000 worth of new spending, yet allow these poor Native Americans to suffer in squalor?

Of course to hear President Obama tell it, all of this could have been avoided, if those damn Republicans had just compromised, if they had just raised taxes, if they had been willing to work with the President.  So of course to hear President Obama tell it reminds us of the fact that he wanted the sequester, and he wanted it to be as bad as it possibly could be, it is good politics.  All the suffering in the world is acceptable so long as it leads to Nancy Pelosi returning to being the speaker of the house.  It was not the GOP who brought about the sequester, they did compromise (something President Obama doesn’t understand), they raised taxes. Now how a compromise works, for all those progressives out there, is one side gives up something to get something they want, the other side gives up something in order to get something they want.  So the Democrats wanted massive new taxes, the GOP wanted spending cuts, both claimed at the time (now that the election is over it is a different story) that they wanted a balanced budget, and to reduce the debt and deficit.  The GOP did not want to raise the tax rate, so they proposed a bill, a bill that passed the house, that would increase revenues not by increasing the tax rate but rather by closing loopholes. This was an idea that President Obama himself proposed on September 9th, 2010.  Well once the presidential election was over, he changed his tune, and such a policy was no longer a serious proposal.  So the bill that passed the house, went to the Senate, where the Tyrant of the Senate, Harry Reid, would not allow it to go to committee. The Democrats strong armed every conservative minded person in Washington until they agreed to raise tax rates.  Okay, so the GOP caved on tax rates. In a compromise what comes next would be the Democrats caving on cutting spending.  What actually happened was President Obama, who apparently does not realize that he won reflection and should stop campaigning, went back on the campaign trail and blasted the GOP blaming them for all the coming hardship.  Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi issued vitriolic attacks against the GOP for daring to demand spending cuts. What they instead offered, was more taxes. Which is not a compromise, it is a slap in the face. 

Soon it became clear that President Obama, and Harry Reid were not serious about trying to compromise, and are unable to work with anyone who does not bow before them. Soon it became clear that because of President Obama and Harry Reid’s actions the sequester would go into affect.  So the members of the GOP in the Senate then proposed a bill that would give President Obama the authority to decide how the sequestration cuts would be implemented. This would be a great chance for President Obama to ensure that the middle class and the poor were spared from the hardships that he claimed were bound to happen.  President Obama vowed to veto any such bill. It was not that he did not want the responsibility, or the power that would come with the legislation, it is that he was unwilling to accept the liability that came with it. As is evident by the fact that he still resides in the White House, he has been able for the majority of his political career to avoid any negative publicity. He shows up, runs his mouth, blasts the opposition, then votes present. That way his finger prints are on the disastrous progressive legislation that he supports.  If he was directly responsible for how the sequestration was to be implemented, rather than just directly responsible for it becoming law (this is something he can act as if he had no part in, despite his calling for it, and signing it into law), it would be impossible to use the sequestration as a political tool. If President Obama was responsible for deciding how to implement sequestration he could not blame the GOP for cutting funding for students, he could not blame the GOP for massive lay offs, he could not blame rich white Americans for not doing their fair share,  as he would have been the one to decide where those cuts happened. So any pain and misery caused by sequestration would have fallen back on him. The problem is worse yet, if when sequestration took affect, and the sky did not fall, he would be unable to take any credit for the success of the program.  Sure his five year long campaign calling President Bush’s spending (billion dollar deficits, vs. President Obama’s trillion dollar deficits) unpatriotic, but as soon as he got into the White house, he forgot about all that. His five year campaign shifted towards the merits of running massive deficits, and blaming other people for his problems. President Obama has roared at us for the last five years about how the GOP wants to shove granny off a cliff, how spending cuts will only hurt the poor, and the GOP only care about helping Rich White People. So if what he has billed as spending cuts did not result in the masses going hungry, children dying in the streets, the air instantaneously filling with smog, the rivers bursting into flames, the American People would have seen that he has been wrong all these years. They would have been able to see that President Obama has borrowed our grand children’s money, sold them down the river, for nothing.  It would be a political disaster. How could he turn his five year campaign from being against the GOP to how wonderful the GOP’s policies worked? How on earth would the success of the conservative ideology lead to Nancy Pelosi becoming the Speaker of the House? The answer is it wouldn’t.

So as I said, just remember, despite what President Obama, Tyrant Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the other progressive zealots out there will tell you, they all wanted the sequester to happen. They are fine with the suffering of the masses. It does not matter who gets hurt along the way. The ends do justify the means.  No atrocity is too great so long as it leads to Nancy Pelosi once again being the Speaker of The House.


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