More Compassion From the Progressive Left

The progressives are always quick to jump on conservatives and remind us how horrible we are, how we are racists, bigots, and how all we want is dirty air, fowled water, and to push grandma off a cliff.  Imagine my “surprise” when I heard this news story from Denver Colorado.

On April 2, 2013 the Denver Post electoral board hosted an public forum on nation gun control legislation. One of the United States Representative for Denver, Democrat Diana Degette decided to, as progressives always do, belittle those who dare oppose the march towards the gray abyss of progressive utopia. 

This time the victim of this witless political attack was a senior citizen. The man had a legitimate question concerning the progressive’s attempts to limit magazine capacity on fire arms.  The man asked ““My question is: What about me? There may not be one bad guy that comes into my house… I have to change magazines? I am a serious disadvantage. What about me?”

Democrat Diana Degette snickered at this elderly man’s concern, then said, rather predictably, “The good news for you, you live in Denver. The [Denver Police Department] would be there within minutes” Then for good measure she added, “You’d probably be dead anyway if they had that kind of firepower.”

So as always the progressive response to any problem, anything from Federal Deficits, to disobedient children, even defending oneself against an intruder is let the government do it.  What this arrogant progressive really just said was, “it doesn’t matter what gun you have, you can’t defend yourself, you need to rely upon the government to keep you safe.  You are not capable of fending off an intruder, even if you had a 30 round magazine, you still would not be able to do it, so you’re going to die anyways. So in the end it doesn’t matter if you have a 30 round magazine, or a scary looking assault rifle, you are going to die anyways, so just let us usurp your rights.“

With the progressives it always, always, always comes back to you have too many rights, you are too stupid, too feeble, to weak minded, to incompetent to survive in this world. They being beings of higher intelligence than we mere mortals could possibly understand, with our cave man like intellect, and as such they must find new ways for us to survive, merely eke out a meager existences, and sustain our pathetic lives. We are incapable of anything else.  Never lose sight of the fact that their goal is to make you completely dependent upon them for survival.  Independence is just too hard for you to live with, they have to take care of you. They will ensure your survival. You will never thrive but you will survive.

Don’t Worry I Have Some updates on everyone’s favorite progressive radical President Barack Obama.

President Obama has been on the campaign trail, what a surprise right he has been campaign for the last five years, but I digress,This time he is out stumping for more “common sense” Gun Control legislation, because everything in the world can be solved with just one more law.  President Obama is out there demanding that we make it harder to buy guns, that it is too easy for people to get their hands on them. To support his claim he says that 40% of the guns sold in this country are purchased without a background check.  The problem is that this statistic is debunked and rejected as often as President Obama cites it as the gospel truth.

The Associated Press has reported extensively on this fairytale that President Obama continually forces onto the public.  The study was done in 1997 by The National Institution of Justice and was based off of data from 1994 for those of you progressives who have a hard time with numbers (Ms. Pelosi if you’re ready this is for you) that is over 20 years ago.  A lot has changed in the last 20 years, and the data gathered in the study is antiquated.  Then to make problems worse, not only is the data antiquated, it wasn’t reliable to begin with. The original 1994 survey was of 2,568 homes problem is that out of those 2,568 homes only 251 responded. So only 1/10, a tenth of the people asked responded.  The sample is ridiculously small.  There are anywhere from 47-53 million households with at least one gun in them in America. There is no way that a sample of only 251 households, less than one percent of the population, is an accurate representation of the population.  That is basic statistics.

So the data is too old, and the sample size is too small, so did President Obama at least report the data properly?  The 20 year old survey asked about how people obtained guns. Transactions done through a federally licensed dealer where considered covered by the background check system.
                64% of those who responded bought their guns from a federally licensed dealer.
                36% of firearm purchases/transactions took place in the secondary market
So for my progressive readers, President Obama said that loop holes in the current laws allow 40% of guns to be sold without background checks.  The study he sites says it is 36%
                                          36% does not = 40%
To make matters worse that 36% does not mean that 36% of the guns bought in this country are bought through the “gun show loop hole”. 
              4% of the guns purchased were bought at a gun show
              17% where given to the individual by a family member

Again for my progressive reader I’ll save you the time and do the math
              4%+17%= 21%
              36%-21%= 15%
What this means is that of that 36% the largest portion of the gun transactions in the country where between family members. So a father handing a shot gun down to his son. A father buying his son his first rifle so they can go deer hunting together.  This is something that the legislation in the Senate completely ignores.  Are we going to tell families that family heirlooms no longer exist?  You can’t give someone a present unless it is sanctioned by the government? That is a dangerous road to travel down.

So President Obama, he continues to cite outdated, inaccurate data, and if that isn’t enough he has to lie about what the data itself says. Is there no end to how low this man is willing to go in order to gain power?  It comes back to President Obama believes that the ends justify the means. It does not matter how many people are hurt, so long as the goal is achieved.

  1. @tendollar4ways – do you think before you post, or do you just try to come up with the most offensive, incoherent, atypical progressive intolerant thing you can think of?

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