Time For Another Law

14 students were stabbed today on a Texas Community College Campus. 14 individuals were attacked by a lunatic with an exacto knife. Why the silence from the progressives? Where are the calls for a federal ban on fixed blade knives over 5 inches? Where are the calls for background checks on anyone who is trying to buy a butter knife? This is the response from the progressives when a lunatic with a gun goes on a rampage. Typically they try to ban guns and magazines not used in the massacre, then try to make the purchase of any firearm harder.  So why have they not rallied the troops to protect the people of this nation from the horrors of knife violence?  The final shot was still echoing down the halls of the New Town Elementary school and the progressives had already began calling for a scary looking semi-automatic rifle ban. Yet we have heard nothing about banning knives.

I guess there is only cause for alarm when its guns used in rampages. I guess the manufactured out cry for gun control only exists because the progressive can exploit it politically. I would be more likely to take their ideas seriously if they where consistent. If massacres resulted in the same outcry, but they don’t.   

  1. @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – It is not exacto knives you need to hoard, it is fixed blade kitchen knives. They are trying to ban scary looking semi-automatic rifles when most crimes committed by a man with a gun take place with a hand gun. Your exacto knives are safe.

  2. I am not the one fighting tooth and nail to put a gun in this wakkos hands instead of a knife. Background checks for kooks like this??? God forbid!!!

  3. @tendollar4ways – no you just assume that I want lunatics to go on shooting sprees. You accuse me of lying because I think Jesus says it is okay.  You throw what amounts to hissy fits to distract from the issue at hand.  Here is proof positive that banning, restricting, limiting, controlling firearms will prevent school rampages.  He didn’t use a gun, he snapped and started stabbing people. He stabbed 14 people, if he had had a larger knife he could have killed 14 people.  The problem is not guns, the problem is our broken culture and society. Something that you seem to be unwilling to change.  You never offer any solution other than taking from the people of this country. You assume that another law will solve all our problems. You assume government can just deem things into existence. I am actually surprised that you are not out calling for bans on knives. @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – Your right the vegans will fight tooth and nail to ensure that we cannot eat a steak. This is how they will prevent us from eating meat. They are working with PETA, (the animal rights group, not People Eating Tasty Animals) to bring an end to our consumption of meat (lol).

  4. I was thinking the same thing. I’ve heard of quite a few stabbings lately.

  5. @obamawatch – I call you a liar because you lie and distort. You are doing it here with Knife = Gun. 14 people stabbed is bad but 14 people dead would be much worse but this is the lie you are trying to make. You people fight tooth and nail to make guns as easy obtain as a kitchen knife for people like this guy. If you had your way, he would of walked out of a 7-11 with a saturday night special.I bring up your religion because my understanding is it speaks out about lying (bearing false witness against thy neighbor) and many of your views you use your religion as validation for your arguments.Laws will not solve ALL the problems. People will commit Murder even though it is against the law….so according to OW the Lunatic…Lets legalise Murder!!!You guys are looney tunes.

  6. Guns, knives, and even pencils can be used for killing people. The important thing is not to target an animate object, but the people who use it. Lots of people who murder others are experiencing problems themselves – mainly created from societal pressures. I believe the perpetrator of these crimes is none other than our mean and slim society as well as our corrupt government. Get rid of all these things and people will be more at ease. 

  7. “In 2009, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 66.9% of all homicides in the United States were perpetrated using a firearm.[5] There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.[6] Two-thirds of all gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides. In 2010, there were 19,392 firearm-related suicide deaths, and 11,078 firearm-related homicide deaths in the United States.”- WikipediaSo that’s 65 thousand gun injuries, 20 thousand gun suicides, about 12-15 thousand gun homicides (and countless gun related crimes, robbery, kidnapping etc) vs some nut killing 14 people and you think the two are equally in need of legislation?And for the record limiting clip sizes and banning automatic weapons is not the same as outlawing butter knives.

  8. @Tooty_fruits – So you don’t believe in limiting nuclear proliferation?  After all nuclear bombs don’t kill people, people do, right?  Why target inanimate objects, right?  Should high explosives not be a controlled substance?  How about medications you can make methamphetamine out of?Laws exist for a reason you know.

  9. @Tooty_fruits – By all means. If someone is experiencing societal problems, the best thing to do…according to OW and Jesus would be to not give them a butter knife but a hand grenade or an AK-47.

  10. mcbery said:

    Some interesting comments.In the end it boils down to people, not the weapon of choice and all the laws they can make won’t prevent madmen. It’s not about madmen it’s about us and control of good people.

  11. @obamawatch – He is never about fixing the actual problem.  All one has to do is look through his comments on various blogs.  He is a racist, a bigot, and hate all minorities.  Look at all his proposals and answers to other proposals.  The only solutions he wants are solutions that limit freedom and keep minorities down. 

  12. Because knives,here, didn’t kill anyone; guns in Aurora, Tuscon, Newtown, and Columbine did.

  13. @Celestial_Teapot – Knives and guns just sit there unless acted upon by a human being.Such a scientific principle was worked out by Isaac Newton.You do believe in science don’t you?

  14. @agnophilo – Is that the same United Nations that used a paper written by one of its bureaucrats as scientific evidence for global warming?

  15. Knives, screwdrivers, hammers, are all an essential part of modern life. Modern life would fall apart without them. Guns are not an essential part of life. They were designed to disable, maim and kill, and they do those things much more effectively than anything else, hence the 14 people injured but not dead.  

  16. “Why the silence from the progressives? “because no one is dead.  we have fourteen INJURED people.  not fourteen dead people.  as someone else pointed out, anyone interested in killing someone will try to do so with whatever weapon they have available.  i’d rather see them limited to only household objects.  

  17. @agnophilo – Nuclear proliferation is the result of human action.Can you produce any scientific evidence that nuclear weapons are conspiring to create nuclear war?

  18. Curtis, your trolling is pretty sub-par in this thread. Feeling okay?

  19. IN Switzerland everyone has guns. But no gun deaths, hardly ever. Maybe the problem is THE PEOPLE!!

  20. @mortimerZilch – finally someone gets it.  We have to fix our culture or nothing we will do will prevent these types of rampages from happening.

  21. @tendollar4ways – You are miss-understanding my argument. Knife does not equal Gun, lunatic with a desire to kill = lunatic with desire to kill. Banning knives after this incident sounds insane. So does allowing the Federal government to assume yet more power over our lives.  Scary looking semi-automatic rifles are used an a fraction, less than 4% of all the crimes committed in this country, yet when it comes time for the progressive left to “tackle Gun Violence” it is always the scary looking semi-automatic that is targeted first. The biggest difference between you and I is our view of what the law is for.  We both see the law as a way to prevent bad things from happening, but that is where the similarity ends. I see law as a way to bring justice down upon those who hurt those around them. It creates consequences for those who break the law, thus deterring good people from breaking said law. You see the law as a way to control people, something that will actively prevent people from committing the act. the problem is that there are bad people out there. There are people who are going to murder people despite the law. That is why we have a legal system, a way to punish those who break the law. I do not want to make it legal to murder people, and saying so is nothing more than a childish slap in the face. It is like when a kid doesn’t get their way and holds their breath, expecting their mother or father to cave. Schools are weapons free zones, yet both of these rampages happened on school grounds. Monsters can choose to use a gun, a knife, a bat, a car, to bring about their twisted visions. What always boggles my mind is that you progressives never try to stem violence, you only ever worry about gun violence.  It is always what can you take from us, not how can you work with us, to solve a problem. The problem is not the gun, it is not the knife, it is the person and the society that created that person.

  22. @obamawatch – You are one of those guys who looks at a stop sign or air traffic control tower and goes into a massive panic attack aren’t you. Do some exercise, eat right and get some sleep. They do have meds for your condition as well if this doesn’t work.Lunatic with a gun is worse than lunatic with a knife who is worse than a lunatic with a computer (OW).

  23. @tendollar4ways – I always love the helpful progressive act. You try to act as though you are companionate, but the truth behind your post is to destroy your opponents creditability. Let me try one of your crazy leaps of insanity,you are one of those people who blows your nose and thinks that you have cured yourself of the common cold.You refuse to face the problem, you only want to treat the symptom.  The common link between these cases is a lunatic, and the society that created that lunatic. You just want someone else to solve the problems. You don’t want to accept any responsibility for the problem, that is why you refuse to admit the basic truth that any rational minded sentient being is capable of realizing. We have a problem with our society, a problem that no law can fix. ***************************************************A.D.D. Moment*****************************************************On the subject of exercise, I did some this weekend that I never thought I would do in April, I went skiing in West Virginia. Snowshoe received five feet of snow in March. They had snow up above my knees (which is impressive considering I am 6′ 1″). If you ever want to burn some calories try walking in snow drifts above your knees, you’ll defiantly feel the burn.****************************************************A.D.D. Moment**************************************************Let the ranting resume.

  24. @Celestial_Teapot –  Guns didn’t kill anyone, lunatics created by a broken society did.  So if the men in Auroa, Newtown, and Columbine hadn’t killed their victims, just wounded them, would you not call for gun control?

  25. @mcbery – They won’t rid the world of lunatics, but they will limit the destruction they can do.

  26. @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – I’m confused. I’m not a leftist and you didn’t wipe my ass. That said, you’re starting to be more like yourself in this thread, so congrats!

  27. @obamawatch – There is no cure for the common cold just as there is no cure for a lunatic. Trust me…I know this more than anyone as I have spent time on this very post in vain trying to get you to understand simple things. The answer to a knife wielding lunatic is not to instead give him a gun. This seems painfully obvious to me and I cannot for the life of me understand how this makes sense to many people.Since the poor and many mentally ill people cannot afford insurance and you have posted how many times about the evils of treating poor people, Obamacare is the work of the Devil, etc.  One must presume your idea of treating this ill in society is to kick them in the ass, tell him “get a job you looting taker not maker” and give him an AR-15. You are not a violent Lunatic….but a lunatic nonetheless. Your ideas are completely insane. With ya on the waling in the snow. Did you see my post on climbing MT. Blady? nearly killed me but great exercise. How high is Snowshoe? The altitude killed me. Also why would you be walking knee deep if you had skis on?

  28. @mortimerZilch – Switzerland also has a Healthcare system that is identical to Obamacare and they identity as only 39% theist.

  29. Knives can’t be dangerous or the TSA wouldn’t allow them back on flights. Boxcutters, no… Knives, yes. See the difference? Me either. The TSA just likes to reach into peoples pants. Testicle Shaking Area.I would like to see a ban on steak knife sets. That would keep PETA happy too.

  30. Will lunatics without guns still do lunatic things? Just imagining a lunatic without his gun, cruising thru a parking lot looking for a large crowd of people to run over with a 1988 Dodge extended cab pickup. Then the ban on trucks could begin, because really… Why would the average driver need a vehicle that big? Only SWAT teams and fire departments need those. So, it’s really all a matter of disposing of the lunatics, not guns, knives or trucks. Who should we execute first? Let the liberals decide. They’re the most compassionate.

  31. @obamawatch – It doesn’t start with the most deadly firearm? It’s hard to hit someone with a bullet from a pistol if you’re not a marksman. Hard to go on a killing spree having to repeatedly pull a trigger. Easy if your weapon fires in bursts or goes full auto.. better if more bullets are coming out in a limited fire radius. Easy to hit more people and hit them more times, possibly increasing the lethal nature of the attack. Should the 50 cal sniper rifle be legal for civilian use? 

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