Government Waste

The GAO has released a report on government waste due to the overlap in federal programs that a massive bureaucracy creates. In the 283 page report there were countless areas of overlap that could be streamlined and save our country countless dollars. Below are some examples:

  • 3 agencies deal with the inspection of Catfish, a streamlining of these agencies could save the Tax Payer up to $14,000,000
  • 679 renewable energy initiatives from 23 different government agencies and their 130 sub-agencies cost the Tax Payers an extra $15,000,000,000
  • 76 programs from 15 different agencies to prevent and treat drug abuse, cost the Tax Payers an extra $4,500,000
  • 159 contracting organizations from 10 different Defense Department components provide defense foreign language support. This duplication costs the tax payers anywhere from $50 to $200 million
  • The Broadcasting Board Governors offers 69 different language services, 23 instances of overlap amongst 43 of these services. This overlap accounts for $149,000,000 tax payers dollars, or roughly 20% of the agency’s budget.

There are many more programs included in this list. Yet whenever we talk about cutting government spending, the progressives say we want dirty air, stupid children, and dead seniors. Just in the programs listed above there are $15,199,000,000 in savings. But why is it that none of these cuts are ever considered when the critical subject of federal over spending? Why is it that when we are talking about the spending cuts that we MUST make, the progressives always jump to cut spending in the military, and claim that conservatives only want stupid kids, dirty water, fowled air, and rich business owners? Simple, politics. The progressives in the GOP, such as John McCain, are just as guilty of the same thing. They act as if there is no waste in the military that could be cut, and I am sure that there is.  Ultimately though the largest barrier to any real spending cuts, are the progressives in the democrat party. Any cut will result in the death of the “recovery”, and the loss of thousands of jobs.  It is easy for them to attack anyone talking about cutting federal spending. The only thing they want to hear are more tax hikes, and that Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House

  1. Unfortunately wasting is a human trait, not just a trait in government. It could be argued that relative to the amount of money spent by government on the federal, state and local levels there is not much waste. Lehman Brothers, one of the top 2nd tier investment banking firms ended as the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history in 2008. The firm took leveraged too much by taking on too much risk. Well guess what? Lehman Brothers had an entire risk management department on its payroll. There was one resourceful employee there. The day after Lehman announced it was filing for bankruptcy he grabbed up Lehman Brothers lucite risk management awards and sold them on eBay. 

  2. What need does an organized crime syndicate with unlimited power to tax and spend and borrow have of fiscal prudence.Americans are being robbed blind for generations and generations to come and they continue to elect the same criminals to office decade after decade.We are seeing how an advanced civilization collapses in real time, right before our very eyes.

  3. I wonder where all these “fiscal conservatives” were when Bush was on his spending spree?  

  4. @coolmonkey – Or during Reagan’s.What the typical conservative refuse to recognize is the fact that the National Debt ramped up more under the Reagan Administration and the Bush Administration than under any Democratic president. 

  5. @coolmonkey – I was ranting and raving about it as well, I just hadn’t started this blog yet.  Where are all of the progressives who called adding 4 trillion to the deficit unpatriotic, or complained about paying for things on a credit card from China? How about the progressives who vowed in 2007 “no new deficit spending”, yet saw a 4.997 trillion dollar increase in the federal deficit by 2010? Well one lives in the White house and one wants to become Speaker of the house again. What happened to all the progressives who moaned and groaned about the massive spending under President George W. Bush, where have they all gone? Why are they not joining in the conservatives in the fight against massive government spending? Why have they remained silent as President Obama adds trillions to our deficit? In his first term in office he spent over 787 billion dollars, he flushed money down the drain by lending it to companies like solyndra and fisker, yet all that is okay. It is fine to pay for our future on a credit card so long a Democrat is doing it. 

  6. @Celestial_Teapot –  You make me laugh Reagan and Bush ran up the debt more than any Democrat President? Really, lets look at some numbers shall we?Ronald Reagan President from 1981-1989, Total added to the debt $1,692,000,000,000George W. Bush President from 2001-2008, Total added to the debt $4,998,000,000,000Barack Obama President from 2008 – Present, Total added to the debt $5,806,000,000,000Well you know I guess you are right, if I add the spending in the 8 years that Ronald Reagan was President, with the spending under the 8 years that George W. Bush was President, during those 16 years those two presidents did add more to the deficit than Barack Obama has in 4.  Yes if you add up how much George Bush and Ronald Reagan added to the debt, they added $884 billion dollars more to the debt, than President Barack Obama has in  years. But then again if I said that President Obama and say Bill Clinton added more the debt than George W. Bush it would be easy to make it sound like Democrats are the only big spenders out there.  Bill Clinton President from 1993-2001, total added to the debt $1,540,000,000,000So if I add the $1.54 trillion added to the national debt during President Bill Clinton’s 8 years in the White House, with the $5.806 trillion added to the national debt during President Barack Obama’s 4 years in the White House the two of them together added $7.346 to the debt. That is more than any Republican President. The 5.8 trillion dollars added to our national debt by President Obama and his progressive allies is what happens when you believe you can fix a spending problem, with more spending.

  7. @obamawatch – why should liberals join the fight of “fiscal conservatives” when they are only fiscally conservative whenever a Democrat is in charge.  If your tone and rhetoric wasn’t as acrimonious for Bush as it is with Obama, then you have no right to call yourself fiscally conservative.  Besides, we’re tax and spend liberals, remember?

  8. @coolmonkey – you are making the classic mistake most progressives make, they confuse conservative with Republican. One does not have to be conservative to be a Republican. For example John McCain is a Republican, but he is not a Conservative, hence why I did not vote for him. Ron Paul is a conservative and the Republican establishment hates him.But you do bring up a good point, tax and spend progressives only complain about spending so as to get into power to spend more. Much like President Obama.  Be ran against the outrageous spending of George W. Bush, then spent 787 billion dollars on a failed stimulus bill.

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