A New Law

A pressure cooker and ball bearings were used to create the bomb used in the Boston Marathon. Three people lost their lives, three lives were cut short by monsters. In order to ensure that this can never happen again, so that no more people have to suffer from a loss like this, I am calling for a ban on pressure cookers and ball bearings. 

  1. It is prudent to have some idea who you are selling large amount of fertilzer which can be used for a Murrah style bombing.

  2. @tendollar4ways – Why yes that is prudent. But the next question we should ask, is should it be legal to sell fertilizer that utilize ammonium nitrate?  Not only is it bad for the environment, it can also be used to make a bomb. 

  3. @obamawatch – I am pretty sure Conserves in the senate who are about to defeat background checks for firearms would argue the 2nd ammendment protects the sale and ownership of Ammonium Nitrate.

  4. @tendollar4ways – I would like to take this moment to make my argument.  We could ban Ammonium Nitrate based fertilizers because they could be turned into bombs. So the terrorist start using pressure cookers and ball bearings. So we ban large capacity pressure cookers and private ownership of ball bearings. Then the Terrorist start using propane tanks. We then ban propane tanks.  You can ban anything you want to ban, you can strip away any liberties you want to strip away, but it will never stop twisted people from doing evil things. That is why banning/restricting/complicating gun ownership for law abiding citizens in order to prevent violence, makes as much sense as banning pressure cookers and fertilizer.  Now I know you will probably just call me a lunatic, and I am never going to change your mind. I have my beliefs, and you have yours. I always have respected you for the fact that you are not like most progressives. You are not a snake in the grass, who hides his true beliefs waiting for the perfect time to strike. You stand up for what you believe in and are willing to defend your beliefs. So before the typical pissing match begins, I would ask that you take the time to read the following. We can both agree on:There is a major problem in this countrySomething has to changeWe differ on, How we want to obtain this change. I believe that it is a cultural issue that only we the American People can solve.You believe that this issue requires a new law, more government power. That pretty much frames up our arguments, albeit with out the typical flare. Now it comes down to finding common ground, so we can move forward in a debate, rather than spin our wheels in a shouting match. 

  5. @obamawatch – We will never find common ground when you live in a world where requiring a background check is the same as banning all guns.

  6. @tendollar4ways – We will never find common ground so long as you continue to try to put words in my mouth to try to create a narrative more pleasing to your ideology. 

  7. @obamawatch – There was a bill where they would simply require background checks and you cheered its defeat. Obviously there is no common ground and your idea of compromise is to have the other person accept everything you are proposing.The real problem is you constantly take a turd, call it chocolate and try and get everyone to eat it.

Let the discussion begin

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