Interesting Night

Warning The Follow Post Had Racial Content

So I was on my way to go bowling tonight when I realized just how far our nation has to come when it comes to racism.

To begin I drive a Red 1995 Ford Bronco, I don’t have any bumper stickers on it (except for an  Ohio centennial Sticker on the vent window, and an American Flag sticker on the other vent window).  I do have dual exhaust, but other than that the truck is stock.  Its not jacked up on a 6 inch lift, it isn’t rolling around on 33 inch mud stompers. Its a clean 1995 Bronco with dual exhaust. I don’t have a thumping stereo, in fact I don’t even have front speaker (they fell apart).  I am a fairly clean cut individual, I have a goatee and a mustache, other than that clean shaven, short hair, I am liberality the generic human being. 

So I am on my way to the bowling alley and I get stopped at the red light. I don’t really have my music up all that loud, it is just sort of back ground noise. This car pulls up next to me, and I hear (warning racist remarks) “Hey Honkey!” I ignored it, then I hear “Hey Honkey in the red truck, can’t you hear me?” 

I turn to see an African American lady in the car next to me, she has a very pissed off look on her face. I simply replied “I hear perfectly fine ma’am, I just don’t listen to racist pieces of trash.”

Now I admit that that was probably not the best  course of action to take, however the response of this woman blew my mind “How many babies have you killed you cracker ass? How many of my brothers have you killed?” she continued on throwing racial slurs until the light changed. She tried to follow me, all I can say is thank God for horsepower. I have no clue what set this lady off. 

Now I don’t post this to incite some race riot, to play the victim, or anything along those lines. I am posting this because it got me thinking, it got me thinking about how hollow the race relations in this country really are. Dr. Martian Luther King once said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” After incidents like the one that happened tonight I am always hurt because the dream that that great man had, seems to have been lost to time. I know that racism exists, and it pisses me off when I see it, I just can’t understand why people like this young woman feel the need fight racism with more racism.

 This ladies comments didn’t really bother me, I am not a racist, I don’t kill babies, and I haven’t killed any of her brothers, but she did get me thinking. 

Any ways, food for thought, what are your guy’s thoughts about racism in this country (no trolling, I’ll just delete it)

  1. Another one for the “I can’t get drunk enough to think this up” list, is all.

  2. @mikewb1971 – I am sure there are times that I might have done things some might consider to be insensitive, but I literally cannot think of anything other than blind hatred that could have set this woman off. 

  3. virtus1 said:

    I was visiting a Southern state to pick up a small machine.  The truck I borrowed was parked in a generic public street parking place with no “reserved” sign nor any indication that the spot was reserved.  It was just like the other fifty parking places along the road.  A six foot black guy pulled into an adjoining parking space and began to give me a severe scolding for parking in his space.  His rant was clearly racial entirely on his part.  As an aside, I’m stereotypically pasty clean cut Northern European.  Worse yet, I have the contemptible trait of blue eyes.  Oh the horror!  The statist agenda of the current administration loves wedge agendas, and their zeal for division is the root of this trend.

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